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  1. I agree 100% that I have had my say and I will not shy away from that. Good to see that you have picked out three posts out of my entire history to make a point. You could get a job with TMZ with that research ability.
  2. What I wanted to point out is that no matter what this club does there seems to be a mentality of if it bleeds it leads within the forum. I know the club has made errors on and off the field for a very long time but constantly bringing it up doesn't help anyone. I can already see that no matter who we draft next week the knives will be out instead of celebrating the exciting additions to the MFC.
  3. I would hate to be someone from the MFC reading this forum and what has been spoken about since the end of the season. For far too long we have been accused of being a club that sits on it's hands, does nothing aggressive during trade time and gets bent over at the trade table. Yet since the end of the 2019 '[censored]' season, the club has brought in Richardson, Burgess, Brukner, the dude from the Dolphins, outside run in Tomlinson and Langdon, took a risk on Bennell, invited a semi-proven forward in Mitch Brown to the club, shifted their position in this years' draft considerably for the positive and yet, you STILL have the nerve to bag the club for what they are not doing. Bloody hell! I am pumped to see the club take chances, admit fault, bring in a fresh perspective and potentially get us back to finals in 2020. There is no way in hell you would cop the level of criticism and negativity in your role as this club does. Sometime it feels like a whingefest and sooky la-la session and it's time to look at the glass half full. Because I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that not if but when we rise back up the ladder all you backstabbers will the first one to start back-patting like the tweed coated MCC do!
  4. For far too long we have played the safe card and it has got us nowhere. It is time for us to take a risk and take a punt on two players that we will get for nothing and have massive up side. Harley Bennell and Sam Murray. Ignore the hype, the negativity, the history and just have a crack. Put them on the rookie list and if it doesn't work what have you lost? Nothing.
  5. Need to add Trac and Fritz after another solid and uninterrupted preseason and you look.even more dangerous.
  6. Watch the greats like Dunstall, Ablett and Carey and they all go back, take no more than five seconds to settle themselves and then they kick off only a few steps. The longer players wait the more doubt creeps into their heads, just like putting in golf.
  7. I spoke about this on my podcast Lace Out and said that by the end, people were just booing for the sake of it. It was pretty embarrassing but Goodes also caused some of the backlash with his staging for free kicks (shown in the doco). Have a listen to what we thought about the doco and one of us had to admit they were wrong: https://anchor.fm/lace-out/episodes/Episode-51-Adam-Goodes-The-Final-Quarter-Recap-e4llbg
  8. Love how everybody bags Goodwin when we are three down on the bench late in the game. You can't throw people back due to 666 and let's see you push hard again and again for 16km. No-one was bagging him after kicking seven in the quarter were you? Of course not. Blame the players on a shocking first quarter when we should have been five up by quarter time.
  9. Just goes to show how much people on not just this forum, but most others have no FEEL for the game outside of Super Coach stats. Weid was fantastic on the weekend with the work he did without the ball in his hands. Had a direct influence in four goals outside of the one he kicked. I don't care if he doesn't kick bags if he does what he did on the weekend by getting to contests and keeping up the pressure. Practice = confidence and time = experience. Look what has happened to Frosty this year.
  10. Petracca: gets [censored] delivery Lockhart: like the boy Baker: red head speed Assistant coaches: clean them out Dave Mission's new book title: four to six
  11. Have a crack at Garlett in the midseason draft. Doing the business in the WAFL and speed to burn. Just what we need.
  12. I would target Adam Yze. I would also get Rob Jackson to take over the fitness side of things. The umpires never break down!
  13. Cannot believe he got off with just a fine. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2019/03/22/carlton-defender-jones-learns-mro-fate/
  14. I had the opportunity to interview Fitzy on my podcast last year and he was brilliant. Speaks about how he catches up weekly with Maxy for dinner. Here is a link to the podcast so you can have a listen: https://anchor.fm/lace-out
  15. Did any of the players mention anything regarding Hogan leaving and their thoughts about it?
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