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  1. Fifty years on and i never had too many arm problems...someone said something about my elbows being too pointy though....i didn't understand what they were talking about...
  2. An added interest for all, along with my favourite reporters, to be close to the Magoos this season, perhaps...
  3. ..so the thinking thinking is, the longer the better he is on our list......
  4. Someone reported of an appearance by a new player at training, forgot his name. I suppose there is no connection.....
  5. If we were all so concerned about his form last year would it have been fair to say, if you were our Coach at the beginning of training for this coming Season, after last season's debacle, you would have been ready and primed to declare that all players names were on the table for the right price, not just his............
  6. Yep love all the pictures and captions for here way up north, sort of homesick and itchy at the same time.Cannot say anyone's is better just the action and the quality then the commentary. Please keep it up because it is so appreciated.
  7. Brings back some great memories, this team does, and i like the idea of notables, which of course is code for...would have been playing if hadn't been rubbed out.
  8. I put a value on everyone's opinion.........
  9. Sir WYL that would be a longer contract than Reg had, wouldn't it? I don't remember..
  10. For all those who are salivating about Trac, i for one, am concerned about his pace around and with the ball, not his evasive qualities which i think has to be used as a consequence........at this stage i would not compare him to De Goey
  11. Jees RJ, that is a good, positive report. Loved it....
  12. Just a comment, but i do not want to see this bloke getting killed in his first year. Some might say Watts, but at least wait until Bennell is in the side....
  13. We all knew what was going on OD, it was 4 to 6...
  14. I agree, Maggots were just the icing on the cake........
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