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  1. Just had a look back through the weekly injury reports. Stephen May Round 4: 2 - 3 weeks Round 5: 2 - 4 weeks Round 6: 4 weeks Now I understand the human body is unbelievably complicated, but how does a players recovery go so dramatically backwards when he is supposedly benefiting from being in an elite sporting environment. I guess the alternative question is why put an estimated return date on players when the club clearly has no real idea.
  2. I feel as though this draft might be of extra importance for Taylor and his team. Given the numbers he was picking at they have had to get creative and look far and wide. My take on things, given the state of our list going into to the draft, is if one of the players picked becomes a regular contributor that's a pass, two or three would be a win.
  3. I very much believe we are one of the best three or four teams in the comp. But we can’t win these important games even when we are clearly the better team. The question is why? Poor coaching? Lack of infield leaders? Inexperience? Or have we been so bad for so long we have forgotten how to win a big game?
  4. I know this dangerous and lopsided after a seriously disappointing loss. But i’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts. Which individuals on our developing list have improved this year? Other than those who were injured last year and our recruits. I’m struggling to come up with more than three and they all came off a very low base. ANB, OMac and Harmes.
  5. I am I the only one reading this thread and almost being embarrassed to be a Melbourne member. How can people be calling for Hogan to be dropped. Two weeks ago he was mentioned in almost every expert commentators mid season All Australian teams. He then has two quiet games for the most obvious of reasons. I lost count of the number of times ANB, Jones, Oliver and Petracca kicked the ball on top of or over Hogan's head giving him zero chance. But it seems to be easier to blame Hogan. Also, I understand Max Rooke is our forward line coach. Does he need to take some responsibility for McDonald and Hogan being so close together inside fifty on Friday night making the long kicks even more predictable. Surely it was obvious they needed to spread the Port defenders more.
  6. Thought Lewis really struggled again tonight. His time has probably come, but who comes in. We cant forget Port averaged a full season of experience per player more than us. That’s a massive. It showed in the composure throughout. Garlett simply has to play next week. It’s obviously every time we play a decent team. Probably could play Spargo as well.
  7. I bought Gary's house three or four years ago and met him to go over a few things. His career was definitely before my time, but he is still very much a proud Demon. He saw a demon sticker on my car and we chatted for an hour or so about the Demons and where they were headed. Things were a lot more gloomy back then. Seemed to be a ripping bloke.
  8. I have heard very similar things about Watts for the majority of the second half of this season. My source is third hand so have not posted previously. However putting it together with what you have heard makes me think there's something in it.
  9. Apologies if this has already been asked and answered, but is Matt Burgan a full time employee at the club?
  10. Was stoked to get my finals guide in the mail today, really topped off a great few days at work copping it flat out from anyone and everyone. It's almost funny, I stress almost. My wife is a St Kilda member. Their communications are well in front of ours. She is constantly getting updates and info. Meanwhile we pretty much haven't heard anything meaningful all year, especially the last few days when the club needed to step up. I'm still shocked we haven't heard from Goodwin.
  11. He may never be a Reiwolt or Daniher type. But Kennedy isn't lightning quick and doesn't have massive vertical jump, same with Patton, Lynch, Walker or Hawkins. We need to remember all them bar maybe Reiwolt have struggled at times early in their careers.
  12. Spud??? Weideman gets both hands and on the ball in marking contests at VFL and AFL level when he isn't disadvantaged by the delivery, just needs the confidence to hold onto them. Building his strength will allow him to provide a better contest when out of position. His work rate is great, and from what I've heard he gets it.
  13. Out of interest has anyone seen, read or listened to any constructive commentary from the so called AFL experts about where we need to improve. I have been trying to keep up with any media commentary and haven't come across anything other than the standard stuff about lack of tackling in the first quarter and so forth. I don't have Foxtel so I might have missed something there Its been a massive bug bear of mine for years, how these so called experts offer nothing more than a standard footy follower could tell me. Particularly when we were really bad in the Neeld years there was never anything analysis of where we need to focus our efforts to improve. It's pretty obvious they do next to no preparation and just really on group think. Light years behind the coverage of sports in the US and Europe.
  14. Hoodoo or not. The fact is, if we can't take care of North relatively easily, do we deserve a place in the eight. I think we are more than good enough to do both and do some damage in September.
  15. So glad none of our players seem to have this habit. Drives me mad that all we hear about is how protecting the players heads is of the highest importance and then there are cheats like Mathieson doing everything possible to initiate high contact. I would have thought the AFLPA should be giving him and anyone using similar tactics a call if they are serious about player welfare. Someone will get seriously injured soon enough and only have themselves to blame. Bottom line. It's not in the spirit of footy!! Which surely means something.
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