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  1. Spargo's biggest problem is that he has been developed poorly. He should have played 3 or 4 games last year then gone back to Casey to develop & hone his craft not played 15 odd games its really the Club's fault. Also not sure he has the weapons to be a small fwd - I reckon he should go to the mid field to hone his skills.
  2. Give him a break - I know he looks about 40 but he has only played 13 games of senior footy & he came to AFL fairly late. It will be another 3 or 4 years before he becomes an effective player. We probably need a ready made back up while Preuss learns the trade.
  3. How about fixing the glaring inadequacies a number of players have in their goal kicking - poor technique, poor ball drop, no follow through.
  4. All true but a few other facts: Coaches got ahead of themselves we are not as good as we think. Poor planning to lose 3 big forwards - Watts, Pedersen, Hogan without adequate replacements We are slow - other teams have been recruiting fast outside runners & quick small pressure forwards while we have been picking slow plodding mids Some players not up to it & need to be moved on We need better specialist coaches - a forward coach needs to have been a top level forward with lots of experience not a half back flanker who has has done a level 4 accreditation Our injury management has been woeful
  5. This is called being wise after the event. Everyone is a genius in hindsight. Don't forget he was probably our best player over the 3 finals we played. That said I doubt he will play again - 7 games in 3 seasons & 27 years old.
  6. Really disappointed in this bloke & good to see he got a week for headbutting. He used to be one of my favourite non MFC players because of his fearless attack on the ball & unselfish play. Saturday changed that - he was acting up for frees & milking it shamelessly. He was tackled legitimately but went down like he was shot & got paid a free for over the shoulder, later on he again got tackled fairly by Petty I think & milked it again & sucked the umpire in for another free. Spectators at the ground picked it up & he was then booed the next few times he went near the pill. Really poor umpiring.
  7. Virtually from the goal square no less - shanks nearly all his kicks left & has learnt nothing since costing us the Geelong game last year. In an era when most aspects of player training & development are monitored & measured to within a millimetre of their life why on earth don't we put some resources into improving players kicking. Can't we get maybe Brad Green, Yze, Garry Lyon, Neita all of whom were great kicks to spend some time with the likes of Max, Fritsch, Trac, Tim Smith & Hunt to improve their kicking. Develop a routine, consistent ball drop, where to aim and when passing to a team mate learn to hit him on the chest not a metre above the head. Is all this too obvious or what ?
  8. That is a very poor argument. You have made an assertion without providing any evidence at all. You may as well say "98% of those booing were racists because that's what i think". Furthermore you haven't explained why say Michael Long - another "uppity" and outspoken player wasn't booed when he called out racial abuse.
  9. People are forgetting that there was no booing until a 13 year old girl called Goodes an ape. Now I'm not sure if that was a racist comment but I have heard Carl Ditterich, Crackers Keenan & Damian Monkhorst all called apes by opposition supporters. The AFL security goons then dragged the 13 year old away & would not let her see her parents for a period of time. The parents complained about her treatment in the media early on & the crowds unfairly took it out on Goodes by booing him. The AFL made things worse by prevaricating. That's really the start & finish of the affair. Comments by clowns like McGuire & Newman did not help. As far as I know there has never been any booing of other Indigenous players including outspoken or "uppity" one like Gav Wanganeen, Winmar or Michael Long. The critics haven't presented a skerrick of actual evidence that the booing was racially motivated. The public loves a furore about racism - it sells in the media. No racism angle = no documentary.
  10. He was an ex Melbourne player who had some success in coaching in WA. He had a pretty crap playing list & he was a pretty crap coach.
  11. Look Barker was certainly a very good player & a good person but there was a huge amount of public grief & emotion when he passed away at a fairly young age & I think that played into the HOF decision. There is a reasonable case that better footballers than Trevor have not yet made the HOF.
  12. Have you actually got the right player ??? Oskar is not big bodied (82kg) and he's definitely not a mid. He is a pacy outside player & maybe a crumbing forward.
  13. Amateur hour is right. Amateur covering their backsides: Misson said “So he’ll probably need to unload that for a couple of weeks, so if we unload it for two or three weeks it’s probably a similar amount of time to reload him and get him ready to play again. “We’re not putting a time frame on it, he’s feeling a lot better now so he could potentially start loading again at the end of this week, but it’s a little bit open ended.” Goodwin quizzed ............................at a press conference. “Joel had acute awareness of his groin,” Goodwin told reporters. “We certainly respect groin injuries and the load around that so that’s what we’re going to do as a club.” Anyone ever hear such [censored]. At least say "sorry we stuffed up".
  14. Look he was actually one of my favourites in his first 2 years but you have to be a bit hard nosed & objective if you want to be a successful Club. He is ok if he is left on his own but as soon as he has to do anything under any sort of pressure he goes to pieces, falls over, misses his targets & generally panics. The Box Hill smalls (who are VFL standard) destroyed him in the last half of the GF.
  15. Wrong - JKH gets s#1t because he has barely improved after several years on the list and heaps of chances. Have a look at the second half of the 2018 VFL Grand Final - he was woeful & barely got a touch.
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