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  1. Good to CP5 nail the clincher. He’s coming into the player we always wanted. Sloppy by foot tonight but still massive. He’s the type that want to step up and win games. Mays disposal is starting to be a real concern, some horrible errors. but he was there in the clinches at the end along with lever. Kozzie looking like SUCH a prospect and dare I say it, we are definitely a better side with Omac back in the team
  2. commentators talking about Weids poor body positioning. Scratching my head about what he's been learning since he entered the system. Anyway..maybe the goal will kick start him. He has that onfield lost feeling about him which never fills me with confidence.
  3. Feeling your pain re your family DD...and this this sentence. Unfortunately I fully agree. I think whats happening for me is, set against everything else, Im realising how trivial the AFL has been all along. Something has changed in me. That right next to also realising that this side and this coach isnt going to bring the success we thought in 2018. So its getting set for another reset at the club and watching the world tremble and shake at the same time.
  4. but....would we still get to sack goodwin?
  5. Don’t mean to be depressing but Covid is not about to go anywhere. And it’s highly unlikely for there to be a vaccine anytime soon. This kind of situation may be The new normal.
  6. 80 point thrashing coming up. some heat on its way to goodwin.
  7. the difference when they have the ball and when we do is immense.
  8. or his match winning goal against the bombers in the dark years.
  9. That feeling you get when you realise that BOTH St Kilda and Carlton are more exciting, playing a better brand of footy and probably closer to a flag than we are. Man have we gone backwards. I see a bad moon rising.
  10. After the game I switched off everything as the loss cut deep. Perhaps the losses feel harder in covid now? Whats been on my mind, and please forgive if this has been mentioned as Im not going back to re read the thread. We should have won...easily. Our game style isnt that bad but simple errors were. These goals against plus not goals for stand out from BASIC errors. 1. Kozzie misses from 15 metres out on the run under little pressure. FFS, that is a goal 999 times out of a thousand. 2. Fritsch drops an absolute uncontested dolly from a bullet pass from Melksham 20 metres out direct in front. 3. Its a free everyday of the week to Melksham in the last minute on the 50. If that isnt in the back then nothing is. Melks kicks those. 3. Ratagolia kicks a set shot goal from outside 50 that goes through about head height without us getting a hand to the ball. Terrible error. 4. Dangerfield gets a 50 for diving which leads to a goal . If that was oliver that want to report him or suspend him. Shocking decison. 5 Hunt and Langdon cant get the ball out of bounds in the dying second of the 3rd. Leading to a goal . WTAF. Thats FIVE goals and I think , on even just a regular day, prob 3 or 4 out of the 5 are reversed. On a good day all 5. We're not that bad.
  11. i’ve been staggered by how affected the lack of crowd has been fr me. I always thought i watched as a footy purist. But I realise now my enjoyment and engagement in a large way was feeling the crowd as a part of the game. Im trying but i def can’t engage or care like i used to. Watching footy atm feels like talking to an ex or something.
  12. Some truth in this I think as we all saw what Weid could do when his focus was fierce. he's just not good enough to be able to play at this level without it. So the message may be, demonstrate you can bring that focus and energy as a regular part of your game ....or we dont pick you. Still makes me angry that both Mc Kay and Curnow for the blues were picked after him in that draft and both are seriously good. Im sure he'll get his chance as Jackson doesnt look quite ready yet. But if Weid gets a chance and he blows it we may just put a line through him and stick with getting games into jackson.
  13. Getting 35 and 47 back never seems to be mentioned here. “ 2 first rounders”:is all most want to say. I’m a lever fan and believe he will be worth it.
  14. Interesting re weid. Im not a fan but Id love t see him step up and at least make Jackson work really hard to keep his spot. The trouble is that these scratch matches really give very little real indication of how a player would fare in 18 a side games. So the step up will be huge for players between the levels. Strange times.
  15. I like the thought. Little doubt that a fit Tmac is a fwd weapon. But lets face facts he isnt "fit".... and he may never be again re his foot. So, at some point I think we have to put away our memories of 2018 and think about where his best position is, with the body he has now. May would have at least brought a lot of those high balls to ground and stopped that fast transition that was killing us in the second half. I think we need to start playing with this. We just cant go in with Tmac and Jackson again.
  16. Big test for Gawn as Captain. The fact they sang the song without him may mean quite a bit. Questions for him to address. Is he too playful / likeable? Do the players not really respect or look up to him? . Where was the voice of Viney and Jones? are they not backing him up? Could also have been simply post lockdown , no crowd, weirdness of course. But 1 game into his tenure he’s got questions to confront.
  17. Well I’m relieved. All that work in summer on fitness and ball movement really paid dividends. Clean, purposeful, kicking to advantage. Sigh. We looked quite a bit worse than we were last year w almost zero injuries .
  18. when they’re bad they’re really awful. if we get opened up and closed down by the blues god help us against the top sides.
  19. Ive read a few saying it was dull and I have to say I agree. That was a match between arguably the best two vic teams ( at least at this stage) with the most fanatical supporters and it was a draw. It should have been at least a fun, enthralling game to watch. It wasnt. I was channel surfing from midway through the 2nd and even fell asleep for a few minutes in the 3rd. The long break at qtr and 3 qtr time was just annoying and having no crowds is going to make ours a very strange game to watch. If Im being honest I felt like an unattached stranger to the game....A first for me. I wonder how it will be to watch the dees
  20. fully agree. This is a now or never year for us. Next year I think the situation will entirely and darkly different.
  21. We should have gone for BOTH Andrew and Darren and we might have got them. Such a shame.
  22. Yep. Hated them both. Although I was partly pleased to see Alves play in premiership side. Wells was pushed out the door....traded without him even knowing. Real culture killing moments for two greats of the club.
  23. Me too. Although I thought it was 10k and at the time I vaguely remember him in line for the captaincy? Anyway he didnt get that or a big contract and the rest is history. He left a gigantic knife in the clubs back and I hope he is never welcome back.
  24. Yep. Easy to forget just how good and how tough this guy was. I know Rodney was tough too, but he would never win a B&F. Im going with Fowler. I also would have had Barry Bourke down back instead of Yze.
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