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  1. The way we've been playing over the last 6 weeks relies on setting up our attacks from defence - I think I read somewhere that we scored 100+ points from turnovers against the blues and the crows? That's why guys like Frost and Hunt can't get a game (aside from the obvious fact that turnovers close to your goal are more likely to result in a goal against), their turnovers kicking the ball up the line will rob us of the momentum when moving the ball forward Pedo is a reliable kick but not necessarily a damaging one. In terms of a floating or intercept defender he's a good option in the sense that he has a good footy brain and decent size, but collingwood has quite a mobile midfield these days so safe kicks out of defense are likely to be shut down. Weid could be an inspired choice, will force him into more contests etc., but big risk to trial someone is a position they've never played in such a crucial game (win this week and we have a genuine claim on top 4 contention) I don't know enough about the current form of guys down at Casey, but Smith certainly struck me as one with the right attacking mindset in his brief exposure at the top level. As others have commented, his basketball background is a real asset as far as fitting into a team structure goes, and he 'plays tall' as the cliche goes so his size won't be a problem - the Pies most dangerous forwards are all mid-sized too so athleticism is much more important than height is for this game at least Wagner showed a bit early in the year, and I don't recall recoiling in horror when he disposed of the ball so that at least has him ahead of Frost, so I think he could be another worth considering. Keilty and Petty to debut on the big stage seems an unnecessary risk *cough* Watts in 2009 *cough* when there are other options who have a genuine claim to the position and exposure at the top level already Obviously Plan A will be to dominate them out of the middle and not give our defenders too much work to do, but Grundy is in excellent form at the moment so they will be getting their fair share of opportunities from stoppages, not to mention their own ability to move the ball quickly from turnovers
  2. I thought the bump was fine after watching the replay, maybe a free for taking a player out without control of the ball? Not worth weeks though the tackle on the other hand was extremely dangerous, the NRL are all over this kind of tackle and it be worth weeks without a doubt. Someone will get seriously hurt one day, similar to head being sacrosanct, if they don't stamp it out
  3. it wouldn't need to permeate the entire body to be considered 'performance enhancing', localised treatments to speed up the recovery of injuries also fall into the category. in a similar vein for example, anabolic steroids are banned because they speed up muscle recovering and aid muscle growth - not because they make you stronger if you take them on the morning of your match having said that, seems like much of the confusion from WADA/ASADA may relate to how AOD is administered - i.e. maybe it is OK in cream form but not as an injection. that's probably what it will boil down to in Trenners case
  4. From the article: Its understood the Bombers have come to an agreement with the AFL which will include the loss of draft picks across two years. An insider described the AFL as "not backing down
  5. Just read on HS feed that the Bombers are officially out of finals 2013. Essendon will not play finals this year as AFL talks continue Further penalties against club and individuals yet to be revealed.
  6. for me it's a coin toss, I think both would be very, very good options Choco probably has more runs on the board with inexperienced players (GWS will live to regret losing him big time IMO, massive setback. allow me to pause a moment to wipe away my crocodile tears), and a fiercely competitive nature. slightly unhinged though and will need to get the board on his side as much as the players Roos has massive credits in the bank - which perhaprs shouldn't matter from a media perspctive, but in realty very much does - and can get players to run through brick walls for him. If he cant change the culture, no coach can
  7. Trengrove and Boak re-signed at Port before they had a coach. I love Chip and think he is an essential player, but if he is genuine in his commitment to the club then the person sitting in the coaches chair should be irrelevant
  8. historically a good point, though we did just manage to keep a coach sacking secret for a whole weekend. baby steps!
  9. Level Headed? Finey? I find him very entertaining, and tend to agree with his take on most things, but level headed he ain't My favourite Finey-ism when unloading on a caller/sms-er was [paraphrased]: 'you're the kind of person who will never manage to amass enough money to own a lawn mower outright'
  10. I've always seen the musical intrusions (and cheerleaders, fireworks, etc.) as a kind of admission that the sport in and of itself is not entertaining enough to hold the attention of the crowd. That's simply not the case with AFL - the action is continuous save for the 20 odd seconds it takes for the ball to get from the goal line back to the centre square The other issue faced by NBA (timeouts) and NFL (where they spend infinitely more time setting plays up than actually executing them) are the breaks between play. I reckon I'd need a fair amount of distraction to sit through all of that too
  11. there is no need for defence if the AFL has no evidence. the fact that a meeting was held to discuss tanking, bearing in mind that this 'fact' is currently no more than media speculation, isn't all that water tight unless there is some kind of record of the meeting, or everyone present signs statements to that effect (or at least a couple do, and no one signs a statement to the contrary). it's a loophole yes, but the onus is on the prosecution to prove guilt nonetheless we absolutely must take it to court if the AFL imposes sanctions with no hard evidence. This is clearly the last thing the AFL wants, because it will open the flood gates with regard to being forced to take action other teams doing the same thing having said all that, and pending loopholes as to hard evidence, i tend to think that we deserve to be punished if indeed we were stupid enough to have a meeting to plan this, and then subsequently shafted people who were involved in that meeting
  12. Am I the only one that finds this part a little odd: So the AFL has resorted to coercing witnesses to make a case??
  13. pretty sure 63 would have been earmarked to elevate Nicho from the rookie list. it leaves a slightly bitter taste in the mouth that we had to give up more to get what we wanted, but in the end makes no difference Welcome aboard Cam
  14. Exactly, and Gys is one of them. As plenty of others have said we are now adding the likes of Byrnes, Rodan, Viney and Pick 4 (Wines?) to a midfield that Gys is already struggling to break into, why wouldn't we try and get value for him on the trade table? It makes me laugh when I see people deride the likes of North asking for a 2nd round pick for an out of favour player, then in the same breath claiming that in a rumoured deal for a player plus a 2nd round pick for one of our fringe at best players we're getting screwed FCS people it's a trade - BOTH sides need to get value out of it! for the record, I'd be happy enough with a straight swap, but I agree Gys plus a pick for Pedersen is a bad deal
  15. Given that north has failed to land Jacobs with pick 38 (port want 15, probably dreaming but nevertheless), we'd have to throw something else into the bargain Gys is a bit superfluous to our needs with the recent recruits and draftees to come in this year also, much in the same way that Pedersen is superfluous to norths needs for tall(ish) forwards. Win-win IMO
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