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  1. Can't get injured if you Don't go for a run
  2. What's going on here? This bloke is built like a footballer He'll never fit in
  3. When Trac can do in 30 touches what Dusty does in 25 then his name can go on the same page. Same with Oliver...if he can "win " a game with his 35 then he's a genuine A grader matching Dusty's 25 possessions and timely goals. Reality checks all round please
  4. Nah the myki I use to get to Hoddle St doesnt go out that far
  5. Look at their "ins" for next season.Even if May comes over he will still wishing he was training down the road
  6. They go to the Hawks because they are a succesful club with facilities rather than a public park for a training oval
  7. Frid'y night on the balcony last quarter Young blokes in suits,bit tense Moi,fairly confident actually And.. in the second row,aisle seat a MFC supporter who looked like a homeless dude on ice,wearing MFC Guernsey (over shirt with collar)..... every Hawk goal he wailed,jumped into the aisle and swayed holding his head then thrashing with his arms. every Hawk free kick the same Several of us were concerned he would fall over the balcony rail(seriously). Then the rally came... Every Dee goal or mark he was in the aisle fist pumping sreaming If it was a goal he threw himself across the aisle and hugged his brother ,two seats in. Brother clearly knew him enough not to actually sit next to him The sealer is kicked.......blokes in suits on their feet in group hugs 3 or 4 deep.( really) Guy goes seriously Ian Drury,,brother tries to calm him down for his own safety and next to me the lone Hawk supporter points and says" behold, the new Demon suporter prototype".........gets up and leaves. Well played number 9
  8. its reassuring to confirm that hes human
  9. http://Cats by 4 goals ...Jnr tears them a new one but goes off injured.
  10. My guess is that it will be personal
  11. And if its not AFL then did they take his computers?
  12. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/mark-bomber-thompsons-port-melbourne-house-raided-20180108-h0f5th.html the last sentence confirms Bomber is an analytical genius and as about as stable as the Trumpet
  13. Are we not fortunate that we need no recourse to all that research and detail from Wikopedia because we have Land,Ology and Twitter to engage and inform us And that free world is being managed by a "very stable genius"
  14. Anyone privy to the reason for the apparent crash of Demonolgy? Surely its more than the complete failure of the Turnbull high speed broadband that Daisy Cutter assured me was hunk dory back in 2012.
  15. Whately needs a buffoon to deal with the Bogans. Slobbo will be too busy with spell check for his gossip reporting for the Hun,to say nothing of sleeping off hangovers from the night before. Ox comes to mind ..lovable bufffoon who probably knows more than he lets on
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