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  1. Get Serious you say? I really don’t see the point. While some might say he is a genius of sorts, most of his best work was done during the 80’s. Let’s get real. He hasn’t put anything out since Mr. Accident and would be of marginal value at best.
  2. The Hun doing something unethical? Perish the thought! I remember 16 years ago being pulled out of a train wreck outside Ballan (one that was said to have looked like another Granville and that was deemed miraculous in that no one was killed). Complete with an arm that turned purple from the bruising from the injury I had just copped, the first thing I was greeted with after emerging from the overturned carriage was a Herald Sun reporter sticking a mike in my face. Charming people.
  3. Rohan Connolly summed us up beautifully in 2013 after Neeld was sacked. I can’t quote him exactly, but he stated that there was a soft underbelly at the club that ensured the club would fall to pieces at the first sign of trouble. I am in furious agreement with him on this front. I interpret his take on the club as one where a few injuries, some consecutive losses or an unexpected loss, some amplified negative media coverage, some type of administrative scandal or (in this case) a horrible season causes the whole club ecosystem to collectively throw it’s hands in the air and demand instant gratification for it’s problems. We are a relic of the past in many ways (i.e. our inability to fully embrace the professional era), but we are modern in the sense of reflecting current societal trends in that we cannot abide any form of discomfort and melt down at the first sight of adversity. If you don’t believe me, look at the 2011 season. As this pertains to the review, I believe that it needs to be solutions based, and not a huge round of navel gazing and finger pointing. The question should not be ‘How do we start again?’ but ‘How do we regain and improve on what we were building from 2014 onwards?’ One thing I am concerned about is that there has been a reshuffle of assistants but what recommendations have been made about Goody’s job? I don’t suggest for a minute he should be sacked, but I remember that Geelong’s 2006 review specifically stated that Bomber Thompson be removed from list management, be made to embrace a different game plan and have Neil Balme as his head of football. This was to allow him to focus on his actual strength of one to one coaching. Where has anything like this been indicated in our review? It’s almost been the reverse of what clubs did in the past; have the coach carry the can while everyone else avoided scrutiny. Maybe those assistants did need to be moved on, but for mine it seems a bit too much of a bandaid solution and a fop to those baying for blood.
  4. Being self aware when one is online is important. Reflecting upon one’s conduct online is not only good for one’s mental health but also for the overall tenor of the forums one uses. I dropped off here after the first Saints loss because I could see real potential for the s***fight that was to come. I lived through the Neeld era on this board and the various divisive characters who held court during those days. I’ll admit at times that I didn’t cover myself in glory on occasion at that time. I like you @stevethemanjordan needed to reassess. Some time away has allowed me hopefully to come back to post in a more constructive way.
  5. Sadly, rum usually isn’t the type of alcoholic beverage that comes to mind when discussing which drop Melbourne supporters like to partake in!
  6. How did Neita not brand this as ‘The Demon Drink’? The pun was there for the taking. Plus the 2019 run surely should have been a bitter; the type of beer best reflecting the year.
  7. Hopefully one of those self flagellation whips that religious zealot bloke in the Da Vinci code used to use on himself. Jack Steven is a big in for them. I think our mids are classier than theirs on paper but matches aren't won on paper. How the Saints have won thus far has been because of across the board team defense and an ability to work hard. We win if we get the game on our terms. Meaning that all mids don't swarm around stoppages for a lick of the ice cream. Some need to drop back to create the second link in the possession chain and to cover the outside option the Saints will doubtlessly try to exploit. Melbourne by 6 points for mine.
  8. I can see where you are coming from @dazzledavey36 At first glance, he doesn't have enough tricks or the ability to crumb for goals from pack spillage for mine. He works best where the okay requires a cool head and the ability to think things through rather than raw instinct or freakish skills. Jeffy has the edge on him in the latter case and that makes him the better natural small forward. That being said, Jeffy could never move into the midfield which I could see Spargo doing. One problem of playing him as a small forward is that you DO have to take advantage of anything that comes your way in that position. On your worst days, you can get supply that leads to the type of stats a list clogger gets. That's not great for a kid who wants to audition for a ball winning mid.
  9. List wise, the Eagles were streets ahead of us. However, let's not forget they had just been involved in the biggest scandal the game had possibly seen at the start of 2008 (until the supplements scandal came about). It tore the club apart and resulted in a LOT of turnover. The club's priorities had to change from 'we want to win the flag this year' to 'how can we be a club that parents feel comfortable in sending their sons to?'. It wasn't an environment where immediate success was a given. The reality was that we were a bloody horrible football team in 2008 and were going to shif the bed regardless. In 2009, I think we were at the level of the Lions of last year: a team with plenty of potential that could push teams but we had no idea where that potential would lead to. I personally think had we actually given our all, we might have won around 5-7 games. The Lions have rebuilt and I think how they have (and we did post Roos) done this is the model for emerging teams. Don't put ceilings on the kids you have, make sure you have experienced heads in there to show them what it takes to be a player (I.e. Luke Hodge, Daniel Cross) and give players games when they deserve it. I've been through the Hawthorn example before and why I don't agree that they tanked. However, it's a moot point anyway. That is talk of the past and to think that is applicable to today is a waste of time.
  10. Hmmm.... It seems a bit thin compared to previous years. Usually we would get a word from the president, coach, some articles on initiatives the club was undertaking, articles on life members and other stuff. I have been a bit concerned about how we have been engaging with supporters/members since PJ left. You can see it on the website especially with the lack of interviews put up. I hope this isn't a part of an ongoing trend.
  11. I liked the synonymous sitcom with Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall but never said I was addicted to it.
  12. Like that time they spent a quarter prattling on about Leigh Montana's (?) Mexican themed birthday party and how they had uploaded it to Instagram. Genuinely cringe worthy stuff.
  13. I find Brayshaw not nearly as irritating since he has been dragged away from the Footy Show cesspit. It's like he no longer has to put on a faux ocker act and can behave like a functional human being again.
  14. If this is the case, I fear the day when in 20 years time that it gets out that they have been cryogenically freezing Ross Oakley's head under Marvel Stadium.
  15. The fawning over Dusty and Rance last year by Bwooce and the Channel 7 commentary team was borderline sycophantic. They sounded like they wanted to go the Full Bill Lawry on Shane Warne on those two. All we heard was about how awesome they were. The greatest part of Collingwood's win in the prelim is that we no longer have to listen to that twaddle. Why hasn't Brenton Speed gotten more of a run on Fox? He's been pretty decent and is more interested in commentating the match rather than creaming their Levis.
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