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  1. Really pleasing to see them play the game out. We were kicking into a fairly stiff breeze in that final quarter.
  2. Not convinced either of his feet are right
  3. AVB would have to be the most rehabilitated player in the history of the MFC.
  4. I would have very much liked to have seen us recruit a forward, or two. The fact we didn’t makes me assess our trade performance as poor. However, I appreciate that we can’t bring in forwards if none is available. So, now I'm wanting to see us use the early picks to go for blokes who can kick goals. This appears to be the only way to overcome the 2019 problem of lots of fruitless inside 50s.
  5. So many inside 50s, so few goals. Staggering that we wouldn’t have been going all out to trade in some forwards. Without them, sadly I reckon we will be even worse next year.
  6. It would be good if we’d contemplate trying to recruit one or two blokes who could occasionally use their boots to propel the ball between the 2 large white poles, ideally at the Melbourne attacking end.
  7. Providing he arrives at the club with a 4-6 week injury.
  8. They’re managing an invisible team led by invisible co-captains.
  9. I wonder what compensation Melbourne would get, if any, if he were to go? I’m liking Geelong less and less these days.
  10. Can’t work out which is worse - watching Melbourne or having to put up with LIng’s mindless drivel.
  11. They should fly up on Sunday morning. It would save on accommodation and make no difference to the result. Plus, they’d have an excellent excuse.
  12. Not such a bad performance given our injuries. At least that’s what I thought as I left the ground. Then I checked our injury list. Only players of note who were missing were McDonald and Melksham. There’s a possible case to be made that we’d have won with them in, but it still doesn’t excuse the long periods of sloppy play, lack of teamwork and fumbling. Hopefully, we’ve found a forward in Petty.
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