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  1. Also appreciate the work here.. Keep up the good work and transparency without PM. Maybe there could be a meeting place for Dlanders at the game to share their appreciation
  2. Play Stretch for every match to see how bad he really is.
  3. Not sure. not outclassed, just overrun. Too many decisions which were marginal in favour let go but if marginal against paid so confidence eroded and disposals made off balalance and badly. Tackles not sustained as they are not reqarwarded, effort affected by umpires calling play on . Mysterious interpretations which are not aookied consistently and players I Am sure compete at maximum effort but in a confounded state. They need support and it must come. This year is lost but we have a magnificent opportunity. A young list with potential needing only AFL support. Lets GO DEES.
  4. Having read the range of explanation /accusations (many of which supported and added to my own) your initial comment has resonated most powerfully and generated a different approach. We really need two teams in our squad. One which can play the high pressure, high contact, chaos style of finals and one which can play a more conservative, tempo based slow, precise delivery. Both squads are then selected with some overlapping to match up against the game plan of a specific opponent. oh and both squads should practice kicking goals until it is instinctive that inside 50 you kick it between the big sticks.
  5. And bananas! I see that british mountains are being covered with banana skins, to the end that hikers are being told not to leave the skins on mountain tops. 8 kilos of skins on Ben Nevis alone. Who is responsible?
  6. Yeah agree but do not think fringe players want to be fringe players. There arè so many aspects which impact but communication is the most important.
  7. Thanks Rusty. id agree from the few occasions I've seen him, I noted he was too hesitant. I put this down to him not adjusting to pace of the game from not enough exposure. I was impressed that he got into space although not always rewarded for that, again saw that as a positive. Haven't noticed the lack of inside50 marking, but could be a consequence of being ignored when in space while we bomb it in to packs. Not all players are or need to be chaos type players. Yes could be a could depth option but I would be hesitant if not played regularly enough in the ones. Do you know where he trains? Is it with Casey or the ones? I have stated before that training may need to concentrate on greater intensity to match the game day situation. Perhaps desperation for a place in the ones may produce that intensity and make instinctive the confidence to take on the game and take better options.
  8. Can't believe the number of Banana references in commentary of Tour de France. bananarama not mentioned as a sponsor.Perhaps its a product placement move by the French grocery firm who are a major sponsor.
  9. Excessive tackling maybe occurring as there is no reward for a tackle result. No free for incorrect disposal, no free for holding it. A tackle can be ignored so players with the ball do and causes the rolling scrum that he wants to eliminate. Players can be swung around and even around again in a tackle and no free so tackles seem to be a feature as they are committed for a longer period. players reactions are faster and tackles are applied more quickly and some players are assigned to close down so more tackles occur. pay the free for an incorrect tackle, especially in the back, and tackles might be reduced. Perhaps a free for gang tackles would also eliminate the stoppages and allow the ball to be released. granting frees would initially slow the game down but as players adapt and reduce the occurrence, less frees would be paid an the game would flow.
  10. It seems Billy Stretch doesn't exist for you as well as the coach.
  11. Remind the players of the smiles and how good it feels. Get that confidence back
  12. Perhaps that burst is what is affecting delivery. Forwards structure for a short release and instead have a burst kick sail over their heads.
  13. Another great observation that can be backed up by data analysis. Hope the coaches are on to it. The response is that this encouragement should be concentrated on at training. Alternatives are for others to protect him and allow him to get on left or for patterns to be established for left foot delivery. Game time is not the best place to experiment with these changes.
  14. Agree with all you say.Would add that Lewis placement and distribution is often outstanding. Perhaps his role as coach assistant can be better utilised in passing these attributes on . Saw comment that Roughie had given advice in VFL to a Doggies player who had been more effective since then. Habits learned at VFL level can become instinctive and valuable. If Lewis style is what Goody wants perhaps he might be better placed there.
  15. In last Sews should be slews sorry.
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