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  1. He kicked some beauties for us too All the best Fitzy.
  2. I understand the Saints trying to emulate the Bulldogs game plan of last year, but getting their most loved and loyal veteran to do his knee early in the season is probably taking things to far.
  3. Totally over the "good on the bulldogs" bollocks. Bad on everyone but us.
  4. Full marks to the encouraging young blokes down on the fence who were calling him "SOS" every time he ran past. "Nice goal SOS!!!"
  5. Petition: Demand an end to the Melbourne Football Club losing at Etihad Stadium
  6. I once remember the words " you could build a side around Mathew Bate" somehow escaping from my mouth. Totally Prendergasted that one.
  7. I would think Jay Kennedy-Harris may be a little nervous about this recruitment. Seem like similar players with similar height, weight and age. (Similar names too which is possibly irrelevant)
  8. My family asked me what I wanted for Father's Day. I said "I want'a watch"....so they let me. That's how I got to go on Sunday. Time to myself to go and watch the Dees win - best Father's Day present ever. I love my family, they're the best.
  9. After today, if we win round 1 in 2016 I'm calling it back-to-back and ticking off no. 1.
  10. If we win in round 1 2016 will that count as back-to-back?
  11. That interview almost brought a tear to my eye. I loved the way he used the word "our" when referring to the club - "our club" I don't hear that from Roosy. It sometimes feels like Roosy is outside looking in when he talks about the club - almost like he sees himself as a consultant employed to perform a job and nothing more (which is probably about right). I'm sure he's dedicated to the job but I would love him to embrace the club as McCartney seems to have. But to all those who imply that talk is cheap, that these interviews mean nothing, and all you want is wins or all you want is a flag..........I'm with you guys 100%.
  12. Don't think the loss matters as much as the fact we couldn't bury them after we got 2 goals up. We should never have been in that position at the end against St Kilda. That was what was even more disappointing to me.
  13. For a first post that's a great start Eddieguerrero. Its gonna be hard to top that. You might of peaked too early.
  14. I tried vegetarianism. My experience was summed up by Dave Hughes who said about becoming a vegatarian "I lost alot of weight.......because there's stuff all to eat.....and I don't like veggies". I tried the low carbs thing but decided all that meat couldn't be good for my bowels. I tried intermittent fasting and that worked as long as as I was training. But everything about diet was trumped by my father who lived through The Great Depression and survived World War II. Whenever i banged on about diet he would look at me with an unsettling earnestness and say "the most important thing son, is to have food". Can't argue with that.
  15. Agreed. I really miss those "Facebook Comment of the Week" videos. They were therapy for me at the time and truly the highlight of the Neeld era. They almost made the whole Neeld era worth it. When's the DVD coming out Adam?
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