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  1. Betting on your captain is far more serious than betting on some other random game. Both break the rules but the first falls into the 'insider knowledge' category and should be dealt with more harshly.
  2. As well as social pressure, simulate game condition during practice: eg Run around the oval, do a few tackles and sprints to be fatigued. Have massive crowd noise blaring thru loud speakers. Put half a dozen players on the mark. A few more players in the goal square (especially for Max who can't get it thru within 30m). Pretend it is after the final siren to win the game.
  3. No to trading Gus. We will need him when Jones retires. Anyway, Gus plus Pick #2 to #4 for Whitfield is a terrible trade. It effectively makes Gus not much more than 'steak knives'. Whitfield is an FA next year who can walk to us for nothing in 2020. We just paid pick #6 for May when at the end of this year he could have walked to us for nothing. We thought we were contending for a premiership and couldn't wait the year. We should stop paying high for pre-FA's, keep our top picks and wait the year. So again, No to trading Gus. And No to trading for a player who is an FA next year. Look elsewhere.
  4. Gil Apologises “I’m sorry they are feeling intimidated," he said. "If people are feeling threatened we obviously will listen ... I’m appalled." “It hurts me to hear our administration is not looking after the fans.’’ Love it how Gil deflects this on to the administration! Of course he is squeaky clean on this! It hurts him? Is that the sympathy card he is playing? Please. Gils 'hurt'=crocodile tears.
  5. Goodwin has been saying similar: the goals will come. Macca seems to be saying set shot kicking accuracy will come when players stop thinking about it. Rather than wait till things sort themselves out I wonder what are we doing to make them happen? I'm keeping the faith but those comments do not fill me with confidence. The yips for goal has little to do with our fitness or injury problems. We've had all year to solve the goal kicking yips be they physical, technique or head related. I see little progress after 12 games. At the end of the day actions speak louder than words.
  6. Excellent report! Yes this was interesting: they are spooked on setshots but no we have done all that technique stuff, it will only turn around when they stop thinking about it. By which I think he means to stop thinking about the mechanics of it all because that is self defeating. I'm with DeeSpencer. Not thinking about it comes from confidence and confidence comes from something being second nature and instinctive. The only way to do that is practice. This is true in any sport. Did Macca say how he intends to get the players to 'stop thinking about it'? As an aside, does anyone know if we have sports psychologists on staff. I know it sounds a bit corny but mindfulness and visualisation are very good techniques to still the mind and follow a set routine. Richmond and Dusty in particular had great success with it. I recall Tammy Roos did a bit of this with the team and players found it beneficial. I doubt we now have anyone on the coaching panel that goes in for the 'soft stuff'. Edit: Just checked club website - no sports psychologists listed.
  7. Draw to round 23: Freo, Lions, Blues, Bulldogs, Eagles, Saints, Tigers, Pies, Swans, Roos. (Bold=In top 8). Ironically, this was supposed to be the 'easy' part of our draw with Freo, Lions, Blues, Bulldogs, Saints the bottom 5 on the ladder last year... We may improve tremendously with injured players back but so will other clubs. And each team has ladder position/coaching reasons to win/thrash opponents. Even the Blues will be desperate to win - they want to get as close as possible to the Crows to max the value of their 1st draft pick swaps. How many definite wins can folks count? Can't see us beating any of the top 8 teams. Swans are back to their best. Saints will have some of their best players back from injury as will we. Roos are playing ferocious football and the game is at Bludstone.. Obviously, we will win some games but I can't find a single definite win. Best chances are Blues, Bulldogs, Saints. Very outside chance of beating Lions and Roos. We might beat one of the better teams in an upset. So no chance of making the 8. I don't think we need to worry about putting the cue in the rack - it will be done for us. We will be lucky to end up better than 7W, 15L and most likely in the bottom 3.😢
  8. The quotes I made are from the Fox website article which I linked. I didn't hear the interview nor aware of other transcripts. So I haven't been selective if that is what you are implying. I would have thought my closing sentence made it clear that I'm not happy with Kennett's comments.
  9. Kennett has poured petrol on the fire: jeff-kennett-says-new-arrivals-cant-police-afl-crowds “I’m not being racist when I say this, but when I saw some of the footage, the people who are making judgments while they wear these authoritative coats are not people who appear to have a great knowledge of our game,” “I don’t accept that the Marvel Stadium did it on their own. It is an asset owned by the AFL.” “All I’m saying is the sporting arena is where people relax, where they support their tribe and what is happening now is unacceptable.” Sometimes, Kennett should let things be rather than inflame what is already a very emotion filled topic.
