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  1. Considering we finished 17th that's a step forward
  2. Based on limited highlights package kicking clearly not a strength at least at this stage - hard to see how he could be a top 10 pick irrespective of his athletic ability
  3. Really like the way he goes about his footy - hopefully he continues to improve on the same trajectory Love the fact he is a Demon supporter - how cool is that for him to live out a boyhood dream Keep up the good work Harmesy hopefully the ultimate prize is not far away
  4. Personally think Jay Lockhart with a full pre-season under his belt has more potential Hard to get enthused about Sam
  5. That's all good - but the reality is MFC has finished better than 10th twice in the last 10 years and played finals once - hardly inspiring stuff that fills you with confidence Like you I live in hope ever year but to say we won't be close to the top of the drafts for sometime is a stretch based on history and the past season performance wouldn't you say
  6. Really ? do you know something that we don't - was 2019 a complete aberration
  7. Gee your probably pretty close to pinning the tail on the Donkey Deeoldfart - but very glass half empty approach at this point
  8. Appears to be a bit slow - I would not think he is what the recruiters are hoping to find
  9. Good luck Joel - I am also a fan and think he can be a player given a reasonable run with injuries
  10. Assume this is good but not sure his role - presumably to support Darren Burgess from a medical assessment perspective
  11. Haven't really seen much of Bradtke but I'm hoping he can really be a big improver this season as I have little confidence in Preuss ever amounting to much
  12. Fair call McKay, Curnow and Hipwood all look more promising
  13. What is there not to like? I know 3 mins of highlights is a very small sample BUT - can kick - can mark - not a whimp - can tackle Most on our list don't all 4 of those boxes
  14. Flanders highlights are not great - looks pretty slow and his kicking isn't great - a big no from me Young on the other hand is a great option
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