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  1. "Are you a member?" is what the bloke said when I tried to get past some seated spectators in M51, to get to seats near where my friends were sitting. I had waited till the first goal of the game, so I would not disturb anyone. For whatever reason, this bloke seemed to think it was within his rights to question why I was going to sit in the Melbourne FC reserved seats. I told him I have been a member for 20+ years. Finally, he let me through. What ignorance! I am minding my own business and some bloke wants to take his frustration out on me. This isn't what I go to the footy for. I had my 10yo son with me. It isn't what my 10yo needs to witness. After we sat down, I took our 2019 members scarves out of my backpack.
  2. Not near as bad as that runner. That had an actual impact on the result.
  3. I hope Nathan gets #265, next week.
  4. Jack Viney reminds me of his dad!! I am delighted he let Rance know all about his cheap shot on Watts. He will make a great captain.
  5. The Tiges are still in this...........cos the umpires are keeping them in it.
  6. Doesn't the ABC have to explain why it agreed to such an interview? Why was the interviewer not someone from an AFL background? Why not have a panel of interviewers? Why no follow-up questions? The ABC has given JH a platform, that is not its role. I would like an explanation.
  7. He isn't going to put himself up for a hard interview. If it is a pure love-in, we can question why our taxes are paying for it (I say this as a supporter of the ABC).
  8. A little bit of satire, to go with the schadenfreude: http://www.theshovel.com.au/2016/01/13/lance-armstrong-offers-to-show-essendon-how-to-cheat-properly/
  9. I can recommend a good AFL podcast, Junktime AFL. They have a special edition, covering this week's news: "From Wayne Jackson Studios, Adam and Michael look at all of the ramifications of the Essendon suspensions. Just how will this effect rodeo in Australia? Where will the suspended players train? Who will play James Hird in the movie? And we spare a thought for the forgotten victims: the betting agencies." http://junktimeafl.libsyn.com/ You can listen directly, using the link above, or subscribe, using your favourite podcast player app.
  10. Cheers. He appears to failed in his duties, also. I find it hard to believe that we are getting the full picture, regarding Reid.
  11. Do I have this correct - The EFC Team doctor was excluded from the whole Dank process, and was not made aware of it by anyone in the club, by any of the players? Surely, that defies belief. At a minimum, wouldn't the players expect him to be involved in this, if it was all above board?
  12. Exactly my thoughts - time to cop it sweet, accept 100% culpability, start with a clean sheet <add your own cliches here>. I expected better from Lindsay Tanner. Each time, EFC has thrown away the opportunity to start afresh. How is that working out for them?
  13. Australia's image, as an honest sporting nation, is going to take a big hit. One of the two main Irish sports sites has the story: http://www.balls.ie/aussie-rules-2/34-players-have-bans-upheld-in-huge-afl-doping-case/321265 The BBC is running it: http://www.bbc.com/sport/35288575 The comments on this website will be interesting, once they publish the story (probably around 7pm, Melbourne time). http://www.the42.ie/ This Twitter account covers drugs in sport - mostly covering doping in cycling - there will be plenty of discussion here, in the next few days: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=digger%20forum&src=typd It is naive to think that Australians don't cheat. It would be nice to think it is a very small minority of individuals, not at an institutional level. It is important that Essendon and other dopers fail, and get punished. Like others, I have my doubts about some of the premiership winning teams, of the past 10 years.
  14. I agree 100% - that deterrent would stop anyone (any sane person) considering cheating, in future.
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