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  1. and of course Norm Smith and Jock McHale did it that way too. In those days it was them and the bootstrapper who probably doubled as the liniment rubber. Time and methodologies move on. Perhaps it's time we rethought our ways as well. As someone else posted it does seem that there are some posters (not you Nasher) that pot anyone who dares question our successful club.
  2. As I said... analytics for example... working strategies for and against his team and various grounds. Not as though our gameplan is foolproof. Anyone can push a stopwatch.
  3. Question for those who attend the pre season training often... Is Goodwin always there? I was a little surprised to see him pictured at a time trial for example. Is that usual? Would think that as head coach his time might be better spent elsewhere. Tactics, player analysis etc.... just strikes me as old school in these days of analytics etc to attend early stages of pre season training. I'm sure he does the analysis etc but you have to wonder if his continued presence at relatively meaningless training exercises adds enough value to warrant the time spent.
  4. Captaincy of an AFL club has never seemed a big thing to me. Sure off field example is something and I expect it is more important than on field example which would be useful. There are so many coaches etc what really is the role of a captain these days anyway. More concerned that in recent times our captaincy choices have in the main co-incided with form drops that have been exacerbated by the captaincy issue. (ie you can't drop the captain ethos). Happy for Gawn to be a captain but not sure that it has done or will do Viney much good. On another note I'd like to see line leaders (forward, mid and back) that were used to vary the gameplan/ tempo etc in real time. These guys need to be the strategists and in synch with whoever is responsible in the coaching box for the gameplan. Footballers are often not as switched on as we think they are. My best example is a game at Casey midway through this year. The opposition ran a player off the bench rather than participate in the 6-6-6 rule. The MFC listed players complained to the umpires yet the tactic had been adopted by another club the week before at AFL level. Where was the communication to inform the players of this possibility and our reaction to it.
  5. this problem is well known in workers compensation law and there are clear guidelines. Joint and several liability etc is your friend as long as you can prove it caused or contributed to the injury. The problem if there be one is the duty of care as measured by the standards of the time. The asbestos and tobacco industries were very good at running these arguments but ultimately lost. The other issue is which entity owed the duty of care... the club he played for, the VFL or the AFL and of course who holds the insurance policies.
  6. 4 out of 10 in the present top 10. Only Melbourne could say it was really happy with its pick that year and even then we would have taken Mills if available IIRC. Essendon two picks for little value and Carlton only lucked out because of Curnow. The draft is way too much of a lottery. Time to increase the age by a year or so. Three months each year for 4-8 years would be a good transition. Give the draftees a chance to study/take up a trade etc thus standing them in better stead for later life given that two thirds will not make it beyond 50 games.
  7. Sun Yang, the poster boy of Chinese swimming is having his day in the Swiss courts starting this evening. Good article here from the ABC. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-15/why-sun-yang-case-watershed-moment-for-sport/11699528 It's being live streamed and is the first publicly heard case in 20 years apparently.
  8. The ruck being worth the same weighting as each of the entire forward and defensive lines does tend to skew the table. Take the ruck out and include it in the midfield the ranking is about 11-12 with Essendon at 8
  9. Obviously his best position is off half back but.. and it's a big but... Goodwin's game plan does not suit his style of play and to some extent Hunt's gamestyle does not suit the defensive tactics adopted by other teams. Credit to trying him upfront but not sold on him up there. If he is going to play down back he needs to break the lines and deliver the ball to advantage of a fast running forward.. ( a player we don't have.)
  10. Points for and for that matter points against we were second worst in the league in 2019 so he could have ranked us worse. Looking realistically at out forward line who would you pick as a reliable forward. Melksham and then Petracca... add in Fritsch perhaps who has hardly ever played the position. Mc Donald had a purple patch but 2019 found him wanting. Weideman .. who knows. I'm far from sold on Hunt as a forward. Sure there's excuses but on 2019 form the assessment could be argued to be generous. 2020 will answer it one way or the other. Does anyone have a ranking for forward and defensive 50 entries and goals scored.
  11. are we at Exodus or are we in Genesis ?? Then again we could skip straight to Revelations
  12. German engineered but built in Thailand or who knows where these days. GM and Ford really left Australia with nothing if you reflect upon it. With the wonderful benefit of hindsight we would have been better concentrating on design and having the cars built elsewhere. Then again English designed cars aren't exactly smashing it on the world stage.
  13. Those JLT games or whatever they call the comp will have some real meaning next year. As I have mentioned on other posts I see the first two rounds as one game selection wise with it being essential that we deliver one win. I'd be guided by the weather forecast. If it's 35 degrees or the like predicted for Perth make the selections accordingly. The list is really flakey on so many counts particularly up forward.
  14. sometimes the world is not fair... to others it's about winning. MFC are shafted every which way.. (for example we should have had pick 2 this year) Anyway some are content with mediocrity. Others after 55 odd years would like to see success. BTW GWS who are similar to GCS never did us any favours and I expected none
  15. Carlton and Martin are being smart. Can't understand why we didn't do the same thing with Langdon tbh. It's one of the few advantages you get after a disaster year and in a way it is the obverse advantage to that which the destination clubs enjoy with the powerful free agents. Don't feel sorry for GC... they will keep receiving priority picks and money until they are successful. Meanwhile .. us.. well we know what we get.
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