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  1. West Coast saving its season against the Swans Back in WA for the next 4-5 weeks at least on front of home crowds could see them firmly back in the eight.
  2. Thanks.... perhaps it just removes the ads There is perhaps room for some young wannabes to provide commentary off the TV via digital streaming. Cannot see that describing what you are watching on a TV screen would be in breach of copyright laws.
  3. mmmm that is because it's coming via the AFL website which causes further delay As you say Kayo seems like the only answer. You can get the foxtel commentary on kayo by using a Kodi add on. It's discussed on the whirlpool forum but I haven't tried it. Share your distaste with the FTA commentary
  4. Ah Blacktown.....site of one of Australia's most famous political speeches. It's Time by Gough Whitlam at the Blacktown Civic Centre Very appropriate location for the MFC given that we have spent longer in the wilderness than the Labour Party had in 1972
  5. The radio signal is analogue (much faster) while the TV is digital. The difference can be anything up to 20 seconds and sometimes more. There is a fix if you can be bothered. Buy a digital radio or connect to the radio through your phone. Using the pause button on the radio you can synch the radio commentary to the TV visual. As the digital radio signal is slower than the analogue you may just luck into a reasonable synch anyway. A cheap bluetooth speaker can be added to improve the audio quality of your phone if desired.) Each time you turn off the radio you have to do it again unfortunately. (In the summer I listen to the cricket on a portable analogue radio with the TV muted. You only have to look at the screen if something interesting is happening as you potter around. The difference in the timing is enough to allow a fast bowler to do a complete run up and bowl the ball. For a spinner you can even be two balls in front of the picture.)
  6. That will be fun... two years of sack Goodwin but we can't because we don't have the money. A perfect nightmare.
  7. It was a round robin arrangement. AFL pay MCC ground rent and then MCC pay clubs. Now ... no ground rent to the MCC and AFL still have the money. Was a weird deal..memories of Alan Bond and the eighties
  8. Pies over handballing due to having nothing in front of them. Cox will be dropped Jamie Elliot ( post contract season) Pendlebury not his usual wonderful self... could he be slowing down
  9. The money was a strange round robin in that the AFL paid the MCC for leasing the MCG on the condition that the MCC paid the home clubs. As the MCC will be used less I assume the AFL will pay less and the money is still there.(how we get it is the question)
  10. I suspect that a lot of those 15k were three game memberships bought by NT Govt as part of their deal for us to play 2 games in NT. As we were only playing one this year it would have suffered anyway.
  11. I often do OD. Will probably watch a practice F1session tonight rather than the game.
  12. Loved this comment from the Guardian article.... "On Channel Seven however, they cannot decide whether each football game is the biggest sporting event since the Thriller in Manila, or a bit of a lark, a bit of a [censored]-take. They often go from hyperbolic to bored senseless in the space of a quarter, sometimes in the space of one sentence. Every game is boiled down to talking points. The banter, the banality and the blokiness is a major turn off."
  13. Interesting.... where would you think the optimum point is for a forward entry 30, 25 or 15 metres from the goal. I suspect it's 25 as it still gives a decent angle to kick on goal and a kick that will clear the pack with accuracy. (my question assumes we do not mark the ball)
  14. and reduce the players on the field to 16
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