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  1. He’s there. He’s just decided it’s better for his career to stay away from the ball.
  2. Here’s the club video for Chandler’s debut for those interested. No candid cameras or teary phone calls to Mum, just a neat interview.
  3. Is this really a dangerous tackle? It wasn’t both arms pinned and whilst he did take him to ground it seemed more momentum than a slam tackle. 5C7CDA33-709D-42EF-B7A2-8428ECA26F9B.MOV
  4. Our goal kicking is still awful but at least we seem to have cleaned up some of our turnovers and upped the pressure on the opposition. Is it just me or is Lever’s field kicking a shadow of what it was?
  5. So close but a million miles away. Umpires were terrible both ways. Some of their decisions were mystifying.
  6. Be interesting to see if Caro and Barrett think Collingwood “over celebrated” at the end. de Goey looked like he was doing Riverdance when the siren went and there were more Collingwood jumpers dry humping than in a Centrelink queue.
  7. A code hopper like Israel Folau or Karmichael Hunt (only older).
  8. Forget the ice baths... they would have to get a Le Tan sponsorship and dip him into a 44 gallon drum of sunscreen any time he was in QLD or he would be burnt to a crisp. P.S. I’m a ranga too so you know it’s true.
  9. Two things I learned today: 1) The umps gave us a stellar run in the first half and then proceeded to do the same for Carlton in the second half. They must manufacture a nice even free kick ledger at the end of the game at all costs. 2) The crowd at a Carlton game perfectly mirrors the Carlton supporters I know in real life. They are absolutely clueless about the rules of the game. Even I couldn’t bring myself to scream “Ball” or “50” at some of the crap they do.
  10. Second week in a row that a Melbourne player gets headbutted and nothing....
  11. You could not script the timing of this one. What did he think he was going to do?
  12. Maybe they got a work experience kid in to help out? My work gets one about this time each year.
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