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  1. Apparently we’ve scheduled an intra club on the MCG tomorrow. Wish they would televise that.
  2. The AFL is too scared to say it, but this season is dead.
  3. Absolutely, flexibility and common sense are key here. No doubt the AFL will find a way to appease their corporate masters within their boxes so standby for it to be a cluster of you know what.
  4. Wouldn’t they fall into the GFG category? Otherwise I’d imagine that the Cheer Squad would have the entire bay behind the goals allocated to themselves which should allow for adequate social distancing. Wouldn’t that be the logical thing?
  5. Yep, that’s fair enough. I wonder how many reserved seat memberships the MFC has sold this year? I would be of the opinion that if the crowd limits are eased and more people can attend, then those with the higher grade memberships should have first choice to attend with the tickets then being made available to lower tier memberships or non-members.
  6. Anyone who purchased a reserved seat with Grand Final Guarantee for 2020 should be first in line for a ticket when the game allows spectators again. (Yes, that includes me). 🤪 Then people with a reserved seat. Then anyone else with a club membership. Any other suggestions?
  7. Unfortunately I think Johnnie Walker is no longer a sponsor of the MFC. They aren’t on the sponsor page anyway This year HERTZ are now on our shorts where the JWalker logo was last year. Shame really, I like a bit of JW (Black and up) and now I can’t justify it by saying it supports the MFC.
  8. So in the (however unlikely) event that the season was called as finished as of tonight, does that mean it will definitely be a 9 way tie for the Brownlow Medal?
  9. GOT IT WHEN IT WAS MOST NEEDED! (Not Corona virus - no one needs that) It was sweet beating the Cats first up, but by God knocking out Hawthorn was equally as good.
  10. MELBOURNE FANS, BREATHE IT IN! (Not the Corona virus, don’t breathe that in)
  11. All opposition teams Specific opposition players (these generally vary, but there are a few constants) Opposition supporters Umpires The Football “Media” Andy Maher I also carry a fair amount of self loathing. So it’s all encompassing.
  12. That smile at the end was the most unsettling part of all. He seemed relieved enough that he had remembered the answer he had been practicing but the it was the look of a man who had just eaten half a [censored] sandwich and then handed the rest on to his successor.
  13. We all see what we want to see..... but watch this video and tell me Viney is not severely [censored] off. https://watch.thewest.com.au/show/pub-109975
  14. I know Mitch Brown can back-up ruck. Any thoughts on whether he could be the main man in a pinch?
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