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  1. Anyone know of any ongoing rumblings that Frosty and May don't get along? Could this be the reason he's looking elsewhere? Haven't seen or heard anything after their on-field "discussions" to think that everything is a-ok.
  2. I would like one of the journos to ask Goodwin in his press conference if he thinks our kicking, handball, tackling, marking, field positioning skills are up to scratch? And if not, what are they doing about it? Why hasn't it improved week on week? Where lies the accountability?
  3. Where are the captains? No onfield presence. Non existent.
  4. Need new captains next year..neither of them step up and take the game on and lead their men. Tired of seeing Jones bottom of the pack and Viney butchering the ball. No presence on field
  5. Do umpires pay throws any more? I know we're terrible but .... preseason has to focus on fitness, skills and defense....again. this season needs to hurt.
  6. If 3-4 weeks ago, most commentators were saying we should forget this year and start our preparation for next year. Then in another breath they (and us fans) want to win games from where we sit on the ladder. Not sure we can have both. I too would like to see the skills improve 100% that would at least make watching games more enjoyable and provide a glimpse of how we want to burst into 2020. I just don't think you can have both. This is a bitter pill to swallow, but its not like I haven't tasted it before!
  7. I would've liked Frost to turn to May and ask him where has he been since Rd 1 when we needed him fit and ready to play.
  8. Who is our kicking coach.. just asking for a friend..
  9. Why don't we have anyway at the front/drop of a marking contest? All of our/opposition defenders tend to punch forward. Oppo take the possession and off he goes. Frustrating that other teams learn/do this and we can't. Hey just one aspect of the way we play, but it's my biggest frustration.
  10. Missed the training session and read through all the notes - looking good. Anyone attend training notice Jayden Hunt? Seems to be very quiet and not amongst it with the boys socially either? Get the impression he's not feeling the love? Injuries?
  11. I have two in particular: EF: Neville Jetta's game on Dangerwood - pulled his pants down SF: Gunston hitting the post running into goal. We kick out and take it down our end for a goal with BT's commentary, "can't believe it, can't believe it, can't believe it, can not believe it" Look on Clarkson's face. So happy to eliminate that filth
  12. Speaking of Caro, what I did find interesting that Eddie McGuire praised everyone in the past for the current great success of Collingwood including the football department and admin, made a poinr of naming everyone of significance except Gary Pert. Am I reading too much into this that it became toxic - did he leave on his terms? Maybe due diligence by Bartlett and MFC not thorough enough.
  13. It's one thing to put in a pitiful performance but to turn around at the end of the game and have a chit chat and carry on and a bum tap with players for the opposition who have just pulled your pants down....again....for the last 10yrs..is a disgrace. Get off the ground and sort out this [censored] with your teammates and coaches and fair dinkum don't hold back with your honesty and disgust with each other. This is [censored]. Enough of these insipid games.
  14. It amazes me how me, the novice supporter in me can see Geelong's game plan to always pass, kick, tap (throw!) out to space to allow a runner come through to carry the ball. We continue with this handballing in tight - which Geelong never do - and we get caught. I thought last year we would've learnt to keep a man down (not go up for the marking contest) and always have someone at the front of the pack for the crumb - but no, we still don't do this and that is a real frustration that teams continue to have a player at the ball drop in front to carry the ball. And our crap kicking skills to position too - too many high floaters. Disappointing that we haven't fixed this in the off season. Will be disappointed for another hour or so, and then move on. Ugh!
  15. I would love to know the membership figures right now in comparison to what they were this time last year. Particularly what's gone on in the past week with Lever/without Watts.
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