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  1. Essentially removes GWS from having pick 6, and promotes us to pick 7.
  2. Thanks for explaining. I’ve just been reading about the points system involved (see link below). Makes more sense. Definitely not an even system, but seems the best they’ve come up with so far. I’ll have to read up on “priority” picks now. Seems like another rort to take advantage of. https://m.afl.com.au/staticfile/AFL Tenant/AFL/Files/Father-son-bidding-system.pdf
  3. Does this mean we can match Gold Coast when they make their 1st pick by using “points” from our 3rd pick?
  4. I might be a bit slow on the uptake, but if Green is in the draft, and we have pick 3, how can GWS prevent us selecting him if he’s not taken with picks 1 or 2?
  5. Taranto was GWS best on ground in the GF.
  6. Chris Judd (2001) and Dustin Martin (2009) draft picks 3.
  7. Have been racking my brain all year pondering the 4th to 16th slide, and agree with most of this assessment. I think the loss of confidence (in no small way due to the Prelim last year, then the unexpected round 1 defeat this year), has not been adequately acknowledged, nor addressed, by the club as a whole. Footy is a game of cohesion and momentum, and team success flows when the many moving pieces are in sync. Despite all this, there have been unexpected positive signs, Fritsch is exciting and creative, Hore is committed and reliable, Frost is imposing and instinctive, and Lockhart is explosive and a finisher. It doesn’t make up for the disappointment of the season as a whole, but it gives me faith that next year, with the likely return of Vanders, Melksham, McDonald (Tom), Lever (fit), Jetta (fit), and Hibberd (fit), the combination will be a strong, skilful core, capable of matching any team.
  8. Annoying to find Telstra App not working for anyone, thought it was just me! Three goals to Watts is easing this frustration!! I'm streaming via ABC radio through Telstra app, White sounds like he's having a blinder!!
  9. Very strong team!! Gives hope for the future. Moves beyond the inconsistent and questionable efforts of Dawes, Howe, Toumpas. And places great faith in the future built on Viney, Salem, Hogan, Brayshaw, Petracca, Watts. I'm going to keep any eye out for the first time this 17 group of players take to the field together, and no doubt will be pleased with the scoreboard result at the final siren. There is some serious talent on our list, and serious reason to be excited for 2016 and beyond!!
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