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  1. They won 10 games finished 12th and had a % of 99.5 - its not exactly an over reach to say finals are possible for them On the other hand - we were [censored] plain and simple
  2. Interesting the initial handball came from LJ - not sure about Kozzies first kick but follow up and evasive skills looked good
  3. Not too sure about that but hard not to feel sorry for him - something definitely NQR there It might be that he just isn't an AFL footballer - it is a not a career that works for everyone despite obvious talent
  4. Tom Sparrow looks a lot like a young Todd Viney if you ask me in pic 1
  5. Mitch Brown ? really don't see the appeal personally Rather take a punt on a younger kid not picked up in the draft and hope they surprise
  6. Overall pretty happy and I think we have significant upside in both Jackson and Pickett - hopefully at least one of those 2 can have a meaningful impact quickly (my money is on Pickett) Not overly convinced with the Rivers decision I was very keen for us getting Jeremy Sharp but it was never going to happen with GC being so keen Trying to work out what the recruiting of Jackson means for the Weid and how much faith the club has in him to deliver consistently - I suspect there are lingering doubts
  7. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it but check out the sign behind the goals at around 30 seconds into his highlight reel - hilarious
  8. Welcome to Melbourne Luke - a great city and the best team in the comp All the best - cant wait to see you raise the premiership cup with Maxy
  9. I really struggle to see the appeal in Weightman - from the little I have seen Pickett looks a better prospect
  10. Considering we finished 17th that's a step forward
  11. Based on limited highlights package kicking clearly not a strength at least at this stage - hard to see how he could be a top 10 pick irrespective of his athletic ability
  12. Really like the way he goes about his footy - hopefully he continues to improve on the same trajectory Love the fact he is a Demon supporter - how cool is that for him to live out a boyhood dream Keep up the good work Harmesy hopefully the ultimate prize is not far away
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