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  1. This would be a highly valuable appointment if we could get him. Cannot believe the negativity on this one. EPL is no Mickey Mouse league. He has proven AFL experience, and under his watch Port dominated with their ability to outrun the opposition. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it was th year they made the prelim. Pretty sure before Port he also had a stint at Liverpool. I vaguely also remember an Adelaide advertiser article where he was running a program where other clubs/sports were sending their people to learn from him. Get it done!
  2. +1 Podcast removal from mobile site, I like to listen to cool soothing tunes whilst reading demonland on the bus and the podcast accidentally starts frequently. Could I say that I am thoroughly enjoying the podcast each week, you guys are doing a great job!!! Question for possible discussion. How many players should we rotate in/out of the side given the short turn around between saints and Richmond. Given many posters think some “depth” players are like for like replacements, should we opt for fresh legs or play the best available side. Keep up the good work.
  3. On my Apple TV, you can play from start, then pause and slide the green dot to any point in the game within a few seconds and then hit play again. That’s how I go back to where I was up to.
  4. Perfect, flying over from Adelaide and Father's Day tickets are in M2. Will be nice to be near our supporters for once. Thanks for the reply!!
  5. Can anyone confirm which end our cheer squad will sit? I presume the great southern stand end since we are the home team?
  6. Weathers good at the moment, rain expected but doesn't feel like it at the moment. Feeling very out numbered in the East stand. Some bloke walked past and said ooh some opposition
  7. Should of but didn't! make the finals is the first goal, then let it ride see what happens
  8. Finals is an important stepping stone on the way to the ultimate goal. Even if we play one final this year and drop out, it's 1 extra game of finals experience the side gets. It also breaks the finals drought, paving the way for the assault on the flag for the next few years.
  9. Port rarely draw a crowd. Therefore there is also General admin seating in the top of the stand at the river end, if the Ferals turn ugly, which they will when they start losing :.) Ill be in the full gear - loud and proud!
  10. Good start to the day, jokingly refused entry on the bus this morning. Port supporters nervous. Going to be cold, but can't wait! Dees by 13pts
  11. Refer said members to the code of conduct, or behavioural standards that accompany the membership. Inform said members on how to contact security or staff when those standards are breached. I mean seriously there is a line, and it was either crossed or it wasn't. Sometimes a quiet word from security can resolve the issue. I mean does Fagan email all members to make sure their guests don't wear board shorts and tank tops, or does he expect standards are applied. Maybe he could address the atrocious $150+ it cost for 2 adult tickets, or the non existent lighting whilst his rank and file members walk back to their cars in the pitch black through the parklands.
  12. Have you heard of online shopping? Retail outlets are an outdated business model. Presence on Game-day I get, in a merchandising van or other suitable location at the ground, where you have a targeted audience walking past. You aren't making money selling to tourists walking past a retail outlet.
  13. Complete waste of money, but also consider AFL trading cards. My eldest has got into trading the cards at school. They also start to match the players to the cards they have, and Its amazing how she can all of sudden talk about who the best and fairest is, and which players are better than others. It also seems to transition from trading the cards to kicking the footy at lunch time amongst her school friends, who are mostly boys.
  14. My youngest girl (6) loves maxy gawn, so we bought her a Nerd T, and the eldest girl (8) a nathan jones Nerd T. I couldn't get one because they had sold out, and said they were not getting more in, to keep it exclusive, and so they didn't overdo a god thing. My kids love those shirts, and honestly with all the ballet, dancing and other stuff, it feels nice to have them so interested in the footy. Many of my friends have mentioned how cool those T's are. Ive also ordered some more T's for the wife to give me for xmas. So in short, There is a market, and I like some of the stuff they put out. I guess they have a variety since not every supporter has the same taste in fashion. For example I hate caps without a bend in the peak, I can't stand those flat peaked caps :.(
  15. I have him a high five on the boundary line after the Port Adelaide game, you could just tell he was absolutely stuffed/exhausted, he must have given it absolutely everything. Another player or two seemed less in this category, so I reckon its due to alot of damn hard work.
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