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  1. Eliteists will elite....how about that one
  2. Ease up with the pressure Ralphy. Go pick on Danger for not getting em into the GF.....
  3. There's a bloke playing full forward for Geelong with a chequered past, over 28, who i think we would chase.........
  4. I've been told it's all about cup size
  5. I think there was some discussion on this before, and it was suggested that this lack of shepherding, thwarting etc, was at coach's directions. Find this interesting though...
  6. One trick ponies do develop into two and three trick ponies like Howe.
  7. It's pretty bloody obvious, isn't it . We live in a racist country that's been like that for ages and New Zealand not so much. This is what we are being re-educated to believe and to live alongside from Murdoch's FOX to 3AW's drivel. There are so many people here that are on the verge of just giving up and emigrating anywhere....
  8. I would like to think that under PM Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand is improving as a destination of preference for a lot of people from other places around the world. I have heard it mentioned internationally as a peaceful place, especially since what happened and the way it was handled. Not so much Australia any more......i have been there and i know the history, especially J Cook.
  9. The MFC Team is the "wild child" you had before you got married that you could never get/want to leave the Home after forty three years...... so far.
  10. We are looking for a goal kicking Full Forward and a "Dangerous" on baller otherwise feck off
  11. You would think North would have looked and looked and looked some more..
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