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  1. We received our membership packs this week and I am very disappointed with the kids membership accessories. Firstly a watch that has no instructions! And basically the way the band is designed it is not wearable. A folded Jack Viney poster with crease marks all over it that makes it look beyond second hand. Finally a Jayden Hunt figurine that certainly does not do justice to the great man. My kids weren't impressed and in 2018 I would expect better from MFC to get the kids excited.
  2. Wiz on the G on Saturday, lets hope we see another soon ?
  3. Not sure if mentioned but he changed his twitter name lately, dropping off the number 11:(
  4. Saw some of the team at the airport today, borderline players I noticed Kent, Barry, Nicholson, McKenzie, Salem.
  5. FOR THE first time all 18 clubs will wear specially designed guernseys during Indigenous Round in round 11. Ours looks great, go Dees
  6. Thought we were playing Bulldogs @ Etihad?
  7. Would easily fit in our best 22.
  8. Perhaps this thread help enable the Edge to be on the screen yesterday? That was great. Next Irish Green stars on the back of jumpers for the future. Go Dees
  9. This guy and company would be great. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/only-double-or-nothing-will-do-20120407-1wi4o.html
  10. I had a vision/dream to get U2 to record a version of "It's a Grand Old Flag" or a message and for it to played on the big screen on April 22 at the G.Does anyone have any influence to get this to happen ? Our club has connections Garry Lyon - Molly Meldrum, may be Russell Howcroft has a contact, Derryn Hinch?, Neil Mitchell? It may be a long shot, but it would be the best Irish/MFC tribute possible. If anyone has ideas on how to progress this dream please let me know. We could go viral with this to get it happening? My other thought is to be directed to MFC, the yellow premiership stars on our jumpers could be changed to Irish Green, so we will always have Jim on our backs. .
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