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  1. You could not script the timing of this one. What did he think he was going to do?
  2. Maybe they got a work experience kid in to help out? My work gets one about this time each year.
  3. My reading of the Preuss situation is thus: Max Gawn is Melbourne’s #1 ruckman. He is contracted until the end of 2021 at which time he will be 30 years old. Many factors will determine what happens with Max at the end of 2021 but you might assume he will get another contract that takes into account how many more years his body can handle rucking and whether we have a spot for him to rest forward etc. Braydon Preuss is Melbourne’s #2 ruckman. He is contracted until 2021 at which time he will be approximately 26 years old. Many factors will determine what happens with Braydon at the end of 2021 but you might assume that he would now have 3 years of training with and learning from the premier ruckman in the AFL under his belt. If he has learned well from Max he might get another contract with Melbourne. Or he will be able to seek a trade to another club that needs a ruckman (and there is always one or two that do), and he will probably do well out of it having done his apprenticeship under Max and at 26 will still have a few years of football left to make his own mark. I’m thinking there is a long term approach to this with both Melbourne and Preuss benefiting. We get a backup ruck for the next 3 years and at the end we either have a ruck to take over from Max or an easily tradeable ruck commodity. If he gets a few senior games rucking or in the forward line in the meantime then that’s a plus for him.
  4. And Razor Ray would still overrule the other 5 from 100metres off the ball.
  5. If 2019 was on life support before tonight then, they are zipping up the body bag now. Prove me wrong MFC, prove me wrong.
  6. If you look closely you can see that Ryan accidentally kicks Max in the face whilst in the air. Makes Vardy’s act even grubbier.
  7. Liam Ryan accidentally kicked Max in the face taking that huge mark. Nathan Vardy showed his true character in one fleeting moment by pushing Max whilst he was down. I pity Vardy, and I will make a point to mention that moment whenever his name comes up.
  8. Hail Tom McDonald That’s the second time he’s won us a game with under 30 seconds on the clock.
  9. Buy a beanie (with Pom Pom) here
  10. Wasn’t he pulled out of the AFLX series this year for a knee clean-out? https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/afl/melbourne-star-tom-mcdonald-ruled-out-of-aflx-tournament/news-story/27f0fc38237c52de4da69ea3ae3083f2
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