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  1. For anyone who would care to comment. I've lost interest.
  2. Thank you. I take heart from someone within the club saying our game plan is an issue (ie it isn't just the players): "we might need to look at that [the way we play]. We've been beaten pretty much the same style each week" Lewis is saying Clarkson did just that in 2010. Hope Goodwin can be flexible and creative?
  3. Without naming the coach (altho feel free to give a hint 😉) do you believe their dissatisfaction is valid?
  4. Agree. But doubt Pert will get rid of Mahoney bring someone in over the top of him for a Balme type even tho that is what we need. Staff changes, if they happen will be below Mahoney and Goodwin. But that will be next year, if they happen. So we are dependent on Mahoney and Goodwin et al to get us out of this mess this year. Whether we can afford it or not that is all we have. I like your suggestion of Gubby. But he has been at he Saints for only six months. Can he be enticed away? Were he and Pert mates at the Pies? As an aside, Lethlean (as GM Football ie Mahoney's equivalent) has done a great job at the Saints. Overhauled list management, changed assistant coaches brought in specialist coaches: Slater, Brereton. Can't really see Mahoney doing similar as most coaching/football staff have been appointed during his watch.
  5. Have been saying this for over a year and posted similar several times this week. Mahoney, Goodwin and most of our assistant coaches have only one stint in their current jobs. Those stints have been for just a few years while there has been constant improvement. Collectively they have little experience managing in turbulent times. Roos and PJ covered that in recent years. No organisation can carry that much inexperience in one department. Unfortunatley, I can't see us getting a Balme type person ie GM Football as that is the position Mahoney was promoted to some years ago with Daniel Mc Pherson as the Football Manager. They just have to learn on the job and we hope that they get it sorted quickly 😞
  6. There are simple reasons why we can't connect going i50 - in the last two years we have let go (for good reason) most of our best field kicks to i50 in Watts and Hogan (when he played upfield) and to some extent Kent. Complemented by Hannan and Fritsch we were getting enough qulaity delivery to offset the butchering and blind bombs from our midfielders. By sheer weight of i50 numbers we scored often enough to win. - Fritsch is no longer the link-up player we lauded him for (correctly) as the Watts replacement but he is now languishing in defence. - When Hogan played fwd he would mark or bring the ball to ground (then sulk) giving us a chance at ground level. Our problem was not letting players go. It is the cumulative effect of all of them going/not being played in the fwd half without their skills being replaced. So our i50 are now appalling in quantity and quality, our forwards aren't experienced enough against good defenders and there is no one to create a contest in the air. Of course their are other i50 connect problems but I believe they start from the above.
  7. Some fair comments. The bolded part are the foundations at every club. These days players don't last long at any club without them. All clubs need more strings to their bow and we don't seem to have them, not even after 3-4 years of list management/player development of Goodwin and Mahoney calling the shots. After reading Redleg's comment I'm not confident we are going to add the layers you speak of any time soon.
  8. Hope said MFC officials see it differently this season or we are going nowhere!
  9. Very disappointing for coaches to say one thing then do another. Hardly does anything for morale/trust. Your bro has good reason to be upset.
  10. Something Goodwin did post bye last year was put a 'backstop' in opp fwd 50 running back to the square when opp attacked. It would be a handy play tonight. Keeping our defensive zone behind their fwds would also be handy to slow/stop their attacking run. Play man to man in the midfield when opp take possession in our fwd 50 will help stop their spread wide. Not hard for players to implement these but need coaches to change the method just a bit and instruct players accordingly.
  11. I used 'rookie' yesterday referring to Goodwin and Mahoney not yet having the experience to steer us thru difficult times such as now, without Roos (for Goodwin) and PJ (for Mahoney) to guide or cover them. I was making a case for a Neil Balme type to steady the ship and support them thru challenging times thereby reducing the risk of 'rookie' errors. 'So 'rookie' was intended as breadth of experience not time. Maybe that is where SWYL picked up the 'rookie' reference.
  12. He is in the 'Rookie' Section. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/Team/players/rookie
  13. Funny you should say that. Jesse is looking a lot leaner and fitter. Maybe our fitness and rehab regime isn't all it is cracked up to be. Certainly their is enough anecdotal evidence saying we play injured players or let them stay on the park when injured. Then the initial injury gets worse. The latest example being Jetta playing all 4 qtrs when he could barely walk. Now out for 10-12. Should have been benched.
  14. Thanks. These are the articles I used https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-10-03/offseason-injury-update https://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-12-08/wheres-your-club-at https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-01-23/preseason-injury-update-misson And I couldn't find any ref to ANB, TMac and Hibberd. Not wishing to correct you directly - just to have the discussion on interrupted preseason and current performance in the right context as surgeries are being quoted as excuses for players and the team (not by yourself).
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