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  1. They’ve just had too many walk outs to not make a stand. Both there captains last year. The blues were both complacent and predatory in there approach and the suns can’t put up w that either. So i hope the blues pay a price. I found it strange that when the swans couldn’t land daniher, the news was all about how the swans let him down and how the dons wanted him more. But in THIS case none of that at all. if the blues wanted him they needed to pay the price... and they didn’t. for THAT they should pay the price.
  2. I’m in the same boat... without the vinyls! Hope to see u Bk at courthouse in 2020, both our homes still standing.
  3. Agreed. We paid the price for thinking another way ignoring Wines because we had Viney. At this point I’d be happy with Green, Young, Jackson or Roberton at 3. So it’s seems hard to go too far wrong. I’m sure we’ll end up regretting we didn’t get this one or that one but as long as who we do get is a really good player we’ll be ok. Id still like to get two picks in the top 20 for 8 and grab Pickett.
  4. Highlights or main points? He’s my preferred target now.
  5. He sounds like a super knowledgable but personable guy. He was really positive about the mind set of the boys. Said they were very focused and determined. Players he hadnt met yet calling him from overseas to ask about preparation. Also said only 2 or 3 would be starting late due to surgery this year as opposed to 16-17 last year. A good listen.
  6. Sad...but true in football and politics as well.
  7. yes, your right. drafted 2007 and first played 2008. and yes, when compared with the others from that draft its not that clear who the best of that group is! What a year that was. But still the point is valid. We went with Cale because everyone thought he was a top 5. It almost made me weep looking at the others from that draft. So I think you need to be able to think at least a little bit freely with picks.
  8. I think most of us agree we go young at 3. But Im not sure we have to stick with a formula til 2021because a key forward seems to have been sadly over estimated. Weid will get his chance this year and I hope Im surprised, but aside from ONE game I havent seen him look like a key forward. Not in the air and not on the ground. I just cant see him being a key in a premiership.
  9. Cyril rioli went at 12 in 2008 and was real part of the reason the hawks won the flag that year. Was clearly the best of that draft...yet had the dees chosen him instead of Watts or Natanui the club may have been burned down. Of course it didnt need supporters to do that as it did it to itself a few years later. But I think these days you have to be shrewd in your picks and think freely. Choosing Oliver up the order from expected was the best thing we've done in years (Still imagine how we'd be now If we'd picked up Curnow next to him) Im a fan or both Pickett and Jackson for our second pick or for splitting the pick to pick up Pickett and another after young.
  10. Just checked and your right. My memory playing tricks. 3 kicks, 5 handballs 1 behind , 1 mark and zero 1 % ers An outstanding debut still talked about to this day!
  11. Agreed Jack looked waaaay underdone. It was an embarssment we've lived with ever since. But he still kicked 2 goals . Of course there was that Geelong discard full back in Neelds time ( forgot his name) that looked grown up in body but in no way was ever an AFL player. And Petty against the saints in 2018 also comes to mind, at least of recent times. But I still rank Chandler as the least ready.
  12. He looked to me like one of the most under prepared players to play a game for us that I’ve ever seen.
  13. Yep agreed. If he went to the national soccer team or cricket Australia that would be one thing. If he marched into collingwood or the tigers that would be next level embarassing. Heres hoping he has some loyalty in his charecter and gives us a decent few year run. Might be he just wants to see if we're a basket case or a real thing. After 39 years supporting Im not sure I know myself!
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