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  1. And looks like we could be developing an elite sports photo division. Liam has added to an impressive array of pictures to complement our outstanding reporters. Thanks all
  2. Totally agree D4L. But hoping for top4 and then a totally changed game plan and structure to take the flag.
  3. That is a serious looking brace.Hope he's got enough weight on the other arm to compensate. He might overbalance.
  4. It's also how the coach uses him. He may be the key impact forward, crash and bash, take two opposition defenders out of it, create space . or he may be the main target to kick goals while TMac takes the best defenders and Weid is freed up. With Fritsch also able to play the loose tall forward, Trac Pruess, etcwe have an attractive array of options. We may not play all of them every week so goal output may not be the only or best measure. What will be important is what he does to secure the flag.
  5. Congrats Liam. Some really good shots in there with only a few that look anything like mine. I am really good at getting the vacant ground where the player was or Hiram just in the picture. I tried to consider them works of art but ultimately left the photographing to people like you who can really capture the movement and atmosphere in a single shot. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Every player is different and has different motivational requirements . The club needs to ensure each player is given the appropriate advice positive or negative at the time it is required for their advancement.. it ant easy but it ain't rocket surgery.
  7. I'd like to think I could join the illustrious company as wing man. Running back and forward with no apparent value but an annoyance to some and able to lob a comment as devils advocate . But mainly observing as the talent surrounding me accomplished feats of bewildering esoteric brilliance .Always ready with a supportive gesture to link the seemingly innocuous into a higher realm. But really just wondering where does this disparate group of geniuses live and what attracted them to this field beyond their passion for red and blue. Maybe that's why I'm not even on the bench?
  8. Some great contributions here. AsOD says the collective recall of Dlanders does provide inspiration. I hope the next (and the next) generation are able to do a similar excercise with our multiple premiership list post 2018
  9. Constant Coordinated Rotation has to be the option. Churn. This rotation where selected ff leads out and selectedflanker runs in to that spot, all forwards consequently churn around to a structured position.. This not only means there is separation and forwards do not impede each other but also creates match up issues that can be exploited. It also creates space due to movement and provides anticipatory reaction as forwards know where their teammates will be. Requires discipline in knowing where teamates are and where opposition are. If opposition does not pursue opponent then a clear target is provided.
  10. Thanks RaBr as I was not sure if there was any clear air anywhere. Caution is warranted as while the fires here are predicted to last months it's still early in the training program.
  11. Nothing wrong with this sensible and appropriate action. Alternative fitness maintenance programs will be improved ndertaken I am sure. Just don't gasp in huge volumes of air!
  12. Easy to see how correspondents can be conflicted on this significant issue of world order. We cannot allow this next generation of royals to undermine the rightful roles of the monarchy. Before you know it there will be exposure of the illusion that all those on the public teat are performing non necessary tasks. This ideology was already filtering through to other political arenas. Trump in US, Boris in UK and our own ScoMo who all promised little and delivered it. Fortunately the bush fires have shown the need for governments and supported by the inspirational wishes of Chuck and her Maj the public can return to its state of torpor struggling again to find enough disposable income to maintain the banana industry.
  13. Surely some country sites that are smoke free alternatives. i can't recommend NN Vic (we are generating the smoke still). But the benefits of changing training routines is recognised with the scheduled trip North. Nows the time to add real concern for health generating mutual commitment and respect. Also provide country Dlanders to meet greet and contribute trading reports to relieve our dedicated Goschs watchers.
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