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  1. I suppose if misso had come out after utterly mismanaging him in that JLT game and said, "Jeez its a bad injury...looks like season over" the supporters may have burnt down the club! Not a good look when memberships are so important. Instead of that we've had the slow drip " nothing to see here" story.
  2. Come on Martin. its concussion related. That issue seriously affects and can in some cases really ruin lives. Stkilda are no better with McCartin. We should never have picked him up thats the error ...not how many weeks his out for. Has to be delisted. I say put him on the long term injury list in time for the mid season draft...at least we get back an active player on our list.
  3. I didn’t get to attend that many games last year but this was one of them. imo it was perhaps the best they played all year. They were just so tough and fast. It was reported After the game that a number of GWS players said we were the best side they’d played all year. We played two good finals after this but even so I don’t reckon we touched this place again as a team. And, as last week, we are missing no less than 10 players from that 22.
  4. 100% agree mr leg. The further I get from the gut wrenching disappointment of losing a critical game we should have won, the more I reflect on what an insanely good effort that was. And you can add to that list of difficulties that we were 3 rotations down for much of the last. Also agree about trac. You can see it written in his face. Personally I think he’s developing into a real weapon....but man, that kicking. Hopefully as u said he’s getting help. Failing that perhaps we play him further up the ground? I first started barracking in 71 when a young Greg Parke was really dominant in the air up fwd. He just took so many marks in the 20-30 metre range, and I remember down heartedly and busily notching many strokes in the behind column ....and wondering what could have been. He had that v same look that I see on tracks face.... like he knew he was going to miss b4 he kicked it. Parke ended up at the doggies, who played him at CHF instead of FF and he was way more effective there fr the team.
  5. I saw enough on Friday night from a terribly undermanned side, playing back to back interstate , off a 6 day break , 3 rotations down in the last qtr, against the reigning premiers to still retain hope that 2019= 1987. The more I consider all those things the better I think it was. It was US who threw that game away ....even given ALL of the above. Plus crappy home biased umpiring! Beat GWS on the weekend and I’m Bk on the hopium fr 2019!
  6. its fu@ked up isnt it. I think it really is a curse or just terrible luck or its conditioning and player management ....or a mix of all three. Knees and concussions you cant do anything about ( 3 in one frikn game points to the curse part) but I suspect we've fallen behind the comp again in terms of fitness and conditioning. Hogan looks like a different build , slimmer and more defined, than when he was with us.
  7. Either that or he gets really influenced by the crowd. A terrible few minutes fr him. Cost us the game.
  8. He cops too much crap here imo. Truth is He’s excellent and terrrible both. Missed two sitters one from a set shot and another a snap from 5 metres under little pressure. He also dropped an uncontested mark 25 meters out... and so from the critical angle that’s three goals and we win the game. All costly and wasteful of the good work that got the ball to him. But he also kicked two, set up a couple more and imo is a constant threat around the ball. He’ll be super important fr us going forward just taking him a long time to really mature. I just about threw my glass at him thru the tv last night... but im still a fan.
  9. I think u may be on the money BBP. I hope that jack isn’t made sole captain and that is a solution of kinds. If he’s always offset by someone else it could still work. It terms of his form, I agree with others he still warrants his place but it’s hard to watch him playing so far under what his potential used to be. May be as good as he gets now.
  10. Pains me to say it but they kicked beautifully tonight the eagles. Looked so relaxed and powerful in their approaches. We look the opposite ie Tense and tentative. Tmac was a dead eye last year, it seems like he doesn’t trust himself now. The only player I feel genuine confidence in re shooting a set shot fr goal is Melksham.. and Jeffy ( But not in general play anymore) . Hopefully it’s coachable but seems like a very elusive skill at afl level for many. Maybe you just got it or u don’t.
  11. To state the obvious, he’s a heart and soul player clearly playing injured. Whether those injuries are of the long term ,perhaps career long, foot or something else I don’t know. But whatever the cause his kicking has become a real liability. He gets neither penetration nor accuracy on his left anymore and let’s face it, he’s never really had a right. If he gets the ball in space the best he’s doing is sending it high to a 50/50. It almost nullifies how good he is on the inside. Also, when I see him giving interviews it’s like he gives nothing of his real self. Perhaps protecting himself and towing the party line steadfastly. When I watch him I do wonder, when Jones steps back eventually, if viney will be the type of leader that inspires . No one could ever question his commitment nor his guts , and I’m probably going to roasted fr saying this, but I’m starting to question his skill set as a future solo captain.
  12. Best we’ve looked all year I reckon. Tmac is back!!! Umpires truly truly frikn atrocious.., like our goal kicking. ww need Jeffry and Brayshaw in the game.
  13. One thing fr sure is we won’t let max get bullied off the ball this time. Expect fireworks if they try that.
  14. If it changes to 4-6 then it’s the season.
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