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  1. Coach has responsibility for performance of players. I have asked Saty if training is conducted with intensity. The coach should be making sure performance is trialled and trained into players. Structures and patterns seem to generate enough possession etc so the coach gets that right but maybe needs to get a bit more into the heads of the players
  2. Not sure if he'll get the 300,but your comments and others lead to the bleeding obvious. Jones becomes a part timer. if he is keeping someone out, he gets rested. If he matches up against an opponent he plays on them. If he adds value he plays. If he is not 100% he is rested. He plays cherry ripe every time he steps out and he leaves each game in the seniors absolutely exhausted, maybe even rests the next week to recover. Jones has always given his all so should have no problems matching these standards. He still has plenty to add and can do it with true leadership.
  3. Good point. Maybe my metaphor was a bit ambitious, but I still support my contention.
  4. Agreed with this post until last unnecessary and incorrect comment. Its inclusion reinforces the ignorance that has been displayed in the last election. Politics and unions both have their examples of people failing in their job and moving or being moved on. With Such a high non voting and informal level this election we see a level of disengagement that does not occur in football clubs. We need to have the passion for the game retained and perhaps if similar passion was applied to politics there may be less of this ignorance. Sorry. Expressing such incorrect comments in an offhand way perpetuates fake news assumptions and is more dangerous to society than your usually insightful comments on our foot you club.
  5. Don't disagree and think that we could have the answer within. Oscar has a reliable disposable efficiency and may be able to convert. Tom has been a defender capable of nullifying big forwards. Just swap em around and see what happens. Fritsch to high half forward where his better disposal can be used to better effect. Not dismayed by last nights performance. We had better players and won except for conversion.
  6. We allow opposition players time and space to get balanced while we move it on too quickly even when off balance. The quick hand off is compounded by the player giving off does not shepherd the player he gives it too creating continuous pressure
  7. Sorry should read we need to know when to create etc. if this thread continues I may need to refer to my notes
  8. You all do know the " chaos theory" I hope? There is order in chaos! We do however know when to create the bifurcation and arrange the pattern. We also need to recognise the strange attractor,
  9. Others have said it. Perspectives are altered. I hope Brad has support that he will need, As a Melbourne player he earnt our applause. He gave us so much enjoyment we can surely provide him with any comfort he desires. This is an event that can define the club, I hope we can meet the challenge.
  10. Have been going to make same comments nearly all season but threads get away from me. When I have seen live games , Billy seems to be running and making good positions but is not always used, then when he gets it, stops and props, doesn't move it on to passing runner. The last trait may be why he is not used. There seems to be a lack of knowledge or lack of confidence, both could be affected by him not getting a sustained run in ones, he is not seen as, accepted as a first team player. He does still seem to be a little under muscled but I think his old man was similar physique and seemed to go ok, so maybe needs some more consideration. How do the fringe players train? Are they with the main squad every session or do they spend more time at Casey. I hope we train as a complete squad with intensity supplied by competition for spots. Selection can then be based on matching against opposition, with promotion only being made on performance. Hopefully this arrangement can be achieved as we get a full list back from injury.
  11. Liked this post but don't agree with 15 a side and question how interchange suggestion would affect. incorrect disposal and kicking backwards would be a start to other suggestions also being picked up. Good discussions.
  12. Don't think the AFL would allow that but they certainly could recognise the concern and pay them. This would achieve a move towards greater payment for umpires and some of the proposals which have merit to recognise their professional status. Also free kicks in congested packs for round the neck and in the back may reduce that ugly rugby pack style and open up the game if they were paid regularly. This is not necessarily to advantage Melbourne but would improve the spectacle. While aware that duckers and divers could seek to take advantage technique would quickly be adjusted by coaches and players to overcome that situation. Reward good correct tackling but protect the head and the player in front. oh and what about that obvious free kick to Oman when he was kneed in the back and no mark taken? There were a number of similar incidents not paid. It's in the back. Soft single handed push offs often just to get balance which did not affect the mark spilling were paid. Sometimes it depends on the positioning of the umpires more than anything else.
  13. Macca I usually like your comments but disagree with some of this. I have been saying for some time that we need to call the umpires in and ask them what is wrong with our techniques. We do not receive what appear to be obvious free kicks and give away what are doubtful. Even commentators recognise the many discrepancies. We need to improve our positioning or techniques to improve the ratio and particularly the momentum turning aspects of our free kick record. I note that the booing by Essendon fans resulted in AFL luminaries to call on a review of umpires so a reasonable approach can be worthwhile.
  14. Frits up forward thanks we have plenty to go in defence but can't kick straight forward. Let's see if he can clean us up.
  15. Again state we need to address the umpire fails which kept eagles in the match and ignored any advantage to us. Without their fails we still win despite our self induced errors and poor conversion. But what is that kick to a totally free eagles defender about, why can't we kick snide 50 to our advantage. Surely our players being kept out of contests deserves the same consideration as an eagle being kept out of contests, surely our forwards being held is worthy of same reward as an eagle being held. its just getting so hard to watch our players being disadvantaged. Great effort
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