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  1. Jack Martin was a great pick up for the Blues
  2. Rivers does look good. Jackson is thereabouts. It's a big ask to have a first year player chopping out in the ruck. I'd love to see him snag a goal.
  3. We were outplayed for most of the second half of the quarter. It's actually a relief they didn't score more against us. Hopefully we can get back on top through the middle. BTW I really like Rivers - he looks a keeper.
  4. I'm sure that comment will go viral
  5. I've put this soundtrack on for the background
  6. Perhaps a less radical idea would be to say "Points for" ranks higher than percentage. ie when 2 teams are on the same number of wins, the team with the highest number of points ranks higher. If they're the same number, then percentage comes into play. The principal is the same though. Allow the coaches to come up with strategies that incentivise high scoring.
  7. Stats show that the Eagles do very well from the umps in home games (and not so well in away games to be fair). The most accepted explanation is that umpires are influenced subconsciously by the partisan crowd.
  8. The moment a player tests positive, the whole thing changes. Just take a look at the NBA. I can't think of too many things that would potentially expose you to the virus than been taken down in a group tackle, or in arm-lock marking contest or even a goal celebration.
  9. AFL planning for round one to go ahead, but fans will not be allowed to attend matches https://www.afl.com.au/news/384878/coronavirus-crisis-afl-makes-call-on-round-one Playing WCE w/o their fans in the stadium means maybe the umps might be a tad more even ...
  10. The deal is always: Win - and we’re on track to win the premiership Lose: it’s just pre-season Satisfying hit out nonetheless against one of the best sides that was also far closer to full strength than us. There’ll be a minimum 6 inclusions into our Rd 1 side including 2 all Australians and our co-captains.
  11. My mum, before she passed away 4 years ago, made a blanket out of them.
  12. This will be a cracking last quarter. But lay off Hutchinson. Our Casey listed players obviously aren’t AFL standard (usually) -mind you I would love it if Cassy offered Bernie a 1 year contract with the captainship of Casey for 2019
  13. Agree. Would be great for us but still can’t work out why he’d want to come.
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