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  1. Some fair comments. The bolded part are the foundations at every club. These days players don't last long at any club without them. All clubs need more strings to their bow and we don't seem to have them, not even after 3-4 years of list management/player development of Goodwin and Mahoney calling the shots. After reading Redleg's comment I'm not confident we are going to add the layers you speak of any time soon.
  2. Hope said MFC officials see it differently this season or we are going nowhere!
  3. Very disappointing for coaches to say one thing then do another. Hardly does anything for morale/trust. Your bro has good reason to be upset.
  4. Something Goodwin did post bye last year was put a 'backstop' in opp fwd 50 running back to the square when opp attacked. It would be a handy play tonight. Keeping our defensive zone behind their fwds would also be handy to slow/stop their attacking run. Play man to man in the midfield when opp take possession in our fwd 50 will help stop their spread wide. Not hard for players to implement these but need coaches to change the method just a bit and instruct players accordingly.
  5. I used 'rookie' yesterday referring to Goodwin and Mahoney not yet having the experience to steer us thru difficult times such as now, without Roos (for Goodwin) and PJ (for Mahoney) to guide or cover them. I was making a case for a Neil Balme type to steady the ship and support them thru challenging times thereby reducing the risk of 'rookie' errors. 'So 'rookie' was intended as breadth of experience not time. Maybe that is where SWYL picked up the 'rookie' reference.
  6. He is in the 'Rookie' Section. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/Team/players/rookie
  7. Funny you should say that. Jesse is looking a lot leaner and fitter. Maybe our fitness and rehab regime isn't all it is cracked up to be. Certainly their is enough anecdotal evidence saying we play injured players or let them stay on the park when injured. Then the initial injury gets worse. The latest example being Jetta playing all 4 qtrs when he could barely walk. Now out for 10-12. Should have been benched.
  8. Thanks. These are the articles I used https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-10-03/offseason-injury-update https://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-12-08/wheres-your-club-at https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-01-23/preseason-injury-update-misson And I couldn't find any ref to ANB, TMac and Hibberd. Not wishing to correct you directly - just to have the discussion on interrupted preseason and current performance in the right context as surgeries are being quoted as excuses for players and the team (not by yourself).
  9. One thing that might help us is that Rich haven't worked out how to play effectively with two tall forwards. The two big losses were with Lynch and Riewoldt in. When Riewoldt went out they rediscovered their 'DNA' ie playing to one tall fwd. Re Smith he was doing ok until this game last year when Rance jumped late (supposedly) for a mark and rammed his knee into Smith's back fracturing his ribs and puncturing his lung. Shame Rance isn't playing but Smith can seek revenge by playing a top game for us.
  10. This is true. Since we have not had a coach who played as a forward for most or all of Sams career with us, it is an indictment on our development of him and development of synergy among all forwards.
  11. Ok, so Goodwin and co reviewed it. What was learnt from said reviews of how WCE beat us or how they beat Coll in the GF? From the outside looking in no changes or even tweaks are visible to recruiting, game plan, tactics, so its reasonable to conclude that the 'review' was put down to what Goodwin called 'a poor game that wasn't how Melbourne play'. The point you are missing is the way WCE beat us is exactly the same as Hawks, Tigers, Pies, Saints etal did last year. And how Port, Geelong, Essendon and Saints have this year. Reviewed? Yes. Changes? No. Action? No. Goodwin can say and spin all he wants but the lack of action is there for all to see. Actions speak louder than words.
  12. What worries me about BM no longer in the 'coach development' role is who is 'mentoring' Goodwin? Last year I raised the issue of not having what I call a 'Football Mentor/Overseer' position ie Neil Balme (for Scott/Hardwick), George Stone (Dew), Chris Fagan (Clarkson) to mentor Goodwin and to hold him and Mahoney accountable. Nor do we have a Football Director (Greg Healy was the last one). To me these omissions were and still are weaknesses in our management structure. We have hit very turbulent waters on and off the field. Mahoney and Goodwin are still very inexperienced in their roles and have not had to perform when things go backwards. Roos or PJ were there to take the heat. imv, now more than ever that we need a Neil Balme type; someone who knows how to steady, then right the ship and how to avoid rookie errors. Someone who monitors, challenges, supports and helps find solutions when issues arise before they become problems. Without that 'overseeing' role it may be very tempting for Pert to become overly involved in football and coaching matters which by various reports was his downfall at the Pies. To me the last thing we need is the CEO trying to run the football side of things. Hope Mahoney and Goodwin get on top of it all very quickly.
  13. Could be higher ups. Maybe it was a reaction to the JLT games...
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