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  1. The coach creates the game plan, recruits players, trades players and trains them, selects the team. Pretty sure goodwin has a lot to do with what we are seeing.
  2. This has to happen this year regardless sof covid. This cant go on!
  3. The players have no idea what to do with ball in hand. This is all coaching. On defensive transition we are all at sea. This hasn't changed at all from last year
  4. What is it now like 30 consecutive weeks of inept forward entry and still no improvement
  5. may is a worry. What does he bring? That new holding ball interpretation better be consistent
  6. When I watch most other teams I see system and purpose. Run and carry. Possession football. Leading to space. Structure. Even the poorer teams who may not execute it properly. We have absolutely none of this in our game! Its like we are playing a completely different game. Goodwin has no tactical ability or gameday leadership.
  7. Lever is a joke. Our game plan or lack of gameplan is excruciating. Often handball up the air or to themselves as they dont know what to do next. What exactly are we trying to achieve out there?
  8. If anyones happy with that yoire kidding yourself. We have serious issues as long as goodwin is our coach
  9. Lever and may make me feel like crying. Smith isn't a backman if he's anything. Typical performance go under Goodwin we go to water when its a contest. Dissaray for a whole 2.5 qtrs. This fwd lime is not going to win games
  10. Nothing has changed from last year and now we can't use injuries as an excuse. Today was extremely concerning and very disappointing. Goodwin is in big trouble.
  11. We are shocking and will stay that way as long as Goodwin is coach. No structure. Can't hold the ball inside 50. Can't stop opposition transition. Skills poor. All issues from last year remain.
  12. Very hard to know what to make of these games. our game plan doesn't look overly improved but we look fit. Viney 👍 May finishing a game 👍Fritsch👍
  13. The session was definitely low/medium intensity - as in minimal physical contact or tackling etc. Drills seemed to be focused on threading zone traffic by hand and maintaining possession. Both leaving defence and full field drills. They Practiced overhead marking. Forwards and defenders. Each full field drill ended with ball kicked to a leading forward inside 50, with the marking player completing the shot on goal. Not sure if this is to keep goal kicking front of mind in training. A heap of running. The 3k time trial and then most players did repeat 100 metre sprints later in the session while others did the 3/4 field drills. Wind was atrocious at times so foot skills harder to judge - they seemed to handle it ok, but not great. Bennell walked around the whole session and acted as a witches hat in drills. Obviously being encouraged to get amongst it but clearly under instruction to not run and not kick as yet. Forget anything but 2nd half of the year at best. May missing is a concern to me also given his history.
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