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  1. We are at 22% winning ratio over the last 2 seasons. Nobody can argue that’s acceptable under any circumstances. Its not working. He won’t be there in 2021.
  2. We can not sustain his game style over 4 quarters. How many games have we lost by one quarter over the last 18 months? We aren’t coached for the games, we are coached for a theory, and the theory has been debunked by other coaches, and constant losses. He’s the walking dead now surely.
  3. Yeah, nah. It’s not too much to ask that your team isn’t the worst performing side over the last 18 months. I’m tired of being told to keep my head up. I wish the club spent less money on touchy-feely videos about being ‘back from hell’ and instead used the money on some forward line coaching.
  4. They have a trained system and a plan. If we don’t play chaos ball we’ve got nothing else. The coach has to go.
  5. Geelong have a plan about chipping the ball around and drawing us out, and then going quickly once they can. We rely solely on explosive brilliance from someone, or else we go long down the line. It’s simply not a plan and there’s only one person to blame, and that’s the coach. It’s been 18 months of utter garbage.
  6. How much football do we have to watch where we get beaten the EXACT same way? Winning the inside 50’s but bombing the ball to no one. It’s been the same for 20+ games. The game plan stinks.
  7. Not to be that guy, but way too many folks here fell for a good edit and some thoughtful music. We’re a long way from being ‘back from hell‘. The 2 way running is pathetic.
  8. Jones’ kick that turned the ball over was the final nail in his coffin as Captain.
  9. Not to play devils advocate but if the team plan for the evening was give first options with hands to get the ball outside then Oliver might have simply been frustrated by the fact it didn’t happen. If more Melbourne players did that not more often (like one of our co-captains) we might not be so predictable. Just a thought.
  10. It took Roos 3 years to get the club to stop accepting losing as its default state, and now in 20 games we are right back there again. There’s no fight, no passion, no mongrel. Just continuing to a structure that gets exploited the same way every week. It’s the same game every round for us.
  11. I’d love to ask Glenn Bartlett what his criteria for an external revue is (if falling from top 4 to second bottom doesn’t justify it). Turn up the heat Glenn. It’s your job mate.
  12. Love that a Tigers player drags the ball 20 metres from goal and the umpire yells out ‘already on the ground when he grabbed’. Where was that rule 2 weeks ago? That rule is far too unevenly applied. In general umpires decisions are purely based on perception of who is the better player/club.
  13. Is it weird that I want the media, all of them, to come after us really hard now? Its time the club felt extreme heat.
  14. I’d love to ask Pert how much he predicts this season will cost us in membership and sponsorship revenue. We will be held accountable, and it’s such a waste.
  15. We are under done. The preseason looked ordinary and we had more surgeries than any other side. It’s not about week 1, it’s about a season. We didn’t have the legs today. You simply can’t win a game of professional sport if you don’t have the aerobic capacity to compete for more then 80% of the game. I don’t mind what happened today in the context of where we are at as a side. It’s a wake up to all that it’s a very competitive competition. Keep the faith.
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