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  1. I’m obviously missing something. How is is that Melksham gets a game?
  2. joeboy - astutely accurate summary
  3. Could someone who knows something about football please explain to me how is it that Weideman ( a tall forward that can kick straight) can't get a game in a team with a semi tall forward who is in poor form. Is he in the bad books for some reason or injured? With Hannan and Fritsch showing some good promise as 2nd string forwards, and Kozzie running around desperate for some ground level ball surely a tall forward would straighten things up a bit. Cant win finals by kicking bananas from behind the boundary line. Thank you.
  4. New worst job in the world..... PSO on the Hurstbridge line tonight. 😂😂😂
  5. Exactly. Would have been better to kick the chaos ball along the ground like the Lions do even though we don’t have anything like a Charlie Cameron. Our midgets might have snagged a couple between their legs.
  6. Press played a great game, and having him run the whole field must help him improve his fitness/tank to take him to another level....
  7. Robbed by an umpire that doesn’t know the rules or understand the game.
  8. The game of football is screwed. That decision against Max was evil.
  9. Thankfully people other than me are paid a lot of money to make decisions like this, hopefully free of emotion. The thought of trading Gus And Captain Jack makes me feel sick.
  10. I know we now have a bye and will struggle to lose that, but for the rest of the season Ins : J Walker, J Beam, J Daniels, G Fiddich - at least their performance is reliable and they hit the spot. ( And Brad Greens boys who showed real promise today) Out: That guy that runs around in the Red and blue jumper that drops chest marks, handballs 30cm to opponents in a worse position, can't kick straight for goal from 30 m out and who has a good old laugh and smile with the opposition after an embarrassing loss - can't think of his name....
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