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  1. Ever see that footage of that time that bloke hijacked the public access channel in Chicago during that episode of Doctor Who (the science fiction show, not the Demonland troll)? I always assumed a video conferencing call organized by Demonland would be similar to that but Max Headroom and his antics (or something similar to that description) would be displayed on all the Zoom user screens.
  2. The old 'just asking questions' mantra... The lazy propagandist's way of denigrating a decision or policy without actually having to provide actual arguments.
  3. I hate all the talk of being a 'snowflake' as it is applied these days as it sometimes gets unfairly thrown at people who DO feel mental hurt in certain situations that others may not understand. In this case though, the tag is apt. If this is enough to knock off your equilibrium, you need to get out more.
  4. Easily Hawthorn for mine. Their generation of supporters post 1985 have known nothing but success. The ones who crossed over from us to them in the 1970's were soft [censored] to begin with and couldn't handle our winters of discontent in that decade. Most of their older supporters who lived through their dark times have now passed on, robbing any character from that club whatsoever. What you then get is a highly entitled support base who don't appreciate the success that generations past built for them. Look at how the Doggies and Tiges fans appreciated their flags. Then look at a-holes like Jeffrey Kennett, and tell me you don't know what I'm talking about.
  5. It wasn't the same yoga retreat Neeldy got kicked out of was it? 😄
  6. Much smaller scale than that I'm afraid. Alas, we've had to postpone for a month because of COVID-19!
  7. Update from an overseas correspondent: Things are starting to get tenser here in Japan. The event I am organizing which was mentioned in the 'To Hell and Back Pt 3.' thread had to be postponed due to the fact that numbers would be down and no-one knows how far this thing will spread. Certain people decry diversity in decision making but I nearly fell over when the Japanese government, basically made up of a council of well connected, out of touch, and elderly Japanese men, let all those people off the Diamond Princess without really performing comprehensive checkups. Alas, age and length of tenure in any unrelated position here is associated with 'wisdom' and competence, hence people without the specialized skills have been put in charge. (Point in case: the Olympic/Technology Minister admitted to not even having used a computer in his life until recently, yet was given this posting). With this in mind, and remembering the cockup at Fukushima, we are just hoping for serendipity. Pretty much all social events where crowds are expected to gather have been cancelled or postponed. School will be closed for the month. Two of those weeks overlap with school holidays, BUT Japanese schools have a long tradition of running club activities which 80% of the student body turn up to. My job has also put out guidelines for COVID-19 which include prohibiting visits from researchers from Hubei. While concrete measures were never really implemented until today, Nagoya, where I live close to, has seen a huge drop off in people gathering in the entertainment and shopping districts. It's not quite like that scene from '28 Days Later' where Cillian Murphy wakes up from his coma, but you can get seats in coffee shops and restaurants way easier. I have kept an open mind on much of this. The virus itself has killed mostly the elderly and infirm and while the death of anyone is tragic, it also means that contracting the virus isn't a death sentence as might be assumed. The big issue here is to contain this until the weather warms up and there is not such a strain on the hospital system (as is the case during Winter and early Spring). Hopefully, Australia can keep it under control and the monumental incompetence on display during the bushfires has been learned from. @TeamPlayedFine39 what's the situation in HK?
  8. I'm sure I'm not Robinson Crusoe on that one. However, dictionaries since Samuel Johnson wrote the first one have tended to be records of lexis, not a monitor whose function is to be on top of whatever inane trend is belched into a particular cultural zeigeist. Not being among the cooler kids on the block, I was hoping someone doper (that's what the millenials say don't they?) than I might have an idea.
  9. Just as an aside, the grammar pedant in me would like to know when the noun 'failure' mutated into 'fail', which I was led to believe was a verb?
  10. I remember it well too. I was living in a dingy apartment in Ballarat at the time, where my neighbor across the road was an ice dealer who had a variety of 'colorful characters' visiting him at all hours of the morning and night (mostly when I was sleeping). The other neighbor was a nice enough bloke, but tended to smoke weed and blast Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' at 3 in the morning. As you could tell, my nerves were generally shot living in that development known as 'Melrose Place'. And then came 186 on the day after the 24 hour party people had spent all night screaming at each other in the process of making their purchases. I didn't have cable, so I initially planned on going to the Bluebell Hotel in Wendouree to watch the match. I refrained as most of our trips to Kardinia Park, as if defined by some latent metaphysical principle, ended in 10 goal defeats. I thought I would save money on beer and food by steering clear. When I finally saw the score, I actually had to pull up the calculator function on my computer. It really until the next day when the kids and other staff members at work started giving me stick that the reality sunk in that the loss really was that bad. I, like others, thought Bailey needed to be sacked. However, little did I know what was going on behind the scenes. All in all, a bloody s***house day for any Demon fan. Note: The bit about the apartment wasn't @Biffen style pizz taking.
  11. I see your point and I won't stick at this like a dog at a bone. Perhaps now is not the time for Jack to do this. Nonetheless, I would like to hear something from Jack a bit further down the line. It doesn't have to be at a full blown presser. Just a doorstop interview where he confidently and assertively commits to the cause. Unfortunately, nature abhors a vaccuum, and it will be filled by those with an agenda if not filled by us. At some point, it needs to be addressed.
  12. 186 was the end of the end. The period leading up to that day was basically us tracking no different to any developing team. Some awesome highs (wins against the Crows and Dockers of around 15 goals and a strong win against Essendon), some shockers (11 goal pantsing against the Dogs, the match against the Eagles where they set a record for inside 50's, a spanking from Collingwood) and matches that were thereabouts (the draw against Sydney, the win against Brisbane where we skulked over the line). 186 was the day when the scab was ripped off and all the pus came oozing out. There was no point pretending that the club wasn't fractured anymore as it was plain to see. Bails got the best out of what he could. He was coaching with one arm tied behind his back. That period should not reflect on him.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but I would have preferred to have heard this directly from Jack. I get that he probably wouldn't want to get the 3rd degree at that presser, but him not even turning up doesn't seem overly congruent with him being 'all in'.
  14. Wasn't there someone on here saying that he was on the verge of leaving? From memory, there was talk of some type of heated meeting between the FD and Tracc's manager.
  15. I've been on this board for nearly 10 years, and it's taken you this long to bring this up Daisy? You are slipping old sport!
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