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  1. A season when Demonlanders stop living in the past & stop posting clips of Robbie Flower, Farmer, Schwatz & Jackovich because reality is so depressing
  2. And the worst decision Bailey ever made (which still haunts us) was to overlook Dylan Grimes in the pre season draft & pick Joel McDonald instead.
  3. Several major omissions as far as I am concerned. Henry Coles was an excellent rover & goal kicking fwd pocket for us. Also in terms of talent surely Alan Davis & Phil Carman get in - both were brilliant players. Cross, Crosswell & Clarkson were way past their best when they came to us & were only there to teach some of the younger players.
  4. Well knock me over with a feather. Who would have guessed. Same story that we've had from every assistant since about 1968.
  5. Its actually a very accurate comment. I watched Jeffy play at Casey in 2018 & for whatever reason he was poor & not trying very hard. Everybody is subject to different personal circumstances & pressures but when you pull on a jumper & get paid a bucketload of money you have to expect criticism. I can't see why he gets judged by different rules than say Stretch or Kennedy Harris.
  6. Smith, Vandenberg, Hannan, Kolodashnij & Bennell will be injured all year & won't play 6 games between them
  7. The most "beige" player on the list, lacks any physicality to his game. Astounded that they kept him & let Frost walk, very lucky to still be around.
  8. The first intelligent comment on this issue. Demonlanders seem to have lost their ability to think critically & everything the management does gets greeted with loud applause. 5 years is a ridiculous deal for a good solid player. Only Gawn & maybe Oliver would be worthy of such a deal. Over long contracts is how Clubs get themselves into trouble - form & injury can mean a drop off very quickly.
  9. I reckon a lot of Demonlanders have collectively gone mad & lost their objectivity and logical reasoning in their desperate quest for success. What happened to the NO Dickhe@ds policy. Have people forgotten the troubles & dramas this bloke has caused at 2 Clubs !! with regard to drugs and poor discipline. And this is before you even begin to look at his injury problems
  10. Absolute disaster. Has been trouble & a disappointment at 2 Clubs. You start recruiting di#%heads and you reap the result.
  11. The problem with ANB is that his skills are very shaky under any sort of pressure. He also needs more aggression and physical pressure in his makeup. Plus he just has to kick those 50/50 goal opportunities that present to him.
  12. What a load of absolute nonsense - straight out of the Melbourne PR Dpt. Tomlinson might be able to run 3 marathons in a row but he is still an average plodder.
  13. I was flabbergasted to read that our BT rates Frost behind Josh Wagner & Oscar McD because no other sane person who watches football would agree with them. Reminds me that we gave away a Kings ransom to get Lever when we effectively gave away Jeremy Howe who has become one of the top intercept defenders in the competition. And to those who always pipe up that Howe was going to leave anyway - I have never seen evidence of that & recall that we made no effort to keep him & were very happy to trade him away.
  14. You are missing the point - which is - that there are a lot of hidden gems among potential Indigenous recruits. For example we select Johnson & Bedford who at best need years of development whereas Richmond pick up Shai Bolton & Sidney Stack, not to mention Marlion Pickett who are ready to play from day 1. We used to be very good at this - now we are not.
  15. Melbourne used to be very good at recruiting talented Aboriginal players - usually a bit more mature & experienced than raw 18 year olds - we had great success with Matt Whelan, Ozzie Woannemirri, Liam Jurrah & Aaron Davey. In recent years we seemed to have sopped looking. We have picked up Dion Johnstone & Jay Kennedy Harris while Richmond have managed to pick several diamonds out of the rough ie Bolton, Stack & now Pickett. Our recruiters need to wake up.
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