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  1. Best thought through article that i have read on this topic , well done
  2. Feel for you Hardtack but remember that rider has to turn at Wang up to Myrtleford then on to YACK then on to Wodonga and back on to the hwy geez that adds a bit.
  3. I love the one liners ,and that takes the cake Faulty well done
  4. I sit here and read most things written on Demonland and enjoy most but this thread is CRAP not one mention of 2 main backs out injured, blame the flankers for not one of them dropping in front of the raging fullforward ,could have landed a 747 down the middle so have a think before you hit the key board.
  5. Thanks for the call of the game, living in the scrub its good to read about the A listed and how they are doing.
  6. Hey, Dub did u forget richmond, take out Dusty and what have u got oi
  7. How great it is for us country Demons to see the names with the photos. I have never been to a training session @ only get to about 3 games so to be able to get a better idea on faces and names is great. love the lever deal but will miss JW. Go Dees
  8. i reckon a couple of games with Myrtleford on the quite would do him no harm. (just to get him fit sorta thing)
  9. Well (blushing) I love the show, gawd what is better than listing to Hughes(on mute)or Sam raving about how wrong was the world on the ESS. drug saga, but other than them 2 I just love it. would love to see Garry back there but that aint gunna happen, Bec is a new brush so give her time, like womens footy, jts work in progress. Would u rather watch a cooking show(bad food can give one the shiits also)or a bit of footy madness
  10. Gawd if members had to drink Coopers, it would be as bad as being forced to be a Wobbles member
  11. I excelled 5.8.12 but on the rise now a 5 better start taking my time oi
  12. mate in the o&m albury is so packed its a case of who comes second its a joke
  13. Yep great for us country blokes who cant see or hear VFL games very often
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