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  1. Does Goodie say, "Brisbane is a quality side" or does he come clean and confess we are a crap side and a crap club?
  2. Surely it must be official now that we are the ‘inside 50 second stoppage specialists’. Ranked as No.1 in the Comp for 2018 and 2019.
  3. One co-captain hardly gets a touch. The other one can't even catch it. Really Simon?
  4. Now that Mark has been released from Essendon, the door is open at Punt Road. Can we crowdfund a package to get him back to the Tiges and help our cause for a flag? Who's in? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XaTew1NlZU
  5. Hmmm. Trafficking these narcotics in some countries carries the death penalty.
  6. Hehe. Love this. No stress. Essendon will pay the fine like last time.
  7. Giles


    Can we have a vote on a podium finish for our least embarrassing coach of the modern era? The nominees are: Carl Ditterich 1979-1981 Ron Barassi 1981-1986 John Northey 1986-1993 Neil Balme 1993-1998 Neale Danniher 1998-2008 Dean Bailey 2008-2012 Mark Neeld 2012-2014 Paul Roos 2014-2017 Simon Goodwin 2017 ~ -Patsy Biscoe I’m looking for a 3, 2, 1 podium finish for the least embarrassing coach over the last 40 years. To be clear, if you’re number 1 on the dais, you’re the least embarrassing coach. If Simon G doesn’t make the podium then we’re all fine and we can go one another 40 years.
  8. Coaching for the conditions is what this game is all about. I worked the rotations for the Under 13 girls today for a Coach with passion and vision. Our girls knew what they were doing and almost got over the line. They were stoked in the rooms after not getting over the line by a couple of points. How do you reckon Goody's boys felt and how did they they felt for him?
  9. We had a game plan for quarter. Are we happy with a 25% coach? Nup.
  10. Giles


    Pretty shattered Lynch and Brownie couldn't get Brisbane over the line tonight (or even get Hodgie back one the ground when it mattered).
  11. If you're not interested PF, now would be a good time to stay inside and work on your spelling. It's blancmange, not blamange.
  12. Please be doing your nails or something then. No one cares you don't care.
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