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  1. The club stuffed up pre season full stop! Goodwin is part of that, but so is Mahoney and the rest. As for the actual season, too many of our best 22 who have been on the park have been ordinary. Currently I have no faith trust or belief that Mahoney and his team can recruit, develop and instil a winning culture. I will always be Melbourne, however trust will only come when we become a good team who plays finals regularly and the club culture changes dramatically. Let’s see, no choice but to wait as usual. Supporters have no choice but to watch on. Just don’t give me the same old hope BS!
  2. What’s Brayshaw giving us? I would give him, and Hannan a spell. ANB total lost cause.
  3. Brayshaw seems lost. I would give him one more year to get super fit. He is a far better player than what he is showing. Symptom of MFC disease, as someone said earlier, the list need a kick up the clacker in the off season.
  4. As I said in previous posts. One hell of a pre season required with a clean out of players such as ANB. Winning culture required by every damn player next year. 2020 boom or bust for this club. Supporters totally fatigued with losing culture and injury mess. One more year like this and it is difficult to see this club keeping its supporter base. Financially it will go backwards. Goodwin has one year to turn it around, if not rebuild again, and this time supporters will not be as kind.
  5. When is Goodwin going to stop Dunkley???? Do something Goodwin.
  6. Scott Morrison and Hillsong Church In. Praise the Lord ....hallelujahs all around. Devine intervention from the God Bothering PM!
  7. Yeah let’s trade away our best mid! Move on just a pile of bollocks!!
  8. As usual we wait for another season. This is the lot of an MFC supporter. Yes we are crippled by injuries, but what will it be next year? The best two games in the last decade were the finals I attended last year. I wait as usual!
  9. I now have inside info on our foot injury crisis FEF0BF31-FE9F-4D55-9EEA-083C4F667DE9.MP4
  10. Tommy speaks very well. In this aspect alone he is much more articulate than both our Captains. I struggle to make sense of what Viney says when being interviewed. Just my take.
  11. Yes it’s a win, but I have no idea where this club is going. When you look how strong the top clubs are, we are bog ordinary. A premiership looks like it’s another generation away. I wish we had the players and culture of top teams.
  12. Smith is sadly injury prone. Both Wagners named 😂 our depth is laughable. Lock it in, Carlton will touch us up. But according to Goody we are wanting to improve every week! I say get players who hate to lose. This group seem to comfortable and are hugged too much.
  13. This club better play out of their skins in 2020. No point in another season of despair, I’ve got to the stage in life where it’s now or never for the club I have passionately supported for decades. I am fatigued with failure and this clubs losing culture. Goodwin has next year to sort it out or join the conga line of failed coaches at the MFC. Life is too short and this club fails so many generations of supporters.
  14. Carlton will hand our backside to us on a plate. They have an interim coach who has them up and about. We have our bums dragging on the ground with same old platitudes from our coach who seems to be struggling. I like Goody, however he cannot get our list performing to their best. It’s a worry, and a loss this week will intensify the gloom around the MFC!! Has a football club at AFL level ever been as predictable as the MFC?
  15. So true this statement! So many just happy to be on a senior list and getting good dollars. From the outside they do not seem to care enough.
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