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  1. ANB??!! Please spare me FFS. Wagners underwhelming, the rest who would know!! The club ain’t going anywhere with ANB.
  2. If he actually tampered then he has used something.
  3. Great service to the club. Will be missed. Now clear the decks of Chaplin, Plapp. Twig was miles better than both of them combined. Get in assistants from Hawthorn, Eagles. Clubs with winning culture and success in developing players.
  4. This clubs record of developing top draft picks is just appalling.
  5. He worked under Ratten. That is why he chose Saints.
  6. Damn good assessment that echoes a lot of comments from Demonlanders.
  7. I will be peeed off if this club loses Petracca. We cannot afford to lose talent like this. Screw Geelong and Hawthorn! They keep on getting players at the expense of lesser clubs. Might as well be the EPL!
  8. If Goodwin is such a good coach why all this talk about him needing help in the box. I know all coaches have support but the talk in this club is almost such that Goodwin is in trouble unless we get him a former coach to help him. i am bemused about all this. I would get rid of Chaplin for sure, as some other assistants.
  9. If it’s financial, then that’s woeful! Didn’t they sell off the gaming? They should be flush with money. Jackson must be chocking on his cornflakes. membership will take a hit until members see tangible change at the start of 2020. Cannot keep forking out dollars when the players on this list are mediocre with their comfort zone.
  10. Big Max at the start of pre season should stand up in front of the group and tell them that he is in the prime of his career and does not want to waste another year with players who are not serious. He deserves to be Captain and he will be totally wasted with his talent if this group does not take their careers to a new level.
  11. Fix the injured players or move them on! The club can not afford to carry players who are injury prone. Some of our list have played little or no football for 18 months. This list has more than a handful of players that are not AFL standard, move them on. Change the Captain to Gawn it’s a no brainer. Recruit speed and a decent KPP for FF. send the complete list to resilient training Bring in support for Goodwin change the game plan.
  12. I would like to see McCartney interviewed at the end of the season and asked about his thoughts on the club and this year.
  13. Will wait and see!! Have had 40 continuous years of membership. Too raw and early. I want to see what they do in the off season first. The club needs a strong message from mostly forgiving supporters. Depends who wants to accept mediocrity from their football club until their death. How many coaches have this club burnt through? Is there anybody who can coach this club to a flag? Yet to find them in 55 years
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