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  1. Not sure I follow. Since Roos rebuild? As far as im concerned its been 50 years of stop start failed rebuilds and poor coaching appointments. Also a losing culture causing squads to continuously fail to live up to expectations. Coupled with nomadic home base and lack of finances. This generation is headed in the same direction and I have zero faith that things can be changed this time around.
  2. Even if they are "reviewing" the debacle, I have zero faith in Bartlett and the club's ability to make any meaningful change. You can't just turn around a 50 year pathetic culture in one summer.
  3. Is that you Simon? You're the delusional one.
  4. Some absolutely vomit inducing stuff in this topic. There's a definite reason this club is defined by mediocrity.
  5. As I said earlier today, Goodwin wont be our coach this time next year, we are all biding and wasting our time became the trigger cant be pulled this season for contractual/financial reasons. This guy is way out of his depth and until the negative results will continue to pile up.
  6. by this time next year Goodwin wont be our coach. We are just biding time....wasting time!
  7. How is any match marquee when you sit 16th, can't make finals and have failed miserably on a season with so much expectation? This QB game is no more important now than the following weeks if it means May and Lever can ease themselves back and gain more conditioning before the intensity of an AFL game. May moreso with his injury.
  8. Lol sounds good, even egg and bacon rolls would be way more satisfying that what Goodwin and co are producing.
  9. I'm not going for the reason above and as a protest against Goodwin and the insipid culture of the club and this playing group. Also if suggest not risking lever and may now that there is nothing to play for. Why not ease them back over three or four weeks?
  10. Goodwin has undone all the good work put in during the Roos years. We are close to square one as far as I'm concerned. In terms of game style and list.
  11. The problem is he has no tank or workrate so can't play midfield. He can't kick and has no pace. Misses easy goals that turn games. Enough is enough be has to go back to Casey and then be traded. It may not be until Hannan van come in and replace him fwd.
  12. How pathetic of this west cost [censored]
  13. Tough way to end the season. Hurts to finally see some run and spread but not quite enough class to finish it and a select few horrible players who cost us the game single handedly. Also agree with what has been said about the umpiring. Completely disgusting.
  14. We just lack class. Really disappointing from a few blokes in particular who should hold themselves responsible
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