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  1. I hear the Umpires have been told that because St kilda are a run and carry side, they will be given the benefit of the doubt in this game on how far they can run, so be prepared for it. This was one of Max's straight arm games are a NO NO, so be prepared for those free kicks against the big fella as well. If Oliver is ever to get free kicks paid to him this should be the game, just going by the First Four Games that he was being interfered against. ie held, tripped and hit.
  2. With regard to ZAK.....shhhhhhhh............slightly obvious to me and my eyes, just saying.
  3. End up getting less free kicks than what we get now......
  4. Two Clubs that would be sniffing around right now that have big money and that will want him immediately, and have far better delivery into the 50 are Cats and TWSNBN. They wont stop til he's signed and some...... Daniher nearly gone and Big Mouth(ie great pretender) just about gone.
  5. Could just be in a Final....fingers crossed.
  6. Yes, enjoyed this small talk very much. decent light entertainment, and from the way Taylor summed up, with thanks to MFC, something was in the air to me in regard to the "parry and thrust" between the Fox/AFL networking systems and the MFC. They were doing some catching up, which would have been overdue with all MFC's "hob knobs" there ...coincidentally.
  7. Skuit daddle, you're too tough....and there is no way most of this is going to happan.
  8. Yes you can see the urgency that disappeared for quite a few years and has noticeably returned. Even raw emotion...
  9. When teams like GC are winning games early in the season, it's a possible sign that some teams are ahead of their counterparts in fitness, dietary specifics and ball handling. I think that St Kilda also are in this category. If anyone has info on these type of training methods, i would be interested to hear about it. Having said that this upcoming game could be quite entertaining.
  10. I reckon a few umpires with new brown paper bags thought they could swing it.
  11. Good comment buck. At some point, and maybe coming soon, there is going to have to be a decision on whether to play Oliver. The midfields are going to have to be ready with plans B C and D especially outside Mids.
  12. Pressure right on Saints this week. Got to produce against a bottom three side. Should be able to get the required amount of exposure, with half their retired team along with their Coach/Captain in prime time TV
  13. Before every side plays MFC they go to MRP/ Umpires Review panel and find out what is going to be the way the umpiring is going to concentrating on the following week. That's why they were pathetic and biased against us.
  14. What the hell is wrong with Scully, slow and indecisive.
  15. that number 10 maggot has a very worrying look on his face a lot of the time. And where is razor when we need him.
  16. Breakout game for a now confident Hore against Sydney, Oscar to go, May to come in, move around, and get his act together. Forward line is now open and functioning.
  17. Wait for the Fox (feral) comments.........ahh, they're tanking again, surrounded by subjugates!!
  18. I know the thread is about McCavaney but i wouldn't mind Lyon back ASAP. He has good knowledge and grasp and says what he thinks.
  19. I reckon it was because he needed to build up his stamina more. I think someone mentioned after Game that he had worked extra hard the last three weeks. Obviously paying off and scaring the bejesus out of the "red/white birds"
  20. Wasn't there info flying around pre draft that because of bloody Hogan's connections pee'in around it was thought and happened that May could be and did wait a while before he knew what was going on. Not a justification, i know.
  21. Don't forget the laugh as well..........wtf On a lighter note, both these boys in our backline will be well aware of what they are playing for tonight.
  22. Wayne Carey has indicated that the maggots seem to resurrect rules in situations when it suits them, especially during MFC games. Little things like paying many Free kicks that are sometimes there but to pay them several in a bunch in TWSNBN's forward line is a bloody disgrace. It stood out that that game was possibly being manipulated to a degree. What would be fatalistic, is, if the betting on certain games supported this sort of a result. Carey did say that he thought we would win our next five however try it🤣.......
  23. I agree, and i also reckon a rovingKPF would have been our very next trade in/trade out pick, had there been something available worth taking.
  24. I'm very sad........nevertheless i was sad last year for a while too. This year however i'm sad because of knowing that they are better than what i thought they were last year. Whereas last year i didn't really know what they could achieve, so in effect i'm sadder this year than last year....you could ask if i will be extremely sad next year.......
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