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  1. Ads are fine but happy to pay fee annually. Its the best value for Monet entertainment I have. Please provide a bsb and account so I can transfer.
  2. North to Mnorth merge with Gold Coast. Richmond tigers relocate as Tasmania tigers. Punt road facility becomes home of Melbourne football club. Essendon and Footscray merge as Western bombers. Carlton and Collingwood merge as iNorthern Magpies. Hawtorn and Stkilda merge as Southern Hawks. We secure identities, get rid of some shocking team strips and watch Collingwood and Carlton tear themselves apart trying to be the ascendant club.
  3. That's exactly the sort of creative spirit that will get us all over the bridge.
  4. Trac to be our Jarman/Burgoyne. Pickett our Rioli Ffritta our Hudson Dont know if we have a Dusty, would like someone to convince Brayshaw.
  5. I find it interesting that AFL only suspended after the government announced varying supports to businesses etc. wether this is an illusionary amount or an amount with so many strings attached that it is virtually unavailable who knows. Perhaps it depends on the colour in the application document. i await with interest but reckon things will rebound quickly when we get over the bridge.
  6. Sams as last year? I'll ask again. Were our short and misdirected disposals caused by our players being unbalanced and under pressure. i noted this last year and believed that shepherding and creating space was as important as getting the ball. we also leave our opponents with space and time to get balanced before they dispose. Was there any evidence of improvement in intensity.. i understand the message from Max that players enthusiasm was dulled by events but an inspiring coach would use all the features of travel, last game, frustrations, uncertainty as a lever to get the absolute best performance from players.
  7. Not more foot injuries? Are we a research vehicle for New Balance? Perhaps we should just try and get a style that helps forwards kick straight.
  8. Damp very much an advocate of the H&B narrative. We are together, we are a teamthat was the worst, we are fitter we are improved. Now need the match day rev up targeted at that day.
  9. This has to be more ammunition for coaches. "Most commentators think your [censored], don't select you to get in the 8. the AFL think your [censored], didn't consider most of you in the bushfire showcase. Your opponents think your [censored] and they can beat you in the last quarter. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN CHANGE THIS, get out there and win." And can be delivered at the star and at 3/4 time if in front need to keep there because "etc" if behind do you want to prove them right or are you better than that.
  10. Will allow the umpires to protect the Essendon ball carrier or the Essendon player tackled in a pack. In other words the sympathy vote to ensure they are not further affected by injury. Oh but no protection required for other teams if high tackled or pushed in back, they are fit and don't need it. Now where's that cynical font.
  11. Thanks All good advice appreciated. Will hopefully be able to budget and book a visit.
  12. Thanks RG As you are a local can you recommend a medium price accommodation and tour options to take advantage of the cheapest price tickets?
  13. He will be worth much more as a dual premiership player by then
  14. Fantastic that they are so focused on the G, but not appearing to have a plan b,c,d,e, is something I have been critical of our coach for, so I hope they have a number of alternatives.
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