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  1. One thing I noticed in the Goodwin extension is how much the boys love him.
  2. What an absolute [censored]! WTF did he keep Son of Shaun out there when clearly he was injured? Can't wait to see Misson GTFO.
  3. Can this thread be closed? Waste of time even asking the question!
  4. Does anybody else find it amusing we are 208 pages into a thread and we still don't have an official word if he is staying or going?
  5. Fumble king....it's a no from me.
  6. Philthy

    Jayden Hunt

    I would really like to see Hunty played on the wing or as a defensive forward.
  7. I don't believe we can trade our 2019 1st rounder as we have traded our last 2 1st rounders.
  8. Tyson and Pick 33 to Carlton for Pick 24 and 25?
  9. Clearly not mate. People just read a "headline" and lose their minds!
  10. We were fortunate enough to have another boy November last year, can't wait to watch the game with Oliver even if he doesn't have much of an idea what's going on!
  11. Thanks mate. Sorry to hear about your dad, cancer is a right bastard.
  12. I would cry like a baby. 2015 my First son Jack was a still born, heading to the footy and watching the boys was my escape. Watching the boys improve year on year since 2016 has been amazing to watch and to see Co Captain Jack come back from injury and dominate brings a tear to my eyes.
  13. Sorry if I offend some people but i'm sick to bloody death of people asking for barcodes. Reason being, 90% of the people who are asking are NOT members and only want to jump on the dees train when we are winning. I have purchased a membership every year (minus 2009 due to health issues) since 2000 (I was 16). Why am I going to give up my barcode even if I can't make it to Perth to somebody who can't be arsed buying a membership and supporting the club thick and thin?
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