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  1. Yeah I find the scapegoating of Omac in this situation unfair. On watching the replay again, he got crunched and was trying to get back but just didn't have the energy. He was wrecked
  2. Needs to take lessons from Hunty
  3. Looks like the competition has a new ducker.... Number 36 or something from Hawthorn. EVERY time he had the ball and took on the man, he ducked. Can't believe the players don't get stuck into them more for that type of behaviour
  4. Yeah the Gunston one was the most visible... Watching the replay, Frost definitely got away with that one at the end. If Razor was umpiring he would have definitely called it
  5. Hawthorn love the throw... The amount of times they have the ball in the left hand and manage to miraculously fire of a handball perpendicular to the direction that the right hand is coming in..... 🙄
  6. Yeah just a short sharp skills and runaround session. Today. Most looked fairly clean with disposals and good on the move. Viney probably wasn’t moving around as fast as he could have. Noticed Hunt was doing a lot of leading in the 50 and also lots of snaps at goal practice. Also generally we were practicing a fair bit of end to end quick transition play
  7. Finished a job early and have to wait until 11:30 for my next meeting near the MCG. Driving up Punt road and noticed the club getting ready for training. Perfect! Boys just walking out now
  8. I don’t care if Viney isn’t 100% fit yet, just as long as he smashes the Ducker into the turf at every opportunity possible!
  9. Good work by our midfield group getting into the ruckman after that jones goal. You can’t get stuck into the opposition ruckman when you have to protect your own
  10. Harmes just had a spew on the field when he came out after half time
  11. I want to see that again in slow motion. The defender timed it perfectly on the running bounce
  12. Not long now! I think I'm going to go watch the Hawthorn and Geelong finals Highlights to get me ready...
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