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  1. Chatted to jones, Tomlinson and Hannan today. Looking at main group in the next week for Jones and Tomlinson. Hannan about 3 weeks.
  2. I’ll add Sharp to the list. Possibly still there.
  3. Sam Philp. 186cm mid. Missed state selection and was very disappointed. Had a great year at the Knights. Can play inside and outside. Tested amazing at the combine. Very good kick, very quick and very good endurance. Not mentioned much in an phantoms. Got invited to the combine so someone is interested. Kicked 9 goals in 14 games playing as a mid.
  4. Split it and hopefully 3 of Kemp, Stephens, Weightman or Taylor.
  5. Well Willie clearly wasn’t trying to hide his willy in the hole he was supposed to.
  6. I don’t mind that we took Lockhart but I think we only picked him because we lost Nietschke. This basically gave us an extra pick. Our club is very good at forward thinking these days and I’m of the opinion that we will be focusing on a kid that maybe wasn’t picked in the draft this year. The kid might be in a VFL system or even playing u18s again as an overage player that applied for the draft this year. It could be a way of getting a kid that possibly might move up to a top 20 or 30 pick for free. It’s how I would use the extra list spot.
  7. His comments are fair enough. He still sounded confident we are a huge chance this year. He also thinks we will be better next year and better again the year after.
  8. May, KK and Pruess would already be training if they were at their old clubs. I think they will be there. They have had their time off.
  9. Pies 2nd round next year for a cat B rookie who hasn't played a game and swans 3nd round next year. I've been laughing for 20 minutes. Have a read on pies big footy on this trade. Funniest thread I've ever read.
  10. Richmond have no injuries and could pick almost every player this weekend. Casey was limited by who had qualified. Casey tried everything today. I'm not unhappy with that performance. Some ordinary kicking for goal early cost them the game but they had a crack. Those saying Richmond have more depth are wrong in my opinion. Not one of you is angrier about Melbourne's big head issues this year than me. The Dee's get massively ahead of themselves for no reason, in my opinion. The club can say what they want but won't change my mind. Richmond had 6 or 7 players that would struggle to get games in other teams but they are committed and front up to play. The Dee's could learn from that.
  11. A mate of mine has a son who has been talked up as a ten 10 pick. I'm not naming names as it will give him away. Anyway they had a sit down visit with GWS. They asked why they wanted to talk when GWS doesn't have a pick until much later. The reply was that GWS thought that they might have 2 first round picks. Not sure on the exact wording. Seems to me that someone is leaving and decent. Could be 2 leaving I guess.
  12. He has plenty of speed. Pretty good mark too.
  13. He is coming off a pretty good year, had a pretty good VFL grand final and played pretty well on the weekend. I'm not sure about having Spencer with Gawn already there and docklands is a quick surface. I just think Smith will be in the selection conversation.
  14. I think Tim smith might get a look in to replace Hogan.
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