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  1. Good to see no one cares about how many six packs our players have got any more. Good to remember for next season. The media loved it..............
  2. Carlton versus Footscray, Game umpired to Carlton to win. Blatant free kicks paid to Carlton to win. Never seen anything like it. Not even half time yet. Sad that the AFL have appointed people who are manipulating umpires and our game to achieve desired results.
  3. Lot of homework done on us this week, and Kent would have been instrumental in that. This worked. I would also use the words he used. Just think what they would have been.
  4. I reckon the Umpires were making me sick, it couldn't have been the players.
  5. A lot of good people haven't forgotten and will never forget what TWSNBN did to to their game. I won't forget what the AFL's responsibility is in all this. About time we got an apology........
  6. The Club that secretly went to the AFL and said if you don't get us the best onballer, inside and outside mid from GWS we will get back on the turps again and hold our breath.
  7. ....and all of this ironically under the heading topic of TWSNBN
  8. I actually saw an Umpire give a free kick against TWSNBN in the First Quarter. I hope nothing happens in the CBD tonight.
  9. This is what we would expect from some galah that had just gone on to the ground dressed in an Umpire's uniform. That is what we got.
  10. Isn't the mere malaise of "winning at all costs" bad enough.
  11. Why don't all the prime slot Games get put into a hat before the start of the season, and before the draw is done and every club gets their name put into the hat, and a draw takes place. Then the rest of the draw for the season is built around who, and who doesn't have their name drawn out. This is called fairness. I realize that this would be a possible loss of revenue, but surely it could be made up by a small deduction in Salary.......
  12. Picket i reckon they rushed Jeff back in too early last time and i also think he like Lewis would say if he's ready.
  13. ..and for that matter bloody Hogan copped more flak than Omac........................................and i'll say it before someone else does................looked what happened to him.
  14. Deal with Collingwood at your peril.
  15. The BEST thing about this game was that they managed to take up three DH's on the one plane to umpire this game. Thereby ensuring that we will not get them in our game this week. They were deplorable Two terrible decisions in the first qtr. One hit the post obviously and another went over the line, called a goal and yet was touched beforehand. Brisbane were crucified.
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