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  1. and at VFL level he never recovered that form
  2. Must say I have been really enjoying the Monkey Shoulder...
  3. Spargo is icing on the cake. In a strong skilful team he can deliver that strategic edge. He really isn't suited to our gameplan. Then again that could be said about a lot of the MFC players
  4. Which will be our only quarter.... I predict number 2. Just enough to get us within say 20 points at half time to give hope to those who do not know there is no hope for this season
  5. I think we hold the honour of giving every interstate team except one their first win at the MCG. I wonder if we might complete the bingo card with the Wandering Suns one day. Who can forget the day of the Orange bananas with the rent a cheersquad boys for GWS.
  6. Casey play Richmond on Saturday. It would be good to see KK on the field.
  7. The only hope is that Richmond haven't quite hit stride for the season.
  8. Not one of the ins has demanded a place on form. Garlett snagged a couple of goals against North who last year were goalless against us at VFL level and then got a goal against the kids. Smith.. cannot recall him doing anything Stretch.. probably the most deserving but is the perennial inclusion/exclusion ANB... a game against the boys Lockhart... shows our lack of depth As to speed three of these guys were in the team that was taken apart by the Hawks VFL team. Hard to get enthused
  9. .... expendable... he's our only forward at present and that's not saying much. Need to rethink the gameplan and see if you can spark it up with say a Preuss and Garlett combo. Also need to work on our goal kicking from 50 metre set shots. We are as many have said, just simply too predictable
  10. Neeldesque.... will it replace MFCSS ... it's trending
  11. yep.. we didn't even get to go with hope past half way. Cannot remember it being this bad even in the famous "odd years".
  12. well if it hadn't started on Saturday 2020 certainly started today with the news on May and Jetta. Realistically there is not much at Casey even in the depth department. To play the likes of Baker and Keilty now may be attractive but don't expect much especially if its done without change to the gameplan. The club cannot afford a 186 against Richmond... the near 100 point defeat by Geelong was bad enough.
  13. pick 10 that the Hawks got from Carlton and the Hawks second rounder plus a bucket of money. O'Meara wasn't cheap... probably not a great trade
  14. yep Tiges got Lynch for nothing other than money and we traded pick 6 for May....
  15. You do realise the assistant coaches have all been appointed or re-appointed under Goodwin. Would you agree that perhaps someone else needs to look at who should be appointed. Goodwin has shown himself to be resistant to change. He needs to rethink his approach if we are to improve as a football club. The real question is whether or not the second half of last year was a coaching aberration because the rest of his term has not been exactly star studded.
  16. I suspect we will win between 6 and 10 games. We're not that bad. The challenge is to use this wasted season to prepare for the next. It is so apparent that the gameplan is flawed and that it is not getting the best out of what is a reasonable if not good list. We're not alone in strange game plans. The playing of Caleb Daniels at full back for the Bulldogs by Beveridge has to rank as number 1in the contrarian gameplan world.
  17. Easter Monday... hard to imagine that not that many years ago this along with QB were the rounds of the season. Now it just seems to be one more game at the end of a very long round. Perhaps five days of football is too much. Combine it with the games on Wednesday, Thursday and the coming weekend we have football on ten days out of eleven.
  18. and here I was thinking that it was merely an alternative reality and one day I would wake in a world full of lollipop clouds and MFC success.
  19. As mentioned in my OP the first thing I would do is change the gameplan at Casey level in favour of a more skills based approach. It's a no brainer. Secondly I am tired of us winning the hit outs by big margins but at best breaking even on the clearances. This is a coaching strategy that should be capable of being fixed.
  20. not a bad idea. It would most likely involve a payout to Misson. The fitness coach is within the soft salary cap so it could be expensive. A club is allowed to exceed the cap but for every dollar by which the cap is exceeded the club has to pay a dollar to the AFL
  21. In their defence how would any coach make this gameplan work. At its core it crowds the forward line and thins your defensive line. Had Gunston kicked straight we would have lost v Hawthorn and against Geelong we couldn't kick a score in that first half for love or money.
  22. my plan was to introduce the main changes post bye. If somehow we are still in at that time ...okay review. Step 1 is a new gameplan at Casey
  23. financially we cannot deal with a rebuild. That would be the third or fourth in a row. The football department have the rest of this season to show what they can do. We have five or six players who are potentially elite. The challenge is to leverage a gameplan around those players
  24. not a rebuild but a redesign of the gameplan and strategies
  25. 2019 is over..... to say otherwise is to don the rose coloured glasses that have dogged this team for the last fifteen odd years. Ok... the coach is going nowhere but perhaps some outside mentoring would help in this regard. First step for me is to change the Casey gameplan to emphasise skills and possession. It's an easy one. Then post bye we introduce it at senior level with input from the youth who have become used to it at Casey level. Develop a few trick plays using Gawn and Oliver. Let Weideman show us if he has the goods in the forward department in an uncrowded forward line. Then comes the hard part. Play Petty, Stretch and one or two others for a run of five games. Results and ladder position are irrelevant as long as there is a plan that can be used to win games in 2020.
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