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  1. Just terrific for the young bloke and his family. I truly hope he succeeds and is a long term player for the club.
  2. This subject makes my gut churn. Every year we see state and Federal govts Hands out money to clubs to build or enhance facilities. The latest promise is to Geelong again! What the hell is going on at MFC? Geez this is infuriating, always the lost and poor club. I will be long gone before our mob does something on this front. Why are the MFC so inept!!!
  3. Get on the bike MFC! This has been a problem for years. Pert needs to find the best in the business to fix and get our list fit! AND stay fit!
  4. 😂😂😂😂. Unless there is significant improvement, membership will nosedive.
  5. I reckon Max is doing all he can! 2 time AA for this club and should get respect. As for the club, well it’s all been said a million times. There is not any answer until the list is capable, hungry enough and culturally tough enough to please supporters. One of the saddest tales in AFL history.
  6. Nate Jones is simply a legend of the MFC. Is this his final season? I am so disappointed for him that finals and beyond now look forlorn. In a different team he may have made AA and have a flag medallion. He has stuck fat through the worst period in our history, however the workhorse is banged up and his days look numbered as a player. That’s just my observation, I hope I am wrong. This club and current group of players have not done him any favours this year. He deserves much better.
  7. Won’t be a destination club anymore! The players will have no confidence in fitness staff!!
  8. Diabolical! The handling of this team pre season is a disgrace! As a paid up member I am sick of mismanagement of player injuries and fitness. Keep throwing money at the club that is giving nothing in return. The club is not accountable to its supporters. Stuff them!!!
  9. I got the email with video of SG talking to members. It smacked of desperation and SG looked very uncomfortable as it was post match. This club has fallen from 4th to bottom 2 in the space of 6 games. There is more to this than the club is talking about.
  10. Could not give a flying poo! Lost interest this club, it just drops manure on its supporters like no other. Will not go and watch more garbage. Enough!
  11. Not fun going to footy and certainly not fun going to watch my team at the G anymore. Damn this football club.
  12. I was been sarcastic! Our brand is contested football but it’s useless if we are slow as water buffalo in quicksand.
  13. Crisis time!! None of our so called A graders are performing. NONE!! They look slow, confused, devoid of confidence. Coach must get some talent around him. They are all failing miserably and frankly supporters have had a gutful and deserve much better.
  14. Tonight we saw the Melbourne Brand
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