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  1. Yes true...under NORMAL circumstances. Pulling money out of the club right now just feels so harmful that I hope peoples circumstances would have to be really tough to do so .
  2. Suddenly from being behind re no dedicated melbourne vfl team we're back in front on that score. On similar matters, as football depts shrink will AAMI actually work out ok for us now....OR given everything is being reduced everywhere could we get back to training on the mcg? OR is thinking about the future in any way right an utter waste of time?
  3. Agreed. I hope the club acts when it has to and not when it’s deemed to be acceptable. “ sorry we had to fold. I know you all loved the club and we would have asked for help but it was the wrong time. Rest In Peace mfc”
  4. To be fair, It was all u folding so fast Im not sure anyone really understood the significance At the start of it.
  5. Agreed. I was shocked to see him so easily beaten. I want to cut him and the team some slack but wc in the same boat .
  6. Feels deeper than one or two players. We were pretty much making it look hard all over the ground. To be fair they’re a very very good side....and to be fair we’re just not. Unfortunately I think a 5 goal loss is a good result for the mediocre team we are.
  7. Not yet... but the “ boys are working really hard” I expect a lift by 2022
  8. There’s a couple of hours of my life I’ll never get back. I’m glad I know they worked so hard off season as if I didn’t Id swear theyre playing exactly the same way and repeating Exactly the same mistakes. Boring footy. Nothing team. I’m glad I don’t have to watch that [censored] for 10 more weeks.
  9. If/ when we come out of this building projects offering jobs and growth may be very on the cards.
  10. well it’s a crap way to get there but a 17 round season is the first “ fair” season since there was 12 teams and a 22 round season. i’m not sure what the future holds ( who is!) but i’m happy w a 17 game season and hope they stay w it altering home and away each year.
  11. not meaning to be a pessimist here but what makes you think this is over and done with in a year? we’re heading into brand new global territory which could well also bring on the mother of all financial collapses. On top of the climate changes arriving it’s getting hard to make firm predictions about what 2021 will look like! hope i’m wrong on that but i get the feeling there is much to play out over the next year and we may not completely recognise ourselves at the end of it.
  12. Cant help but wonder how the umpiring would change in WA sans fans.
  13. It was the first time I’ve seen Jackson and tbh I was a bit shocked at how far off the pace he looked. He’s got a full year at Casey coming up with perhaps a game or two late in the season. He’s out of my 2020 plans but firmly in my 2021 thoughts.
  14. It’s a pretty ordinary looking game. It’s a good physical hit out but I’m not seeing too much to get excited about in our style yet bar real endeavour.
  15. His dad has been very unwell by all reports so perhaps his abcense is related..but Im guessing.
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