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  1. You mean - like Melbourne supporters?
  2. Is this for real? http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-12/peter-wallace-played-for-two-years-without-an-acl/9861170 CC Jake Lever
  3. I think Mahoney is the ideal candidate. He has a very good reputation and has served us very well as FOM. If he's not given his chance at Melbourne he would be lost to us in very short time unfortunately.
  4. This kid showed he had all the moves even in his first game. unfortunately his body has taken some time to catch up to his ability. But as his size and his experience grows he will be a very very good player for us. If he has inherited even a little bit of the mongrel that his grandfather had he will be a star!
  5. I realise that 10 years service qualifies for life membership and that Trenners falls short in that respect. However perhaps a exception is made for former captain's of the club. I certainly hope so as he was a loyal servant and seemingly a champion bloke.
  6. 6. Oliver 5. Gawn 4. Lewis 3. Jones 2. Vince 1. Petracca
  7. Well Dieter you certainly got me on the Brian Wilson one. Brian always had a fairly good opinion of himself and I really don't know what I was thinking when I didn't put Hassa in his spot. However I'll stick to my team as the best I've seen IMO. Another honourable mention should be made to Greg Parke who was a great player for us and certainly was under-rated (IMO).
  8. This is a really great topic. I was very fortunate in growing up on the tail end of our club's greatest era. We had some marvellous players and our 1964 premiership side contained many of my heroes that were vastly under-rated such as Wise, Bourke, Crompton, Kenneally, Roet, Jacobs, Massey, Townsend, Emselle, Vagg, Mann and Lord, Outside our club, not many of these would be recognised. Brian "Doc" Roet even played as an amateur. The wilderness years 1965-1986 strangely enough, produced some of the clubs best players and certainly rank in my best team. B: Laurie Fowler Bernie Massey Barry Bourke HB: Brett Lovett Gary Hardeman Don WilliamsC: Stan Alves Greg Wells Robert FlowerHF: Brian Wilson David Schwartz Garry LyonF: Allen Jakovich David Neitz Jeff FarmerR: Jim Stynes Peter Moore Ron BarassiIN: Ross Dillon Hassa Mann Nathan Jones Gerard Healy
  9. I hope so. His father wasn't a star as a young player but went on to forge a great career.
  10. In 60 years of being a supporter/member I can't remember a better three weeks than those we had in 1987. The win at Footscray followed by the two finals against North and Sydney were unforgettable. As for Steven Stretch - he certainly had great skills and was the classic outside player that we could do with right now. However, in the Craig Bradley mould I think he may have slept with the light on.
  11. We know that money alone will not keep Hogan at the club for the long term. Both WA clubs will pay him the earth if he continues to develop the way we think he will. We'll keep him if we are successful on-field and that he forms close bonds and relationships in Melbourne. If we can extend his contract now it will be fantastic for our club. If we don't then we will have the jitters for the next two years.
  12. Ah yes. I remember young Robert Wagner aka "Prince Valiant" from my childhood. I think if you google images of the original movie c1954 you'll see the hairstyle is spot on. Maybe young Darcy Parish is a fan.
  13. The way we have negotiated these fantastic deals today I'm surprised Hawthorn didn't give us their first rounder and Rioli as a sweetener for Fitzy!
  14. It'd be a case of ignore him at your peril.
  15. Hush! Never mention the name of anybody who belted our Robbie
  16. I also remember Dean Chiron was a really good tagger for us late 80's. I remember Dermi cleaning him up at Waverley in a final. I think he was tagging Platten??
  17. Just beat me to it! Also think Shanahan was a good pickup for us but I have a particular liking for Bernie. Like Laurie Fowler before him, I think he'll win the Bluey tomorrow night. Did Peter Moore win the B&F when he won the Brownlow?
  18. I live in WA as well. PAROCHIAL"very limited or narrow in scope or outlook; provincial" That definition is accurate and in context. On talk-back radio prior to the game the commentators trotted out the old chestnut that there were too many clubs in Melbourne and that the likes of Melbourne and St Kilda should fall on their swords. Imagine what it would be like with a WCE v Dockers Grand Final. For a start all you will hear is that it should be played at Subiaco and not in Victoria and that the competition favours the Victorian clubs blah, blah, blah, blah. Look, I think both WA clubs should withdraw from the AFL and then they can avoid any travel at all and play each other every single week. Unfortunately the grand final scenario is highly likely. I think I'll go bush.
  19. Did Hogan lose the Rising Star award yesterday?
  20. After his effort last year a real disappointment has been Dom Tyson. I think he was runner-up wasn't he? Really hasn't come on at all this year. We'll probably find out at the end of the season that he's been playing with a fractured leg all year.
  21. When Jesse Hogan played his first season of senior football in 2013 he kicked 38 (?) goals and won Casey's B&F. I think he's kicked 39 so far in his first season of AFL so I wonder where he'll finish in our B&F this year. I guess you would have to think that Bernie is probably favourite but you never know. What does everyone think?
  22. "Height and weight 182 cm 80 kg" Was he really only 182cm?? I was only 9 in 1964 so I guess all the players were big to me. My recollection of him was of being a real dashing defender. My Mum always said he was "dependable".
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