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  1. thanks LH.. the six month minimum is interesting. If a team behind us in the draft offers the same potential draftee say a one year deal when we offer a six month deal I wonder if the draftee has a choice of club.
  2. The concern is the drop off in form of so many of the better players from 2018. Need to see players such as Brayshaw, Tom Mac and Oliver regain their magic. Weideman remains a relative unknown and of course Petracca is the enigma. The ups so far are relatively small in comparison to the demonstrated downs. Perhaps the second half of the season will show a little more.
  3. sorry if this has been asked but what is the minimum contract period that you must offer to these draftees. If another position were to become available on the list prior to the draft can you select two players thanks
  4. You make some excellent points Rusty. There's room for imitating the senior team's game plan but there should be time for variation and experimentation I despair as to whether the vfl comp is anything other than a fitness class. It certainly doesn't seem to improve the chances of players making it at AFL level. It may just be a fault in the system but it has been prevalent for several seasons
  5. Hawthorn playing a relatively attacking game plan. Pity they can't kick straight.. might have made it a close game
  6. It's a Richmond home game but I would say the crowd is around sixty forty tigers way so disappointing all round. The MCC section is very sparsely occupied. I'm in the AFL area and have a section of the stand for myself
  7. At the mcg. Nowhere near the crowd I was expecting. Lots of people trying to get in but probably fifty thousand at best
  8. Strange thing at the Casey game yesterday. At one centre bounce Port had only five men in the defensive fifty with the "spare" running off the bench. Okay this was well known news and the fact that Essendon had used it the week before was well publicised. What was strange is that when the Melbourne players noticed it they yelled to the umpire words to the affect.. they can't do that.. "it's a free kick." Of course they were wrong. Amazing that professional footballers who spend the week together had not discussed this tactic. Doubly amazing that the coaching staff had not mentioned the tactic and said when this is done.. we do this etc
  9. Heading to the MCG this afternoon to watch the Richmond V hawthorn game, Beautiful day for football. Hoping for a good game. I will be leaving at half time if it is a repeat of the Essendon v Freo game of last night.
  10. may as well play him along with Baker until the bye at least. The never ending injuries make finals etc an ever more difficult task. Would like to see if we can get the Preuss/ Gawn system working. He's a hard man to mark and Garlett should be able to work off him up forward. Could become our lesser version of Mason Cox.
  11. Thanks Matt. The one that really struck me was in the forward pocket. It was a one on one against a bigger bodied opponent. Both were perfectly positioned, the ball was in the air for a while and Lever lost out badly.. simply out-muscled. Made me have a good look at his body shape. He's light framed and there was an absence of upper body definition. Nothing wrong with that per se but he's no strong man. Given our injury list I'll take any positive at this stage 🙂
  12. The best things about Lever's game yesterday was that he played around 70% at least, was not scared to go up in a pack and he came out unscathed. That being said it was an unremarkable game. He was outmarked in a body on body marking duel in the third quarter. Needs a few weeks at least from what I saw.
  13. Jesse must be suffering the MFC inaccuracy disease 1 goal 4 behinds... could have won the game off his own boot
  14. The stand alone clubs will always have better across the board talent. The AFL aligned clubs make up for it with their AFL listed players but when you have injuries at the MFC level it becomes tough.
  15. Not much at Casey as you would expect after the thumping they took. Preuss had a decent game but nowhere near as dominant as last week. Casey smalls need to learn how to play to Preuss' contested marking in the forward line. On at least two occasions near me while he didn't take the mark his height advantage allowed him to put the ball anywhere to advantage but no Melbourne/Casey player in the right position.
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