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  1. Max Gawn should be the captain of the MFC.
  2. Bad news my friends (and I really hope my source is wrong) Work with a bloke who is par of the Fremantle talent pathway and would be VERY surprised if Kobe Farmer doesn't elect to go as a father son for Freo 😥 It's only "his opinion" but after seeing him on the news in Freo colours the other week, I think our chances of getting him are slipping away.
  3. Want to Happen. With the season being a complete write off, I don't see any value having Lewis play.
  4. OUT: Viney (No need to risk him) Lewis (Thanks for your service) Petty (Injury) IN: Weid, Baker (Much needed run) , JKH (Although not part of our future, VFL Form warrants selection.)
  5. My Assistant Coach Wishlist Blake Caracella/NIgel Lappin Adem Yze Brendan Bolton Fitness Guru- Darren Burguess, sign a blank cheque and let him name his price! Would love for the club to get Brad Green or Neita in to work on Goal Kicking too
  6. One thing I noticed in the Goodwin extension is how much the boys love him.
  7. What an absolute [censored]! WTF did he keep Son of Shaun out there when clearly he was injured? Can't wait to see Misson GTFO.
  8. Can this thread be closed? Waste of time even asking the question!
  9. Does anybody else find it amusing we are 208 pages into a thread and we still don't have an official word if he is staying or going?
  10. Fumble king....it's a no from me.
  11. Philthy

    Jayden Hunt

    I would really like to see Hunty played on the wing or as a defensive forward.
  12. I don't believe we can trade our 2019 1st rounder as we have traded our last 2 1st rounders.
  13. Tyson and Pick 33 to Carlton for Pick 24 and 25?
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