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  1. What’s the crowd looking like? Would it be safer to buy tickets? Or just show up for the main game?
  2. That’s what portable batteries are for.
  3. Since there wont be many Demons supporters at the game tomorrow, what are the rules on using phones and/or bluetooth speakers to add to the noise that our supporters can make? Could double the noise of the crowd if everyone played something like this -
  4. The first link takes me to a 5 second countdown and refresh. The second link takes me to a 15 second countdown and refresh!
  5. Still waiting... got halfway through at one point only to get the 15 second count down again!
  6. Really? I’m still getting a countdown.
  7. Can you only buy the same number of tickets as you have barcodes? Or you can get one or two extra?
  8. It was up online on Wednesday I believe. I did a quick Google search after Sydney released theirs as I thought I had missed the news somehow.
  9. That’s why it’s a sneakier peek... search Google for “melbourne demons 2018 indigeneous guernsey” and you will see it and the link to this page. Looks like they have made the product but forgot to tell Google it’s a secret.
  10. Sneakier peek... https://thedemonshop.shopdesq.com/2018-indigenous-guernsey-
  11. Do you have to ‘buy’ tickets to these games, or just show up and scan your demons membership card or just walk in?
  12. Could be an issue of him being such a good kick he gives the ball carrier as much time as he would need to get the kick off, which could be a whole lot quicker than the ball carrier actually can.
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