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  1. Hawthorn is building at Dingley right near arterial roads to Dandenong and Frankston. Guaranteed to provide a catchment area in the SE corridor for new members. I do think our Board's 'narrow vision' which could be an obsession with inner Melb is holding us back. Gosch is our only real chance in inner Melb as we are already there so less likely to get anyone screaming about giving up facilities.
  2. Might be wrong but I believe MFC owns the club and the land. Over the last 8-10 years TBC has gradually eroded the 'match-day' experience for supporters. Each time they downgraded it fewer people came: chicken/egg. Now there is no separate 'match-day' area. Just a pokey corner in the pokies room with a small 40cm screen! From 30-40 fans who bought drinks, food etc and now lucky if they get 10. My friends and I go to one of the RSL's to watch games we can't get to or we watch foxtel. We wouldn't have foxtel if Bentleigh club was even half decent and half welcoming.
  3. The Bentleigh Club is on 11,000 sq mt of land. Is that big enough for an oval, offices and parking? We could buy up the neighbouring houses for about $15m to add 400 sq mts and add a gym, pool, recovery centre etc. But our Board is so wedded to the cbd/inner melb sporting precinct, I doubt it is open to looking at anything in the suburbs. Some broader vision is required, both geographically and of mind.
  4. Government looks for the community benefits which can include: multicultural sporting activities, women's sports, indigenous sporting facilities, other sporting codes etc. We are in a catch-22: -imv, as long as we are aligned to Casey which fosters those communities, MFC will find it difficult to get funding for them in inner Melbourne. My thinking is:1) The government may see it as a duplication of what we have at Casey and prefer to put funding there 2) Other AFL clubs are heavily servicing these activities in inner Melb and again the government would see it as a duplication of existing services. -without community benefits we won't get funding. Catch-22!! Also, folks can forget Kevin Bartlett oval. Home to a variety of other sports under the banner of Richmond and Collingwood (not necessarily connected to the AFL clubs). And some $millions went in last year to upgrade the grandstand. What I find frustrating is that neither the AFL, MCC or any political party is lifting a finger to help us. All stay very quietly in the background.
  5. If the MCC was remotely entertaining that, they wouldn't have created their own MCC Football Club (just last year) and included MFC in the Beaumaris project. That suggests to me that they have plans of their own which do not include us.
  6. The MCC (not a typo) has funded two 'competition grade' ovals in the grounds of the new Beaumaris Secondary College: "The MCC has reached agreement with the Victorian Government to provide world-class sporting facilities at a new school in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs... This partnership provides a unique opportunity for students and the local community to access world-class sporting facilities, which will be used by students during school hours and by the MCC’s sporting teams and local sporting groups outside of school hours. https://www.mcc.org.au/newsletters/november-2016-edition/beaumaris-secondary-college MFC is a MCC sporting team is it not? But project does not include us. It now has its own football club formed last year with a women's team: While the MCC has had a long-standing football section in the form of Melbourne Football Club, the MCC Football Club was formed in 2018 to facilitate a women’s team making its debut in the club's colours. The MCC Football Club is based at the club's sports facilities at Beaumaris Secondary College . https://www.mcc.org.au/club-sport/club-sport/football In the meantime our women's team trains at Gosch and plays at Casey. Too late for MFC to get involved now. Begs the question why MFC and MCC didn't work together to develop our base there! I get the impression MCC didn't do much to help our cause at Yarra Park either. It looks like we have been cast adrift by the MCC.
  7. Fyfe on Walters' headbutt Fyfe argues that Walters is 'terrorised' off the ball. Not a justification for headbutting, especially as he has form having headbutted Dodee last year and was suspended for a week. Hasn't learnt his lesson.
  8. He has had 5 years to get over his fumbles. How many chances does someone get? Bottom 3 player yesterday and most of the year which is why he was dropped some time back. Just not good enough. Very little upside. Depth at best.
  9. That was a bog ordinary Pies vs Bulldogs game. So frustrating that clubs playing poorly are doing enough to rack up the wins: WCE, Pies, Port, Crows, Lions haven't set the world on fire but there they are at the top of the tree. It was really a year for the taking. Will be hard to watch an average team take out the premiership.
  10. By all accounts the top 5 picks are midfielders with two very good ones. We have enough of those so can get the player we want @ pick 5-8. Win.Win.Win. That is what supporters, sponsors and the club want. High draft picks are like fools gold!
  11. Interesting discussion by Carey and Roos about the virtues of players kicking on their non-preferred side. Balancing Act Gus leads the league on non-preferred kicks with 43% on the 'wrong' side.. At that rate he won't have a preferred side soon. In front of Betts, D. Smith, Coniglio and Sidebottom. Great asset for a mid-fielder to have. And, I'm very glad he is ours: Smart, brave, talented and still developing. A keeper!
  12. I knew I shouldn't have opened this thread. Just so depressing to be homeless. Back to the drawing board.
  13. @Drunkn167has been singing Jay's praises since he joined Casey. Jade Rawlings probably kept his name front and centre for Taylor.
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