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  1. In relation to your last paragraph, i think there could be a future technical answer to that , as is done in a not very tidy fashion with goal/point decisions. This is pretty rudimentary at the moment, but could be sped up gradually. I have rights to vent my opinion as do you. Umpires in interstate games were picked from other states for many years, why not now? This is a good conversation which at the moment i must withdraw sadly because of moving, Will watch.
  2. Just see how many Brownlow Votes Oliver gets this year. Then we go/ get the ropes and the Posse.....
  3. Mumford knows he's close to the borderline already. Guilty people always have idiosyncratic tendencies, ie... like looking at Umpire....
  4. Totally agree. It's like telling everyone to move on after the two biggest racists in Queensland politics increase their majoritys, and the population move on because they are too dumb to do anything else...........
  5. Max's palming was sublime Friday. Left and right handed. ....from an old "palmer"
  6. Amazing though how some blokes can go to other Clubs and look twice as big and go twice as fast, isn't it?
  7. I saw Umpires officiating last night that we have not had for ours this year.....
  8. They wont come in unless we pay them....
  9. Systematically going through each AFL Club, week by week, taking out, in head high tackles, with arms, fingers and elbows a young player, walking away unscathed.......remarkable
  10. A few of our ball players not looked after tonight, like other teams seem to be able to manage...then again it is MFC..Razor did the right thing though. Those other maggots would have given a free against in that situation.
  11. For some reason i want to look back at this picture in two years and say they were going to be our four best players.......
  12. Plus the fact he can hold his grog.........
  13. Notwithstanding the fact that this bloke's "exemplary" record, if reviewed on camera would not stand up to scrutiny, there must have been an amazingly quick phone call from a certain coach to a past Captain of the Cats in the AFL to get this moving at speed.
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