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  1. So True. Freo president said they pulled the trigger because they didn't want to " tread water" for another 12 months. Yet here we are timidly putting contracts and $ ahead of success and a strong culture.
  2. No but him not having said one word to certain fringe players all year is certainly not what id expect from a senior coach. I have this on good authority. Things are worse than many would like to believe.
  3. Didn't mean to put a downer on it for you guys who watch for the wins in pointless games in failed seasons. Enjoy it. Just my opinion that we were fortunate with their injuries. Obviously a win is a good outcome.
  4. Fair point. Good for tmac to get some touch back.
  5. Wouldn't have won in Freo weren't two players down.
  6. Couldnt agree more I said it last week... This time next year he won't be coaching us. We are biding and wasting time. In any other league or sport this wouldn't be tolerated.
  7. I find the fact he's on an AFL list amusing. Same can be said for most of this squad
  8. Surely this is a coaching crisis now. Horrendous football.
  9. The mass numbers around the ball but no spread is just dumb
  10. Not sure I follow. Since Roos rebuild? As far as im concerned its been 50 years of stop start failed rebuilds and poor coaching appointments. Also a losing culture causing squads to continuously fail to live up to expectations. Coupled with nomadic home base and lack of finances. This generation is headed in the same direction and I have zero faith that things can be changed this time around.
  11. Even if they are "reviewing" the debacle, I have zero faith in Bartlett and the club's ability to make any meaningful change. You can't just turn around a 50 year pathetic culture in one summer.
  12. Is that you Simon? You're the delusional one.
  13. Some absolutely vomit inducing stuff in this topic. There's a definite reason this club is defined by mediocrity.
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