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  1. Macca I usually like your comments but disagree with some of this. I have been saying for some time that we need to call the umpires in and ask them what is wrong with our techniques. We do not receive what appear to be obvious free kicks and give away what are doubtful. Even commentators recognise the many discrepancies. We need to improve our positioning or techniques to improve the ratio and particularly the momentum turning aspects of our free kick record. I note that the booing by Essendon fans resulted in AFL luminaries to call on a review of umpires so a reasonable approach can be worthwhile.
  2. Frits up forward thanks we have plenty to go in defence but can't kick straight forward. Let's see if he can clean us up.
  3. Again state we need to address the umpire fails which kept eagles in the match and ignored any advantage to us. Without their fails we still win despite our self induced errors and poor conversion. But what is that kick to a totally free eagles defender about, why can't we kick snide 50 to our advantage. Surely our players being kept out of contests deserves the same consideration as an eagle being kept out of contests, surely our forwards being held is worthy of same reward as an eagle being held. its just getting so hard to watch our players being disadvantaged. Great effort
  4. Thanks Saty. Great pictures and insightful comments. I really like Frits and seeing how little bulk muscle am amazed at his contribution. He has so much potential and I reckon he could be a surprise packet. Also how did Stretch train, he contributed solidly again last week I thought and is improving all the time. Not likely to be a game winner but huge contributor. Trac also shows glimpses and I want him to be our Jarman,Burgoyne, type play that inspired patch when needed to keep us in or win the match. So many thoughts on this squad that only a conversation could cover. Keep up your positive posts to prompt my thoughts Go Dees
  5. I agree with PraHa. This is a great opportunity for Goodwin to show he is developing to elite company. And while obviously injuries restrict capacity, the listed team is not that bad. All capable and plenty of unknown. Some flexibility with Pruess and Frits to throw forward. Petty to relieve Jones, Baker unknown who knows With the confidence of last weeks win, desperation for the complete game, some confidence restored and particularly the neutral impact of umpires anything could happen. I think the home crowd will influence the umpiring and there will be a need for Demon supporters to support loudly and proudly. Let the boys know you are there and representing us at home in numbers. Leave the ground hoarse and exhausted, I only recovered my voice on Tuesday after cheering the side home last week. Supporters are a significant contributor and I know that we never lose hope. Go Dees.
  6. You forgot Frost who was fffantastic.
  7. I think you could be being a bit harsh. While I have said that we have needed an outright star Jarman, Aker, Burgoyne, style who had plenty of attitude and turned it on on the biggest occasion, and we have never had that star. I had hopes that Watts was that icing on the cake but we got rid of him just as the fundamentals gathered. Then Hogan but we would not persevere with his inconsistent brilliance, demanding he subsume himself to the team game. We now have Oliver Trac, Brayshaw, Gawn, Jets, who knows how good Fritsch Spargo Hore, Lockhartcould be. Weid is still growing into his role With Lever and May still to get on the park, the squad T Mac,Frost, Stretch, Melk Hannah, ANB, Maynard, etc can all play a meaningful support role. Even OMac can fill a spot well. Lewis certainly ads an assured understanding of what it takes in the big time and is necessary in the buildup and would need to show he has another finals campaign in him Where is that big occasion star it isn't Jones or Viney but as with all the team they can still provide that great game. The coach needs to recognise what we have and use the full body of works with diverse talent spreads needing diverse game plans against oppositions who are not consistent. We have the talent, we just need to charge them with confidence and get the right combination to ensure we win.
  8. When a Melbourne player stands up or retaliates they are penalised. Our opponents seem to be able to intimidate often illegally without the same penalty. We need to discuss with officiating body what is wrong with our structures or techniques that means we get no protection and only penalties. We may be able to change our attitudes and demeanour to allow us to play with greater confidence.
  9. A perfect example that supports my comments on confidence.
  10. Like that rotation model. I have called it churn and allows players to move through areas. Requires awareness by and of teamates to ensure there is alignment and cover . Biggest problem is avoiding negative match ups.
  11. All good points. Intensity seems also a key. We break down when off balance or caused to rush but do no apply the same intensity to opponents who are able to balance and deliver. Again a confidence that this intensity will be recognised by the officiating umpires is needed to allow confidence in application.
  12. See my earlier comments on umpiring. Recognition through protection and reward are vital. When the coach tells you to put your head over the ball and it gets hit, ground into the dirt, or pulled off by an opponent with no protection or reward you lose confidence. When you play in front as instructed by the coach but are not rewarded or protected when pushed out or ridden into the ground you lose confidence. when you tackle as instructed and the ball spills free but you are not rewarded you lose confidence. When this effort is not rewarded and you see your opponents executing the same actions and getting rewarded you not only lose confidence but you become frustrated. We must approach the umpires to find out why our structures or techniques are wrong. We have the most dominating ruckman who has received no support and often is penalised for action which are used against him. Receivers of his efforts are pushed and scragged with no protection. Our Forwards who are pushed under the ball or held out of contests do not seem to receive the same rewards that our opponents do when they receive similar treatment. Our defenders are penalised for chopping, holding or blocking when opponents appear to use the same tactics without punishment. That the punishment or lack of reward often significantly effects our flow and places our players out of position our structures or techniques must be wrong. We must talk with the rule makers to correct our structures or techniques so that our players can play with the confidence and flair to make our beautiful game more attractive..
  13. Snot often I agree with the Channel 7 commentators but I do on one thing it's confidence. Our players start ok but when you receive no protection when straggled high, low or in the back, when you give the ball away because of a similar indiscretion by a teammate to the opposition. When the run of play is disrupted by an interference by the umpire a desperation to dispose of the ball takes over. Many efforts you make to participate, to take the ball or tackle an opponent are penalised so you don't or you act in an unbalanced and awkward fashion. When commentators constantly say free kicks are soft or maybe there, or when supporting a decision such as Tom holding Lynch while ignoring the same treatment to any of our players in our forward line I despair. our players frustration is obvious. We must have discussion with the umpires about our poor structures, style or techniques which is not only failing to be rewarded but is penalising our players when compared to our opposition. We will only improve when we have a return of confidence.
  14. I have been saying for many years now that the obvious problems with umpiring decisions are affecting our game. We do not receive any protection for in the back and above the neck contact.We give away the ball for what appear to be identical contact. We need to ask the umpires what is wrong with our technique. We do not criticise the umpires but our play and ask them as the true gods of the game how can we be recognised.We show them the inordinate amount of respect they expect and they may treat us more sympathetically.
  15. I went down to Milawa squash with hesitancy. Decided to confront the potential humiliation with confidence and relaxed humour. Ready to accept defeat but only with honour. Ended with I think support and respect. There was recognition that when our backs were against the wall we responded. ALL GOOD BUT Why do we have to be in this position. I am not sure that the players will bring the same effort and consistency next game . Wil be interested in seingfre kick count. Umpire intervention did not seem to have the negative impact on offensives and defensive systems. Same actions did not seem to receive th same disruptions. Fantastic feeling and if able to be continued I may have a better life.
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