  10. Sorry, I wasn't trying to be a smart alec. I agree there are no guarantees of a premiership. By 'now' I meant this is when we need to 'contend' ie be in Prelims and Grand Finals. I think this window is open until 2021 or 2022 latest. My reasons are: We are in the 6th year of the latest rebuild and our list, with one or two gaps is virtually complete. Our list has been built not to make up the numbers but to regularly contend. Contending in 2019 was why we got May. 2019 is now a write-off so a bit or work to do to get back into contention. The demographics suggest some of our best players will have retired or not best 22 by 2022. In years 2021-2023 our best youngsters become Restricted Free Agents: Salem, Harmes, Hunt, Brayshaw, Petracca, Oliver, Weideman. Whatever their critics may say, losing too many of them puts us right back in 'rebuild' mode. So, after 2022 I believe our chances will be significantly diminished. We may regularly make finals after that but it is difficult to see us being in serious contention (Prelim/GF) or winning it, as many of our current best 22 will not be on the list. The rebuild will have been going for 10 years. Time for another list rebuild? Couldn't bear it. Not saying, we can't or wont' win a premiership by 2021/2022. Just saying that I believe our best chance is 'now' ie the immediate future.
  11. With Roos we took the 'build that takes time' approach. Since then Goodwin has used all our best draft chips to trade in 'recycled players' with Hibberd, Melksham, Lever, May. We had five bob each way. So of the two options presented, we are now in the 'pull off a miracle' space. Our experienced good players are getting old quickly: Lewis, Hibberd, Jones. In a couple of years Tom Mcd, Jetta, Melksham, Gawn and May will be 30+. Our young good players are knocking on the door of the magical 100 -150 games right now. Given those demographics we really don't have years to strike a blow, so to speak. Our window is NOW!
  12. Evaluating Weideman vs anyone else in his draft year needs to be in context of team balance at the time he was drafted in November 2015. Taylor said it would take a few years for him to hit his straps. And, we had Watts and Hogan to give Weidemen the space to develop. There is no way Taylor could have anticipated our other 194+cm forwards (Watts and Hogan) to be traded out in the next few years. If Taylor had thought losing them was likely he almost certainly would have taken a more 'ready to play' forward eg Curnow instead of Sam. As it stands, I'm very happy we have Sam. Context is important.
  13. By standing by and laughing when Stratton harassed Charlie Cameron, the umpires gave him the ok to pinch. The MRO furthered that license by not acting on that incident. Knowing he is a serial offender, Channel 7 must have had a camera following Stratton (a good thing) and his dirty work was there for all to see. As was his smugness thinking he was getting away with it. Apparently, his pinching of a player's side and abdomen are worse than Fantasia's arm. But umpires/MRO should have stopped it a few weeks ago. Hope he gets suspended.
  14. Gil said this week AFL policy is unchanged but fans will decide what is acceptable ie if someone complains about bad behaviour, security will react. From that video and other emerging stories that is clearly not so eg. Channel 7 and AFL Media reporter and broadcaster Nat Edwards: "I was on level 3 and it was very awkward. Security was staring down anyone who became animated and several fans were warned for just barracking. It was like we were being spied on". Barracking, or not, at the Footy. As usual AFL speak with 'forked tongue: Unchanged policy doesn't mean unchanged enforcement and control in the implementation of said policy. Crickey, they would have to evict everyone at 'Boo' Stadium when WCE play! Or is this just a Victorian crackdown! The AFL will be, if it already isn't, a laughing stock!
  15. Freo were merciless today. Reminded me of how we played the finals. Can't see us winning next week. But I hope we bring some of the ferocity of our finals series. If we don't Freo will smash us and not just on the scoreboard. 😟
  16. Fair question. With my CEO hat on and in the interests of good governance there is no choice but take it to the Board but I would have a recommendation that the offer be rejected. I truly believe Goodwin will be a very good coach. I would be looking more closely at his superiors, the coaching panel and list manager.
  17. imv unless there is someone better out there (which I doubt) Goodwin stays.
