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  1. ...hmm, not that in six months time no one will be able to go to a game....
  2. Last minute negotiations between AFL and TV moguls........even if we get to play one round, that will give the rabble something to talk about and look at for the next month at least and then we will adjust the contract and phase something back in....ok guys? last minute negotiations between AFL and Insurance Companies........no one at the game no one going to know nothing, sort of like trees falling in the forest, no one there to hear all the coughing and spitting OK?
  3. What would i rather do........hmm, live without Footy or live......
  4. What's a few old relatives between friends.......
  5. Had another think and don't believe they will even get to play a competition. At the very best it will be punctuated by so many blowouts by the last few rounds by Teams who will justifiably say who cares winning a Flag in a NOT season. Basically it just won't count...
  6. In my opinion fold up the whole Competition for two months and in the meantime figure out some abridged alternative contest. The players health is more important than the very healthy competition. Just a point on supporters attending games or not. The media are desperately trying to do damage control here and i couldn't give a sh##. If you were a supporter of any sport in Australia today and you were told you couldn't attend the game where would you arrange to go and look. Yes that's right you would drive or walk to the nearest CLUB PUB or crowded, 100 plus people, Corona ridden smoke hole to see it and come home to your wife and kids and give them the virus..... think about it. League wins, Media wins, TAB wins, Alcohol wins, even Club wins......but you don't.
  7. Jeremy plays on a tightrope every time he pulls the boots on...pretty dangerous actually. The super skill is not getting up there, but managing safely to navigate a sure path down. The danger is losing your equilibrium in that descent.
  8. When at Melbourne it was always "always about Jeremy" It was just that he happened to be the one who could skip around and get easy marks/ kicks. All of a sudden he didn't like it when he was asked to present....back at the pies he is not asked to put in just yet but he will be. Probably the easiest of easy "skirting around" players we have had. The reason why i know, because i was asked to present too, and i couldn't.....i remember though.......
  9. Can someone tell me what the hell are the two new rules that we enforcing this season..... First ...the one about holding players for 360 plus degrees and more without penalty. Is that to practice throwing said player over fence, or what? Second.....the one about short kicks to be distance checked by Umpire, depending on who he/she supports?
  10. No it was two to three years ago. By the way he doesn't look slow to me either, and hopefully natural improvement and fitness with decision making, make up the difference.
  11. If ever there is a time for someone to come down and do that "left and right" trick it's now....
  12. ...and he was an angel too.......
  13. Because the whisper i heard has played on him.....good enough?
  14. I hope that Lockhart if he plays is as fast as what people think he is, because a whisper i heard says he aint......
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