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  1. That’s what was said about Scully’s foot.
  2. So happy with this. time to show some balls and take a punt.
  3. imagine if we brought in Ross Lyon on the back of sacking Goodwin.. i’d leave the country permanently
  4. As an MCC member, I think I'll wait until the first 4-5 Rounds of 2020 before I commit to the MFC membership add on. Not only has the club been a massive disappointment on field this year, but considering how much money its loyal supporter base of 52,000 fans have donated to their coffers in 2019, the clubs off-field direction has been as big of a failure. From the CEO appointment of Gary Pert who has been unsighted this year, down to the marketing direction of the club, who have played it safe with their boring, uninspiring creative collateral. For instance, why did the club kill the 'Raise Hell' slogan and re-introduce 'My Heart Beats True' ? The club needs to start investing our hard earned donations on tangible assets that can really sell the club to existing and NEW supporters. There's no doubt they will pay a price next year as they were clearly hoping the clubs on field success would speak for itself. The club really does have a habit of shooting itself in the foot.
  5. He obviously has himself as captain on supercoach. As do all our players .. it’s survival mode, team play is almost non existent.
  6. still scratching my head on the anb selection. useless
  7. We have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain by picking him up. Imagine if Darren Burgess our fitness guru gets him right.. Not only will he be EXACTLY what we need. But we could be a team that talented players with niggling injuries turn to as an opportunity to get themselves right. At the moment, blokes like Jager Omeara, Scully, Paton are turning to Hawks for that reason. Doesn't work out? Oh well, they are the expectations from the whole football world anyway.
  8. As long as they had a crack, enjoyed themselves & made some new friends out there! good on them
  9. Just following in his captains’ footsteps. Zero tackles.
  10. 6) Melbourne dropped Oscar McDonald in Round 5 https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6080616/demons-drop-mcdonald-in-afl-regain-lewis/
  11. Not totally sold on this theory.. Most people were saying the exact same thing about Carlton & Saints earlier this year. Look what a new coach has done to the ‘plodders’. I believe we’re just not being coached to our strengths & players are struggling to execute Goodwin’s game plan.
  12. Surely by now people have stopped caring
  13. Up until this point in time there's no doubt this season has been the biggest disappointment i can remember for some time. IMO the gains have been little to none. What I do hope, but so far seeing NO signs of happening is what the Bombers were able to achieve last year (and to some extent this year). They were able to scrap and fight and will themselves into some wins and momentum across the back half of the year even with finals out of reach in 2018. They came home with a wet sail and really built some hope and excitement leading into this year. Our season is dead and buried.. All I ask for is a bit of fight, to dig deep and to win some games of footy. Not just splutter along like yesterday and fall short.. We never looked likely yesterday. The emotion i've usually got bubbling away during a game was non-existent as the players at times look disinterested. How far we've fallen.. my concern is that our players won't have the drive to finish the year on a high. Which honestly will set a sour tone for the 2020 pre-season. (Sorry no gains here)
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