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    Bring Back Brock

    Pass. Wish he'd never left, but no value in having him back now. Got to move on.
  2. Times are tough, but this is still worth a smile for Dees supporters. Gotta have a sense of humour about these things... watch this video called .
  3. Something to be excited about after tonight. My disappointment is well tempered by their serious endeavour. Bartram's inside out banana after dodging a tackle in the driving rain was pretty special.
  4. Magner had Boyd under his thumb all day, but he didn't act like he was 4 goals up, getting his dirty mo in everyone's grill every time the ball got within a 2 metre radius. Agro is one thing, but back it up with some skill and accountability to your team.
  5. Clark has tweeted he's alright. Hopefully available next week. Thought he did the number proud. It's a shame Dunn couldn't follow his leadership down forward and instead ran around mouthing off like the muppet he is.
  6. Hi all, I'm new to Demonland, but decided to get on board to float the issue of the sometimes touted premise of a mid-season draft. Keen to know who you'd want in and out, and the how much hope you would find in having a mid-year draft?
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