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  1. Great post. The list is looking v strong. I also expect ( if fit)Smith and Pickett to play more afl games than vfl this year. Perhaps rivers and Lockhart too. IF Hibberd , Jones, Weideman and Jetta dont play well early they could really struggle to get a game this year. Heavy competition fr spots. Haven’t said that about our list fr a long time.
  2. Demons to finish in the top 6 All of rivers, Pickett and Jackson to have debuted by round 12. Both Hibberd and Jones to play more vfl games than afl in 2020. Trac to be in the AA squad and finish top 4 in the B & F. Langdon also to finish in top 4 in B&F KK and VDB retire before the season ends Bennell to make a successful comeback and play 5 + games Brown plays 15 games or more in 2020.
  3. All of the above ! And I also love the speed at which he can get boot to ball and still look fluent and graceful. I think that skill will translate well into AFL where he will lose time and space.
  4. yep, no doubt. And fingers crossed Tmac can get back to something like his best. Question in my mind is will Jackson be up for being the second fwd at the start of 2020? or if not, be at least fighting for that spot with the Weid. Im not sure if we can play all three, but if LJ's mobility is being likened to a midfielder then maybe. Will be eagerly awaiting what LJ and Kozzie look like at AFL level.
  5. This convo really is getting repetitive...and Im someone that can usually do a lot of repetition before I get sick of it. Thank god the draft is tonight and this discussion can be put to bed one way or the other....at least for now. I suspect though , sadly, this convo may be ongoing for the next few years. GF 2021... dees down by 2 points , 30 secs to play Jackson pack marks marks at CHF, pack falls over while he keeps his feet and wheels nonchalantly onto his left , kicks it 65 metres into the teeth of goal, pickett of the pack dribbles it home. THAT would finish this argument forever. May it be so.
  6. Happy to have him fit and simply slot back into the side for a few ( finals) games at the pointy end of the season a la Marlion Pickett. 3 or 4 September games is all we need from him. Imagine the lift to the team a fit Bennell would bring playing his first game in a semi or a prelim. One can only dream.
  7. Agreed. Seems like many really want him but would rather risk losing him than taking him with pick 10! Its just not a philosophy I really get. He's almost the prototype of the exact type of player our team is crying out for... and he'll be available. Yes, granted his unproven but ALL the recruits are in the same bracket. Hope the MFC has the balls to do this.
  8. Interesting observation. It did sound like, from that interview, that jack was hoping to be co with max and that max had it either on his own or sharing it.
  9. Yep. I remember many going off their trees when we didn’t pick Parish because he was the “safest bet.” Surely, this club in particular, with Watts, Scully, Trengove, Morton etc etc who everybody rated as sure things has learned some things. Trust the recruiters and Pick the players you think will make it. We have as much chance of an error with a so called “ safe” bet as we do just backing our talent judges.
  10. Oops yes, reiwoldt was 2000. But in 2001 it was hodge, ball, Judd. Same essential meaning.
  11. I remember the 2000 draft when Riewoldt, Ball and Judd were selected as the top 3. And realistically were the top 3, although you could argue about which one came where. But that seems to be far more the exception to the rule than the norm.
  12. I’m on the Jackson/ Pickett wagon. They’re both players I’d be excited about having on the list with huge upsides. Without having any of the knowledge that recruiters have I just feel that so much of what goes into the thinking process must be re how we realistically imagine they will develop or cope with the next level. So many Players that dominate in underage footy don’t make the step up. Weid may yet come on but he’s a prime example. Keogh was a much less polished player in that draft but in all likelihood is going to be twice the player weid will be. You cant pick players only on exposed junior form. So if the recruiters choose these two I’m right on board.
  13. Obviously they saw the swans as the threat re Green and not us... and/or they’re happy with green or Jackson. I agree though, we take who we think is best. Only bid for green if we really want him not to play games.
  14. No they won’t. The AFL won’t stop giving concessions now til GC is a power side and they stop draining HQ or even start to make some money back. It’s a business model and why I hate it. Imo GC is a team that needs green... but I do agree it’s unlikely. they’ll be free to choose whoever they wish but fr us to get a Rowell or an Anderson would be quite the bonus. We can dream.
  15. I hope he’s right. Maxy is the type of guy that glues clubs together and I just don’t think jack is the same. But perhaps the two of them together will work.
  16. Agreed, except I think we’ll take him. And everyone talking up his faults needs to be reminded he’s also linked at picks 4,5 and 6. So it’s not any longer like he’s some wild, left field, punt.
  17. I’d be happy about that. Although I sense it’s not a popular view here.
  18. Hopefully he won’t always be the go to forward he was in those 7 games though! Unless the wheels fall off again, we’ll have other big bodies demanding the ball around him. so if we could 30-40 goals it would be outstanding.
  19. Its a bit of a waste of time comparing players I know but imo he's our version of a Jaidyn Stephenson. . Doesnt look like he's got the body to be elite but is...or is heading that way.
  20. Agreed. But to be clear I didn’t mean his contract size I meant the blues offer to GC. I hope they don’t get rewarded for lowballing. My personal feeling about a Martin is that he will be a gun at the blues and worth every cent.
  21. They’ve just had too many walk outs to not make a stand. Both there captains last year. The blues were both complacent and predatory in there approach and the suns can’t put up w that either. So i hope the blues pay a price. I found it strange that when the swans couldn’t land daniher, the news was all about how the swans let him down and how the dons wanted him more. But in THIS case none of that at all. if the blues wanted him they needed to pay the price... and they didn’t. for THAT they should pay the price.
  22. I’m in the same boat... without the vinyls! Hope to see u Bk at courthouse in 2020, both our homes still standing.
  23. Agreed. We paid the price for thinking another way ignoring Wines because we had Viney. At this point I’d be happy with Green, Young, Jackson or Roberton at 3. So it’s seems hard to go too far wrong. I’m sure we’ll end up regretting we didn’t get this one or that one but as long as who we do get is a really good player we’ll be ok. Id still like to get two picks in the top 20 for 8 and grab Pickett.
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