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  1. J Wagner can't play. Select me, young 67
  2. When I was younger, I was a fanatical sailboarder. We went every opportunity. After years of trudging my trade along The Great Ocean Road, I announced I refuse to go until the top temperature was 17deg.
  3. Bribe all the immigration officials to give out free tickets & a scarf.
  4. The middle game is never on FTA there. Plenty of venues that have the footy. Where are you?
  5. Just posted on Bigfooty's Carlton forum: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-07-08/blues-can-keep-their-cool-under-fire-bolton Bolton keen for the players to ignore cheapshot FC & play disciplined footy. Should send the whole team out wearing helmets Beer n Skittles, Yesterday at 2:13 PM #775 Reply
  6. Mitch White officially in tomorrow! Looked good last week. Hope he does well.
  7. It may be just me, but I have little confidence in Wagner. I watched White at Casey & I thought he was very good, especially his disposal.
  8. Can't drop: Hannan, Bugg Omac That other bloke hyphen
  9. The one where Frost got tripped breaking away. Grabbed by the ankle. .
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