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  1. An actress? One of the world’s best. You must have heard about publicity. At work today just about everyone knew she was at training. At Melbourne training. In the off-season. You can’t buy exposure like this.
  2. Frost and Oscar would both be in my best 22.
  3. It looks like we got the best deal on the table
  4. Excellent post. We are good enough and well coached, so why can’t we bounce back just as WC did?
  5. Rubbish. We have the players. Add Lever, Hogan, a recruit like May and the natural improvement of a young side, top 4 for certain.
  6. If you could sell optimism like that, you would make a fortune. 😉
  7. A step too far this year. Players will learn from this.
  8. I am. On Monday and Tuesday for work. I am normally garrulous, but if we lose I will be pretending I have a speech disability. If we win, do you think I could get away with wearing my Melbourne jumper in Perth?
  9. Bulla is handy to the airport, but I’ve never seen snow there. 😊
  10. I don’t mind what the media says, but last year when a Collingwood supporting guy I work with sent me a mocking email about how I could now spend September at Buller (and other such stuff), a line was crossed. I responded that I would consider repeats of this bullying, and would report any repeat of stuff like this. It will be interesting if he tries something this year.
  11. Well I hope not. My heart would not handle the stress. A 60 point win would suffice. Even then I wouldn’t start celebrating until there was 5 minutes to go.😉
  12. Speaks volumes about our culture. I’m certain attendance wasn’t compulsory, yet less than 24 hours after a bruising game they turned up on a cold wintery day.
  13. I hope Vince is under consideration for next week. I think he is still in our best 22.
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