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  1. The session was definitely low/medium intensity - as in minimal physical contact or tackling etc. Drills seemed to be focused on threading zone traffic by hand and maintaining possession. Both leaving defence and full field drills. They Practiced overhead marking. Forwards and defenders. Each full field drill ended with ball kicked to a leading forward inside 50, with the marking player completing the shot on goal. Not sure if this is to keep goal kicking front of mind in training. A heap of running. The 3k time trial and then most players did repeat 100 metre sprints later in the session while others did the 3/4 field drills. Wind was atrocious at times so foot skills harder to judge - they seemed to handle it ok, but not great. Bennell walked around the whole session and acted as a witches hat in drills. Obviously being encouraged to get amongst it but clearly under instruction to not run and not kick as yet. Forget anything but 2nd half of the year at best. May missing is a concern to me also given his history.
  2. No talent, what do the coaches see in him, frost better so it true hes only on the list to keep Tom at the club. The last bit was a bit cringe worthy.
  3. Some more points: Burgess speaks well and is very engaging. His focus on player psychology and relating to players, not just technical knowledge, will be a big positive. The footy department are hanging heavily on the limited pre season and injury excuse or "reason", as Mahoney said. I guess 2020 will prove that right or wrong. There was also a slightly concerning over confidence about our list talent levels from Mahoney. Belief that fitness will fix the poor skill level. 😕 Goodwin kept emphasising the word "cohesion" and players knowing exactly what their teammates are going to do in all situations. 666 caught us off guard. Coaches working hard to build a game plan to link offence and defence better. No further detail given. Overall was a very tame night, a nice update but nothing really gained. It's not like they were going to debate the talents of certain players or their coaching abilities in a public forum. Oh and everyone had a good laugh that an ex Ruckman is now our goal kicking coach.
  4. So True. Freo president said they pulled the trigger because they didn't want to " tread water" for another 12 months. Yet here we are timidly putting contracts and $ ahead of success and a strong culture.
  5. No but him not having said one word to certain fringe players all year is certainly not what id expect from a senior coach. I have this on good authority. Things are worse than many would like to believe.
  6. Didn't mean to put a downer on it for you guys who watch for the wins in pointless games in failed seasons. Enjoy it. Just my opinion that we were fortunate with their injuries. Obviously a win is a good outcome.
  7. Fair point. Good for tmac to get some touch back.
  8. Wouldn't have won in Freo weren't two players down.
  9. Couldnt agree more I said it last week... This time next year he won't be coaching us. We are biding and wasting time. In any other league or sport this wouldn't be tolerated.
  10. I find the fact he's on an AFL list amusing. Same can be said for most of this squad
  11. Surely this is a coaching crisis now. Horrendous football.
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