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  1. In relation to your last paragraph, i think there could be a future technical answer to that , as is done in a not very tidy fashion with goal/point decisions. This is pretty rudimentary at the moment, but could be sped up gradually. I have rights to vent my opinion as do you. Umpires in interstate games were picked from other states for many years, why not now? This is a good conversation which at the moment i must withdraw sadly because of moving, Will watch.
  2. Just see how many Brownlow Votes Oliver gets this year. Then we go/ get the ropes and the Posse.....
  3. Mumford knows he's close to the borderline already. Guilty people always have idiosyncratic tendencies, ie... like looking at Umpire....
  4. Totally agree. It's like telling everyone to move on after the two biggest racists in Queensland politics increase their majoritys, and the population move on because they are too dumb to do anything else...........
  5. Max's palming was sublime Friday. Left and right handed. ....from an old "palmer"
  6. Amazing though how some blokes can go to other Clubs and look twice as big and go twice as fast, isn't it?
  7. I saw Umpires officiating last night that we have not had for ours this year.....
  8. They wont come in unless we pay them....
  9. Systematically going through each AFL Club, week by week, taking out, in head high tackles, with arms, fingers and elbows a young player, walking away unscathed.......remarkable
  10. A few of our ball players not looked after tonight, like other teams seem to be able to manage...then again it is MFC..Razor did the right thing though. Those other maggots would have given a free against in that situation.
  11. For some reason i want to look back at this picture in two years and say they were going to be our four best players.......
  12. Plus the fact he can hold his grog.........
  13. Notwithstanding the fact that this bloke's "exemplary" record, if reviewed on camera would not stand up to scrutiny, there must have been an amazingly quick phone call from a certain coach to a past Captain of the Cats in the AFL to get this moving at speed.
  14. I will give many reasons why we are on the bottom, and why player confidence, ie(in the head play), has been shot to bits. We have best AFL players in critical positions around the ground in Gawn, Clarrie, Petracca and Lever. That by itself should be enough to have us in the middle of the ladder. The are all being maneuvered out of the game, continually, Lever aside. You could tell with Max's popularity as early as last year that noses in the AFL and Media were out of joint being bereft of control, with his natural affinity for entertainment. Claryton was there for all to see but as well too natural to manipulate. The Media don't want Melbourne who represent the MCG. The Maggots don't like or want Melbourne because they do what they are told from the MRP and Old Boys Club, who are deeply entrenched in all aspects AFL, as well we have two good players leave TWSNBN to look after their futures and their families, and also we don't suck up to the umpires. In a compromised system we just don't count.
  15. Playing injured or not? Not sure but looks proppy to me. No other team feeds their forwards like we do. Bloody hopeless. If your not contributing around the ball get out and stop the rebounds. Actually saw two passes that were up to standard against Tigers. Lot of work Best Ruckman in AFL going to waste.
  16. TWSNBN.....they climb out of the gutter and fall into a cess pool. You watch the apologies come thick and fast tomorrow...... Ahhh we didn't mean to be disrespectful...ahh sorry....
  17. ...and they became more confused when they tried to square up especially at particularly tense moments in the game....."ok boys we are just gunna let it go"
  18. The Umpiring last night was as damaging as any this year, as far as i am concerned. Critical free kicks interspersed with other holding decisions, arm chopping and marking interference. Number 8 Maggot should be singled out for childish bias. Plain and simple. The rest looked as though they were chooks, just running around for their money. Totally unprofessional beyond the point of being untrained for the position........ At least 20 infringements of players within the kick zone ignored then one against Lewis paid at the end. Obviously there has been intense acrimony now on Fox, in regard to the best Poser in Richmond's side, and Lewis who didn't want to toe the line of the Monolith.
  19. Err, now how would one know that , pray tell????
  20. I have barracked for MFC for the very reasons that make us different to the rest of the rabble. Perhaps we are the only Club really looking after our players. Are any rugby players living meaningful lives after 50 years at all? I think not.
  21. Don't forget the new self invented Gary, looked like an unusually large ball of muscle and throwing, ducking and weaving to his hearts content. No bandages, no nothing.
  22. I think you are are all asking far too much, when you combine unfulfilled early expectations that now have fallen by the wayside, with this team which is bloody young. We didn't start off like a lot of other scabby teams that sucked the AFL into giving them prime picks along with getting doubtful character older players who would go anywhere for a new start. I dare anyone to say we did. We virtually started again from "nihil" scratch. So if its not working at the moment tough pooperackers........ Because of our outspoken overwhelming opinions on young guns (and i use the opinion loosely, which the media rabble pick up and use against us, under the guise of a team of young champs, which they are not) we always seem to have a fall, as per pride etc etc.... Settle in for the ride now, or don't stick it out at all.
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