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  1. We are holding down a valuable spot in the overall ladder at one of the two ends.........
  2. Great to hear and see the mutterings of so many guys who used to think that this Umpiring thing was all in our imagination but thanks to the media and the"yellow scumbag maggots", hard to differentiate, they have managed to, from the start of last season, totally eradicate the best ruckman's dominance of this god forsaken game in the last twenty years..........
  3. Crucified in every Match This Year. Go to an Umpires Tribunal Meeting.........
  4. ...and we would have given him a free haircut as well......
  5. Never in doubt to the Cats. What a wonderful Team. Gee if i was a farmer in Geelong i would want every game played there so i could milk the cows, do a bit a clear felling during the day, clean out the hayshed and get to the game in plenty of time every Friday or other favored day that they play. I would have my plats done up and freckles covered with a nice dress to match........
  6. What about how at the MCG they could only muster one camera view from St Kilda Road to get that head butt incident of Michael Walters. Wonder how the Umpire, who happened to be Five Metres away felt about his word being regarded as drivel. If the head motion went forward and there was contact, it's "c'est la vie"........
  7. Don't forget that i think there has to be some trigger to come from the Media Box, ie Fox, to say that they feel that at some point the ball had been touched . If silence, and there was a fair bit of silence in last night's game while punches were being executed, , and bear in mind there is possibly some network connections between all these parties, it's play on......
  8. Time for a "whistle blower" to expose things for what they really are.......
  9. Something for us all to look forward to for the rest of the season ....... as many free kicks as it takes to them in the Forward Line in the last quarter of every game...... GWS actually looked as though they had resigned themselves to losing that Game. Behold the Coliseum spectacle of the last quarter....
  10. Only one public view of the incident, how convenient..... Number 11 maggot will incur my verbal wrath if he doesn't smarten up, one cannot wear brown paper bags on the way out of the ground, it's a little to obvious and is only the norm at "blues" grounds
  11. I would be willing to put a small pecuniary wager if i could prove it, but then how does one suspend an officer of the "crown"
  12. From the AFL bloke i was talking to, Walters has the same amount of Brownlow votes as our best player at the moment.......
  13. You neglected to mention the plain FACT that these three/four of our brave lads are BALL players. The ones aforementioned by LDV and LH are not, and i don't care whether they won Brownlows or not.
  14. I have a different slant on players from opposition teams being quite often given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to penalties being incurred during games against us. I think that the MFC is on the receiving end of a well orchestrated, "try it against this mob because you can probably get away with it........they are hated by Umpires, so stretch it to the limit" . Would i go so far as to say that it comes from within the Clubs or on field, anyone's guess, but i put it out there anyway.
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