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  1. This. One of the top 3 strategies op use to beat us. Rich were one of the teams that smugly pronounced: "Match them/let them win on the inside, beat them on the outside", before the game! And so it came to pass. Their players spread faster than us from the contest and had outside players so even when we won it there would be a turnover with fast movement into their fwd line and our attacking placed midfielders and defenders didn't have time to get back. I've not seen anything this year to say we have fixed this problem. Hopefully, tomorrow is the day.
  2. You refer to which distressing possibility: covid-19 gets out of control in Victoria and shut down the country again? War in the South China Sea The Great Depression re-visted Ess wins the GF All the above
  3. Each quarter being 6-8 minutes shorter is significant. Without tracking the stats, a lot of goals are scored during that traditional time-on when players tire, their concentration lapses and play opens up. Not saying there aren't other problems, just that this isn't a representative season so not sure too much action should be taken based on the low scores.
  4. Did others notice the Ess fill in ruckman put out a straight arm to stop Grundy going for the ball at centre bouncers? Put him off balance a few times? Max was penalised for that many times in 2018, in particular vs Saints. I recall he trained with one arm tied down to stop himself. And while I'm on umpiring: since when has two handed scooping the ball not a free kick? Saw it a few times last night. Bulldogs have mastered the art.
  5. Agreed. But they changed tack in the last quarter. Stopped bombing it in and started working the ball down the boundary with hand ball and short kicks which resulted in faster movement and Ess didn't have time to fall back. Buckley is a clever coach and knows when and what levers to pull. It nearly worked.
  6. I think we will win. Not because we are good but because Richmond are worse. This is the Richmond of 2016 not the Richmond of 2017-2019. Some key people who helped turn the ship around in 2017 are gone: Rutten defensive coach left end 2018 Rance left end 2018 Caracella who was credited with ball movement strategy left end 2019 Gale and more importantly Balme is not in their authorised 'bubble', so no face to face contact And captain and co-captain seem more distracted by the idea of an interstate hub than galvanising their team to deal with whatever happens. Perhaps they are so used to the comforts of home both domestic and playing 16-17 games a year on the MCG not having those has them nervous. So Hardwick is more or less the lone ranger in terms of leadership but he struggled before Balme arrived. They may rally tomorrow because they think we will be easy beats. But I think they are the easy beats right now. If we can't beat the Richmond of 2016 then I'll be very concerned
  7. Not sure why Goodwin harps on about our 'contested brand'. We don't have a patent on it. All clubs have 'contested footy' as the cornerstone of their game plan: go hard/get the ball/compete! Its Footy 101. Its no wonder we are so poor; we aren't even playing 'contested footy'. And not sure what happened to his 'exciting brand fans will love to watch'. There are no excuses with a fully fit team so not delivering on promises is why fans are getting frustrated. Time to walk the talk. I could facestiouly add: or walk the plank 🙂 but I don't think we are at that point yet. I'm still happy to wait till we are half way thru this wretched season. With those stats we aren't far off being labled a 'bruise free' team again.
  8. I'm not sure there is an optimum point in the context of the playing style Axis of Bob described ie to bring the ball to ground and take advantage of space behind CHF as I feel it is a low percentage play especially now that we have gramophoned it to the world. To me it pays to have a balanced fwd line that provides a variety of avenues to goal from which a shot on goal within the 50m arc can be taken.
  9. Nice in theory. The problem with flagging is that ops know it and develop counter tactics and fill the space behind the contest. eg set up for small defenders to be goal side of our small forwards and plonk someone in the goal square. Our small fwds may win the contest but they will have nowhere to go (ie no space behind the contest) and will have to kick/hand ball blindly to get through/over the pack, with the most likely result being clearance by the opp, ball up, a point or fall into the arms of the guy in the goal square. Low percentage goal scoring style, imv. And as we seem unable to adjust tactics within games we are unlikely to find an alternative. Unless we start to bomb it long...
  10. "Foxfooty.com.au understands the SA government is more likely to allow teams to fly in and fly out of the state, once they’ve quarantined in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia". updates-afl-fixture-afl
  11. Probably similar drivel to that written about Sanderson, Watters, Neeld, Knights, Bolton, McKenna, Richardson and many more first time coaches that crash landed. No point folks cherry picking those that turned it around who were at clubs who are financially strong, with very good, experienced FD's and administrations. I see little similarity with Goodwin and mfc. Looks more like wishful thinking.
  12. It would help if the club had a consistent narrative around Harley: When selected to play rnd 2 Goodwin was effusive with praise and believed he was ready to play. When not selected to play rnd 4 Goodwin said its about his form and building his game but Mahoney said he had to get his body right. When not selected to play rnd 5 Goodwin says he needs to work on his defensive game and only got the rnd 2 game because Hannan, AvB and Pickett weren't available. ie gifted No wonder people are sceptical.
  13. od, I heard it a bit differently. He certainly was strong with total faith in FD/Coaches. But he also said if we don't make finals questions will be asked and changes will be made. Any changes may depend on who is out of contract. I would think some of the assistants are and maybe Mahoney is also. If we don't make finals I just can't see the Board going into next year with the current team. But you are right, I doubt Goodwin is in danger, unless we are bottom 4-6 again. If we are bottom 4-6 again the Board itself may be in danger. We can always start a Go-Fund-Me campaign to raise funds to pay out contracts 🙂
  14. DJ, it pains me to say it but that is all we deserve. We may even lose the 3.30 time slot which is FTA on Ch 7. I'm happy with Sydney. We can go and watch the games live without going into quarantine. Has to be a big positive for Dees fans.
  15. This has signs of other talented fwds without defensive skills that Goodwin tried to convert and in the end they were forced out, one way or another. While there were other 'reasons', I'm thinking: Hogan, Watts, Garlett (may yet happen to Weideman). I hope that one day our coach will set up to maximise each player's strengths while neutralise their weakness rather than try and make them something they are not. Maybe, Goodwin should apply the same standards to our other mids that he applies to Harley!
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