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  1. [censored] off but proud of the dees this year but gotta murder lower teams stk etc losing those games is just not on
  2. jezz its tuff on fritz i woulda swapped spots for spargo fritz in forward 50 spargo out , but who am i to know whats best GO DEES , RAISE HELL
  3. no way stay away its a con talkin about a cooked swan
  4. need some quick goals early on get back to the smash and grab hit hard and fast cmon dees just do this
  5. us by ,,,, anything but hopefully lots ( better for the ticker )
  6. was listening to sports tonight before the news came on and this geelong player ( mug ) was it james stewart ? reckons ( our players ) we will be [censored] ourselves come game time well sunshine whatever you think hehehehehe
  7. love em but you left a name out JHK complete game great kick and has nuts has improved so much well done him and harmes woweee super game
  8. OMG HOW FUGGING GOOD WAS THAT ! we keep this up we beat gws next week and then who knows ??? also been a d kent fan since day one got grunt no shirk the issue great game will watch again tonite GOOOO DEEEEES
  9. worried about tomorrow but at the same time think we can sneak a win will want to be at our best no bombing long forwards to lead out bit of composure inside fitty but i know nothing so we get what we get cmon make it happen us by 10
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