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  1. sorry the MFC is not a science experiment for wanna be coaches. He needs to pick up his game. The Pies and Richmond literally have money to burn.... we don't. If you want to look for a role model have a look at North. What they do with their limited resources is amazing
  2. Sam has averaged around 1.3 to 1.5 goals per game at VFL level. His maximum for a season is 25 last year for ten games. One of those was a seven goal haul. In 2017 he kicked 14 for the season of which 9 were kicked in two games. He is far from a goal machine. I suspect Juice's figures were a lot better and..... well we all know what happened there http://websites.sportstg.com/team_info.cgi?action=PSTATS&pID=197676903&client=1-3020-111714-294694-20320282
  3. They have a reason for winning. For us winning or losing is irrelevant if it doesn't advance the team. VFL level football is not of a standard that it provides a solid proving ground for players. We are perversely in luck that we can experiment at AFL level. There is no one at VFL level pushing for their spots anyway.
  4. hope Goodwin and his coaching panel have a read... gutsy by Lewis
  5. Like last week hard to get into the other games when the mood is so flat but a big day for the Pies if they can destroy the Bombers. The rest of the games bar one look easy to pick on paper but we will see. Geelong V WCE could be interesting.
  6. Cox has a minimum six inch height advantage that Colingwood have learnt to use well. Same does not go Weideman but I agree delivery could improve
  7. pick 6 for a reasonably performing number 1 pick entering his playing prime.... never was a good deal
  8. The situation definitely needs to be managed well. Our history with captains over the last ten plus years has been abysmal.
  9. Not much use sending Weideman to Casey. The same with Hunt. They need to be played until the bye at least and then reviewed. Keep Garlett in and hopefully he is replaced by an in form Spargo after the bye. Watch for a game or two to play Petty and surely Keilty deserves a shot at some stage. And of course change the gameplan. Goodwin is in danger of losing the playing group if he continues with it. Doesn't matter one way or the other if we win against the Hawks but lose in the manner we have every game this season and the morale will plummet.
  10. As a start I would like to see three or four players personally mentored by ex senior players with the right skills and attitude. These players are Petracca, (Aaron Davey), Weideman, (Neitz), Hunt (??). If we can lift those players by 10-20% its a big impact. Each has raw skill that for one reason or another is not being realised. As I keep saying abandon the gameplan at Casey and concentrate on skills development for the foreseeable future. Play the gameplan (whatever it is) for say one half every two or three matches if necessary. At both levels winning is not the mantra for the 2019 season...it is performance
  11. it was over last week and probably was over after the Essendon debacle
  12. nothing new.. it was always his problem at VFL level
  13. Well ahead on hit outs and well down on clearances.... business as usual... gameplan please
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