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  1. Good link... the reality is that the pool of coaches is so small there is often little incentive to try something else. We don't even have the equivalent of American College football. The soft salary cap is simply a tax. Exceed it and you pay dollar for dollar "tax" to the AFL. The powerful clubs have no problem with doing this if the need arises. If Hinkley and Lyon go this year that's five coaches in one year. Things are changing
  2. liked goals 3 and 6 and the mark would need to know a little more. We do have a number of small players at Casey already
  3. reminds me of those 100 metre heats when the big boys just put on the gas when they need to and then ease back
  4. 3 goals to 1 behind business as usual for the final quarter 30 point loss coming up Reminds me of Melbourne of the 70's
  5. ratio of scoring shots to inside 50's is surprisingly high for us. Pity we can't hit the side of a barn door.
  6. these were the stats for the prelim thumping.. boy that gameplan was badly undone MFC is the left hand column... won every stat what will we see today Stats 365 Disposals 353 40 Clearances 40 58 Inside 50 49 152 Contested Possessions 137 61 Tackles 60 47 Hit-Outs 39 19 Free Kicks 19
  7. Remember in recent seasons when we used to discuss which Melbourne team would turn up. Hard to fathom that by comparison those were the good times.
  8. Goodwin owns the gameplan which has to rank as the worst or at least the worst executed in the league.
  9. the two wins against fellow cellar dwellers were by less than a goal and achieved literally in the last minute. We definitely are playing like a bottom side.
  10. Thought the umpiring for such a crowded game was excellent. Very few free kicks awarded that I noticed unlike the North v Bears game decided last night by the umpires.
  11. sorry we are a fifty million dollar a year business.... you don't have learners in charge That's what being an assistant is for
  12. '87 marked 23 years out of the finals... it nearly killed this club.. (remember the merger) One finals series in fifteen years... join the dots The club is the environment in which the team performs and our club is lacking. Collingwood may have gone 32 years without a flag but they certainly didn't go 23 years or even 14 without a finals appearance.
  13. Three teams above us have sacked their coach and the pressure is also on Hinkley and perhaps Pyke. The .. we have to stick with him... brigade amuse me. Sacking your coach gets you a membership boost if done the right way... just ask the three teams that have sacked theirs
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