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  1. No they are both just average players with one attribute and that is agression/hardness.
  2. I'm not expecting public accountability or apology as i myself hate Hollow PR , I'm meaning I would expect as a minimum a full and thorough internal review of all positions club wide and some tough decisions to be made that perhaps would normally be avoided by a club like Melbourne who have tended to accept certain levels of mediocrity.
  3. Agree this must happen without fail or the club is again on its last legs. I for one won't be tolerating a lack of accountability for what has happened.
  4. He always runs like that cos he is fat and slow and soft. Another Taylor gem.
  5. The guy is sickening in pressers. Just compare him to Buckley or Scott and he comes across as a the dumb kid in class. Not fooling me it's clear he has zero idea how to fix the sinking ship.
  6. This is so disgusting. A pathetic club culture from the top down. I'll get howled down but imo the members should boycott at this stage. Totally unacceptable by Goodwin and co. And the players...🤮
  7. Totally agree. Another inept board decision. There was no reason to extend. Yet again a complete lack of understanding of reality from those who run our club. We couldn't beat anyone in the top 8 until round 21 Last year. #goodwinout
  8. Yes. Carlton is better than us. I have to agree with all that has been said about O Mac. Just a shocking player in every way. Unwatchable.
  9. Unacceptable from the mids. This is just frighteningly bad. Something smells off about this. Reminds me of previous regimes when things were about to implode.
  10. This sums up how I feel these days and those years have definitely given me a better perspective on life priorities. Having said the taste of finals pulled me back in a little and I got sucked into that craving for success. Thankfully last night has put me right back in my place. I've slept off that diabolical loss a lot easier than I would have in the past.
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