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  1. Petty I think can make it in time - but probably needs exactly that - time. It's a bit weird though that some people are happy to let Weideman learn to be a footballer taking space up in the ones but not Petty who in my mind would most likely contribute just as much Bit harsh on Spargo - he does need to build an engine and play midfield rather than undersized small forward Chandler I have not seen so can't comment Concur on the others
  2. They match up well against the opposition though
  3. Can you keep a close eye on Oskar Baker too please - more likely to crack a game before any of the last 3 you mention IMO thx
  4. I would hazard a guess that we seriously are - not looking like a great investment at this early stage, is it! There are some serious questions being asked with good reason
  5. Why do they need to be played at all if they contribute nothing - why is Weideman gifted games when people cry out for others who contribute just as much to be dumped The guy is a protected species - we are so devoid of list depth we continue to have to cling onto the hope that he will turn the corner and become an AFL player - well guess what there are no guarantees it will ever happen - meanwhile we play one short each week while he racks up games Does anyone really think that West Coast, Collingwood or Richmond would continually gift games to players that don't contribute week after week - NO is the answer Not sure about you but I'm not sure there is any morale left to lose - and I don't see playing guys week after week that contribute zero is great for team morale either
  6. Leaving at a very low point - hardly great timing
  7. Well, they certainly won't be rating him one little bit on his form this year - breakout game coming up from him against the Hawks perhaps
  8. My comment was in response to your statement below "last year he was a good third tall when we had Hogan. He struggles as a first or second tall and played above his ability in the finals, as Did Tmac. " I was not a fan of the Hogan trade and like many are totally underwhelmed by what May brings to the table - hope I'm proved wrong in time - not sure I believe people can play "above themselves" btw - you can play or you can't - no doubt you can play below your ability and we have the majority of our team firmly in that camp atm You said he was a good third tall when we had Hogan - the reality is that his only two AFL games where he looked like he could potentially make it as a player Hogan was in the stands and it was him and TMac as the talls - stuffed if I know how we won either of those games now based on what we are seeing week to week
  9. Hogan was sitting in the stands for those two finals texting his mates in Perth from memory
  10. Huh ? He's the third tall in ability who are the other two ? Pretty sure at the start of the season he was being touted as our second key tall behind TMac - we all know how successful that's been for us He got lucky in two finals and everyone instantly thinks he's a champion in the making - before those games his body of work was incredibly underwhelming and that form line continues into this season Please don't say Preuss is our future as a tall forward target the guy is playing there because he doesn't have the ability or the fitness to ruck a large portion of the game plus our other so-called tall forwards have been a complete waste of space so far this year
  11. I find it amazing that any of our so-called footballers would call for a trade at the end of the year based on the team performing like crud - aren't they all individually and collectively responsible for their cr@p performances If this is the reason they want out I say F%^k off out we don't won't pathetic excuse makers anymore at MFC - what we do want is people who can actually perform gameday - Sam is certainly not going close to ticking that box irrespective of the less than perfect delivery inside 50 Time for Sam and many others to prove why they deserve to be an AFL list at all not just ours
  12. Haven't seen any accountability around here lately - don't hold your breath
  13. we are hard as nails - WTF? can't even get through the warm-up
  14. The ferrals can smell an easy kill and have come in numbers
  15. Hey BBO fantastic effort to be so optimistic I almost felt a glimmer of hope - then looked at their forward 6 and our back 6 again and felt rather ill
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