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  1. If he wasn’t carrying so much extra weight.. he may have been able to resurface quicker!
  2. lol i’m not even surprised by this result. The saints who are in form vs the dees who were lucky to beat an underwhelming sydney the week before. Saints at $3 were an absolute gift!!!! Dees are woeful
  3. That’s ridiculous... they should be much shorter than us !!
  4. 100% agree with you on this. Even though i’m concerned that implementing a totally new game plan might be 3 steps back before we take a step forward.. Do we accept that & write the season off? or do we persist & hope that we can tweak a few things to somehow salvage the season ?
  5. Biggest click bait article ever. skin condition... give us a spell 😴
  6. Well considering pies made the granny last year.. I'd be more than happy to take a 0 - 2 start if it meant the same result. But unlike the Pies last year, we have a much tougher draw. So i'd be genuinely concerned if we don't win this weekend.
  7. I’ve watched every game this weekend and yes our skills were poor. But so have everyone else’s skills. Even the teams that won, their skills were well below par. It’s round one & teams will be very rusty. it really is as simple as that.
  8. so did the pies last night. skills will be sub par round 1.
  9. 1. West Coast 2. Richmond 3. Melbourne 4. Collingwood 5. Adelaide 6. Essendon 7. GWS 8. Sydney 9. Geelong 10. North Melbourne 11. Brisbane 12. Carlton 13. Hawthorn 14. Port Adelaide 15. Bulldogs 16. Fremantle 17. St Kilda 18. Gold Coast
  10. Looks to me gets him upper chest, chin whiplashes into the upper shoulder.
  11. Absolute joke of a decision. He clearly hip and shoulders the bloke in the chest, his chin is whiplashed into the top of his shoulder. May doesn’t leave the ground, bends his knees & braces for impact. Challenge
  12. Let’s not forget how long it took for Lever to find his feet in our back line. I’ll reserve judgement until at least a month of footy.
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