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  1. I’m quite proud of my display pic. It’s what should have been in 2000. I got it from a friend who got it from someone at the Herald Sun.
  2. Why are we wearing Essendon uniform?
  3. Funny line from tv commentary in Q4 re Brayshaw: ‘The helmet’s off but he keeps his head.’
  4. Finally. And we’ve beaten a top 2 team. And it’s another year better than the previous one. Thanks Roos, thanks Goodwin.
  5. I challenge anyone here to not be in favour of a send off rule given what occurred to us in the 2000 GF. Essendon capitalised on having their players allowed to continue on field after committing severe, reportable acts. As a reminder, from The Age: ‘Michael Long's shuddering knockout of Troy Simmonds - which earned him a four-match ban - and Dean Wallis served out his three-match penalty for striking Brad Green, a blow that resulted in the young Demon being taken to hospital’.
  6. Early advocate of playing the corridor
  7. 1 Some good signs from Tyson and Smith 2 Fine games from Petracca, Oliver and Brayshaw 3 Sadly for him, the realisation that JKH is not up to it and will not again be selected.
  8. Here’s a completely pointless observation. Have a look at the photos of the players in the MFC email noting changes for the weekend. The 2 ‘ins’ are smiling; the ‘outs’ look suitably bereft.
  9. 1 Selling the home game 2 recruiting Jack Watts 3 letting Jack Watts go 4 recruiting Toumpas 5 appointing Neeld 6 the heat 7 too many changes 8 Pederson not getting a gig 9 crap commentary - surely Ling won’t be there? 10 how good we’d be had we recruited [insert name]
  10. Solid game from Trengove. Great to see him back.
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