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  1. The guy is hopeless. Can’t mark, can’t crash a pack, send to Casey and trade at year end.
  2. I have heard May referred to by some tv hacks as the 2nd best defender in the league, not that that means anything, but I suggest he is better than a good average backman
  3. No matter what anyone says, its always maybe. This thing is a beat-up
  4. The whole thing has a strong whiff of beat-up to it. Dees not driving it, Hoges "open to it" but not driving it, that leaves Freo, who have openly declared their interest for years. I'm starting to think this story is a dud
  5. Yes, it panned out that way, but we could have extracted more at the time if we played hardball
  6. I wouldnt be so sure that we will get two first round picks or equivalent. Mahoney and Goodwin have proven themselves to be soft touches when it come to the trade table. They paid overs for Lever and got unders for Watts. Same will most likely happen again
  7. In Preuss, Hogan, Lever, Fritsch Out Smith, Tyson, Weed, Lewis
  8. Bring on The Doctor. We were lucky Maxy played out the season this year
  9. We all know our run home is tough, but really we are presented with a huge opportunity imagine for for a moment us winning all 4... how would we be looking to play a grand final THIS YEAR
  10. This i am am really pleased we have picked up Lever. That he is a gun is not in dispute. The Watts eviction was probably necessary too. The problem is that we are now known as the patsys of the league, no poker face whatsoever
  11. Lever did all the work... he fell in our lap. I would not be patting our guys on the back for getting it done. Joe the goose if there ever was one
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