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  1. Was Petracca honouring leads from Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ...?
  2. 1 game and percentage off 5th😷
  3. Sure is, to Hell and back...if we make it back.
  4. 1. Richmond 2. Collingwood 3. West Coast 4. Melbourne 5. Adelaide 6. GWS 7. Essendon 8. Geelong 9. North Melbourne 10. Brisbane 11. Western Bulldogs 12. Sydney 13. Port Adelaide 14. Hawthorn 15. Carlton 16. Fremantle 17. St Kilda 18. Gold Coast
  5. Saw Jason Taylor at the Rosebud Bunnings today, he saw me do a double take. I almost wept at his feet like he was Jesus. In my defence, he was wearing thongs so almost the same.
  6. The kid was a potential star around his draft time and played some very good footy early. He was drafted into a club where many ‘potential’ stars have failed to hit the heights whether it be through lack of development, poor culture or both. Pending a ridiculous trade request and a medical, absolute no brainer.
  7. Just drove passed Nicholls walking his dog, I actually gave way to him prior to knowing who it was. He had his calf strapped so hopefully he’s a late out.
  8. change my name by deed poll to Spiro Malakellis. Get me the paperwork, Melb by 26 points. Petracca 5 goals Oliver 38 disposals
  9. Viney is an average kick, which is below average typically for a left footer.
  10. Could disguise a deliberate paddle out bounds from 30m inside the boundary line better than anyone.
  11. Jake Lever, a crow with wings (whom we had very high interest in 2014 National Draft) Lever 1: Knife to spread butter Lever 2: On a vessel, the vertical separation between the lines of force buoyancy and weight is known as the 'righting lever' Where can I collect my meat tray?
  12. If Sally leaves Flinders St station at 2pm and the train travels at an average speed of 20km/h for 25 minutes, how many bananas will Jack Grimes eat in 2017?
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