  18. By 'keeper' I did not mean Goodwin should not be reviewed. On the contrary. He deserves critical scrutiny not just for the game plan but also for his selection of assistant coaches and trade decisions. I think he is a 'keeper' because he has a long-term contract and I really believe he has a lot to add if he had the right people managing him and on his coaching panel. Also, I don't think there is anyone better out there. I have little doubt the review is happening (see my earlier posts in this thread and I have noted I am ok with Pert doing the review as our problems are rather obvious). In my experience it is unlikely he would be going solo and would likely be working one-on-one with an external consultant. This is not unusual. The external person stays in the background and helps assess Pert's findings and helps develop solutions, be they org structure, job descriptions and performance assessment of incumbents.
  19. I understand the frustration but it isn't 2011 again. Roos' goal was to build our midfield. Remember we were the 'bruise free' team so he brought in competitive types, both high draft picks and recycled mature body players. The mature players went within a few years of joining as youth came in. But there were a few goodies like Vince and Cross. Players like Frost, Hunt, ANB, AVB, Stretch, Oscar, JKH, Smith were all mid-late picks and were/are 'journeymen' or a bit better. At different times they have played their role when injuries allow but only a couple would be in our best 22 when in premiership mode. Roos' also cleaned out a lot of 'dead wood' to save Goodwin the trouble, not the least of which the heartache of delisting Grimes and trying to trade Trengove. So the midfield/on-ball types Roos/Taylor recruited were: Brayshaw, Oliver, Harmes, Petracca, Salem, Tyson. Add those we had and that Roos kept: Viney and Jones and he left us with a match winning midfield/on-ballers. Now add the KPP he inherited but kept: TomMc, Gawn, Watts, Hogan. Add another KPF in Weidmen, a small forward in Garlett and a gem in Jetta (delisted and re-rookied by Roos). So imv Roos left us with a very good list, some outstanding talents, 14-16 players who are premiership material and good depth in a few areas. There is only so much that can be done in 3 years when no-one wants to come to your club. The list had some gaps but Roos he is not responsible for the trading of picks or players since. Goodwin has had at least 3 years to improve and develop the list he inherited. The recruits of note in his tenure: Hibberd (in Roos last year but a captain's call by Goodwin), Melksham, Lever, May. Others: Petty, Sparrow, Hannan, Fritsch are still unknowns. The latter group may well to turn out to be like the 'journeymen' Roos recuited: Frost, Hunt, ANB, AVB, Stretch, Oscar, JKH, Smith. Other 'captain calls' were the trades of Watts and Hogan. Goodwin continued to recruit competitive types when we had enough but introduced a game plan that required skill and speed. imv it is that incompatibility of Goodwin's game plan and inappropriate recruiting in his tenure that is a significant part of our problem today. The answer: change the players or change the game plan to fit the players we have. I know which is easier. The players are working their butts off but look confused and uncertain. It shows in how they play. imv with a few tweaks we have a talented list. But we don't have the coaches and other football staff to maximise their talents. Top questions' for Pert to ask: Who is responsible for the game plan? Why did the football department overseers (namely McPherson and Mahoney) not see or do something about the game plan not suiting the team? Who signed off on the list decisions that did not recruit the speed and skill needed for the game plan? If we are to rebuild it is the off-field football staff that need an overhaul. Start with Mahoney. No one should be immune not even favourite sons like Viney or experienced people like Taylor. Not at all saying any should go but they should all be subject to a very critical review as they collectively failed badly. Goodwin is the only one safe.
  20. Agreed. Ollie Wines has spent a few weeks in the twos, moreso to get his touch and fitness back. But if is good enough for him as captain (and Hawks ex captain Roughy) it is good enough for TMac, our co-captains and every other player who is not performing over a few weeks or lacking fitness. Season is lost. There should be no exceptions.
  21. Why does he persevere with it? Surely he knows it is not working! The very good coaches and clubs develop a game style to maximise the cattle they have rather try and make them into something else. It is a recipe for the loss of confidence in themselves, team mates that we are seeing and overtime in the game plan itself.
  22. He was but iirc that plan was a 'captain's call by Eddie. Pert had to deal with the fallout.
  23. My responses are in your post. I might just reiterate that my post was responding to rjay on why I thought we don't need a formal external review. So I might leave this thread at that as I do not want to sidetrack the discussion to what I think. More important to focus on what the club/Bartlett thinks.
  24. I was responding to a need for an external review and my points related to 'just the off-field stuff' and not about player skill levels. Anyway, get the right structure and the right and experienced people in those positions and the down the line things like skills and tactics can be addressed. Otherwise it is cart before the horse.
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