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  1. The saddest part about this season and the pathetic demise is that it really comes as no surprise such is the nature of this football club. They collectively just have no capacity to compete for long enough to win games on a regular basis, believe their own BS afar too often and are not a serious threat to anything other than the wooden spoon
  2. He’s not the only one - what a rabble this club continues to be
  3. It’s a team sport and games are generally not won or lost by the performance of one individual irrespective of whether they play well or poorly However, anyone who has played any team sport before will know that when certain people fail to do what most consider to be the basics at a reasonable standard it is demoralising for the team - missed goals from very gettabke positions - avoiding contact because it’s easier not to - getting beaten in one on ones too easily etc .... we see this regularly with our current team and that is the reason we are where we are at on the ladder
  4. Ladder positions a very accurate reflection of the standard of these two teams at present
  5. On exposed form season to date they win this
  6. One week the other 8 weeks were for getting injured and turning up out of shape
  7. Both Melk and Trac and pretty gifted and skilful players - we see that time and time again particularly with field kicking However their set shot goal kicking is really poor. I can’t recal the game last year but Melk basically played on and kicked around his body from about 20m almost in front - when he had the option to simply go back settle and kick a drop punt I think the problem is not only between the ears but also technically they are far better when moving - Tracs set shot yesterday showed his ball drop was terrible - way too high and lacked control into the boot i guess no easy or quick fix but I hope both are getting plenty of individual coaching on addressing this in the interim maybe get a Fritter or Harmes to run past and take shots on the run
  8. Very, and we all know why - if he was getting a few kicks and slotting some goals it would be a different story
  9. No he has a bad knee - reliable source and can’t kick
  10. Really ?? I don’t think so on what basis have you formed that view ? Just taking the p(ss I assume
  11. I certainly wasn't saying he is ready nor was I suggesting he should be an automatic selection in the senior side - far from it However, I do see potential and I do think he has more chance to succeed than some others Only time will tell - what I will say is that I have seen enough of Charlie to know he won't die wondering
  12. I think that's a bit simplistic - Do you remember a guy called Greg Williams? 3cm taller, arguably slower but very very handy player I'm not saying Charlie is the next Greg Williams but his skills are good and he usually creates opportunities with possession. His challenge is to build a bigger tank, get stronger and to run all day and get the ball more often. These are not going to come easily so he has work ahead but from the little, I have seen he certainly does not lack the desire for success The coaching staff obviously see potential I think in two years time we will know if he's going to make it or not - too early to write him off IMO
  13. Petty I think can make it in time - but probably needs exactly that - time. It's a bit weird though that some people are happy to let Weideman learn to be a footballer taking space up in the ones but not Petty who in my mind would most likely contribute just as much Bit harsh on Spargo - he does need to build an engine and play midfield rather than undersized small forward Chandler I have not seen so can't comment Concur on the others
  14. They match up well against the opposition though
  15. Can you keep a close eye on Oskar Baker too please - more likely to crack a game before any of the last 3 you mention IMO thx
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