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  1. Good insights, thanks Re last sentence. Maybe Goodwin should say: go out and play on instinct and enjoy themselves - bit like stand-in coaches do in their first game at the helm. Loosen the shackles on structures, rules and have fun - nothing to lose.
  2. Its too early to review Pert's role. And not everything can be fixed at once. The podcasts in these two posts indicate to me that Pert is controlling the show, it is broad and that there has been external analysts involved with input from the AFL. While not necessarily satisfying those that want a full blown external consultant rake over the club I am ok with how it has been set up and look forward to the outcomes.
  3. Thanks to @Sirenfor flagging this interview with Pert Three parts are really worth noting. 1. Last years success was making the 8 on a good draw and winning two finals against teams not playing at their best. Fair comment I thought. He added that while the rest of the footy world were in raptures about our 2019 prospects Goodwin et al were saying we need to be a 3-4 game better team to make the 8. Realistic I thought given we had a much tougher draw this year. 2. Why our season was poor. In part due to preason and injuries. But also the impact of 6-6-6. Last year our game was based on playing an in tight, competitive game rather than an open, running style which requires athletes and we were not as well set up for that. We did plan for 6-6-6, which was for KK, AVB and Hunt to run up and down the the wings but we haven't had KK and AVB. And without forwards we had to play Hunt from the goal square. (Note: Pert needs to know his name is Jayden not 'Josh'). Other coaches learnt to 'divide and pull us apart so not to get in an arm wrestle and have a leg race' ie beat them on the inside outrun them on the outside comment we have heard ad nausea from other teams this year. He also mentioned it wasn't just the injuries that hurt us but also not having mature depth. It is the best summary I have heard from the club this year. In this context it is easier to accept 2019 as an annus horribilis, let it go and move on to 2020. 3. External review process. In various posts I noted that an external review wasn't necessary, that Pert working with an external advisor would be just as effective. In the last few minutes of the interview Pert says they have been working with 'external analysts including the AFL' who have provided input and given feedback. That may not be enough for those wanting an external review but Pert with external analysts is good enough for me to be confident that there is independence in the process. I had a sense that the changes will be significant. For the better I'm sure.
  4. Many thanks. I didn't hear a reference to Mahoney in that interview. Nonetheless, it was a very good interview by Pert. Great insight into why our season has been poor and interesting commentary on the review process. I have made posts on these later items in the 'Gary Pert' thread so as to not sidetrack this thread. Re your earlier post (#30) that you thought Pert made a comment '... that Mahoney is moving into more of a CEO role at Casey next year. Another strategic movement to further his career...' While I haven't heard it, (would be rapt if you could locate that podcast) the prospect is interesting. During the search for PJ's replacement Mahoney was touted as his successor. I felt he first needed more experience in a breadth of club roles and/or a stint at AFL Head Office to further his career. I am going totally into the speculation mode here but wouldn't be surprised if Mahoney moved to an AFL role or a developmental role such as the one you flagged: CEO Casey. Looking at our Casey, VFL and AFLW staff they are spread across various departments and with the Casey development about to start it would be great experience to bring it all together. I have noted many times that I think he is an excellent administrator and either of those moves would be great for his career and play to his strengths.
  5. I have changed my view on Pert 'abdicating' the review to Mahoney. On listening to the Inside Melbourne podcast... ...Pert says he is involved in the review and the conversations related to Structures, People and Resources. I take this as he being the driver of the review so I no longer think he has 'abdicated' it. I am relieved as it allays my concerns that Mahoney is reviewing his own patch. Mahoney is a conduit, albeit an important one in the review process but my take from from interview is Pert is the one directing the show and probably having the last say.
  6. Great to see Roughy go out on a high: kicked 4 goals already. Teammates making sure he has a good game. Like it.
  7. Yes it was Gordon that insisted on Boyd in Griffen trade but only after Griffen insisted on going to GWS.
  8. Check your facts: Gordon took over in 2012. McCartney did not resign he was sacked (at end of 2014), apparently had lost the players. Griffen asked to be traded (at end of 2014) because he wanted to join Cameron and didn't get on with McCartney.
  9. Hmmm...I would think our Prelim to 17th (5 W) is worse than their Premiers to 10th (11 W) - remembering that Bulldogs also had a very young team at their zenith. Not suggesting we make the same changes the Bulldogs did at end of 2017 but if we delay the hard decisions another 12 months it can do untold damage to the club. I say that if there are issues on or off the field deal with them now.
  10. After their disasters: Do you mean before Bevo was appointed coach. At the end of 2015 2014 they sacked their coach and traded out their captain. Do you mean after the premiership and they fell to 10th in 2017? They retired their captain and an ex-captain. They traded out a leading goal kicker and fan favourite (Stringer). They read the riot act to a few 'untouchables' eg Liberatore, Dahlhaus. They sacked their List Manager/favourite son (Jason McCartney) who had compiled their premiership team. The Bulldogs have not shied away from the tough decisions on players or staff regardless of club loyalties and done so without fear nor favour. I hope our club can do the same. Edit: change 2015 to 2014
  11. Can you pinpoint at which time in podcast Pert said/alluded to this. Have listened twice but can't find it.
  12. Can we have a 'Downgrade' option? For those that will drop the GFG or to fewer games etc.
  13. Yes, but Mahoney and Chaplin were teammates at Port for a few years. So, unlikely that Chaplin is going anywhere. This is a good example of why Pert should have conducted the review himself with assistance of a one-on-one external consultant rather than abdicate it to Mahoney who is far too conflicted to objectively review his own patch.
  14. Would love to see the final ladder as WCE 2nd and Geelong 3rd so Cats have to travel to Perth for their first final!! It would be poetic justice after Scott's year long protestations about 'deserving' a 'Home' final at the Cattery. Of course they would get the next final at the Cattery but I like the karma of them travelling to Perth. Could they go out in straight sets yet again!🤤
  15. He had a leg injury of some sort in the first quarter. And not many defenders to work with him. Commentators are now combing every bit of vision to try and show up a 'poor' patch by a Demon player. Not all those goals were to do with Salem. Long bow drawn by KIng.
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