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  1. Well done Kev. i saw àn earlier video post of May where I noted(as surprised) that he seemed to glide along and did not appear to run heavily. Thought a less impact may be of value injury wise. Did you notice those who were a little lighter on their feet vs those that were heavy?
  2. And yet Albo is considering cutting education policy.
  3. Gee rotten accident, being in wrong place at wrong time whatever, but what a refreshing and revealing post. Glad to know you even though remotely and wishing you all the best. If you ever felt like you needed and could handle a retreat in Beechworth feel free to reach out. My friend has a cottage in the centre of town which you can access via airbnb Lockwood cottage. It's cheap but may be able to secure a demonland discount.
  4. I agree that it is extreme, and should be unnecessary as a test should be able to find any variance which is performance enhancing and can be conducted within reasonable time frames I would have thought. But I am not an expert in drug activities and would rely on WADA who have probably seen all examples of avoidance and use. These "young men who kick a leather ball around" are richly rewarded for that action (probably more than most "commonwealth security clearance holders") and so have to suffer some extreme privations. But in reality these things are probably bought in to satisfy the gambling industry who want to eliminate any manipulation of the game.
  5. Last Po I was going to finish with the dignity of losing graciously but then realised if I was to lose thar phrase could never be considered. However he did not prevail and I was able to savour the reward of victory magnanimously and yet humbled as my team lost. We now head to the elimination while his team is propelled straight to the Grand final. I must increase intake of bananas as I contemplate eliminating another upstart on Thursday and repeating victory on Friday in the GF. We all have our minor diversions from the harshness of following MFC.
  6. Currently outside the emergency created in NSW but wary of the climate of fear that is taking precedence over any positive action to maintain personal tranquility. My recognised title is an indicator of where my preference lies. Off to squash where my team has carried me to the final series. I must defeat yet another young challenger, rabid hawks supporter who needs to be reminded of the dignity of losing.
  7. I have heard the term reality shock, that would be the status if Biffen is even close, and Uncle and bewilderment are joyous company. As to others being thoughtful, that option is usually missing on the new instant social media channels, if this thread is an outpost it occasionally also moves into the error of instant response being more relevant than any considered process. It would be admirable to have red pleased but I believe he already inhabits a higher state.. But thanks for your comments which I have always s enjoyed usually only as an observer.
  8. As an occasional contributor I too have missed the usual appearance of the thread. I doubt the plea to interpose some actual football dialogue would do anything but reduce the overall streams of consciousness that regularly inhabit the site. I read recently that Nick Cave had identified the beach as, the sand representing the conscious mind and the water representing the subconscious. Didnt have a clue what that meant but have grappled with the need to redefine the diving board in the pool. And what of the significance of the banana as an economic unit to rival the bitcoin? When does the abstract replace the obtuse? The potential of the Chaos theory to overwhelm the simplest of observations reduces football matters to just another variable in the complexity of life. Well must be drawing closer to the inanities of the game but never let this thread be halted.
  9. I liked the way he seemed to glide along at a fair pace for the sustained distance. There appeared to be no jarring or heavy compression. While he did seem fatigued that wasn't too bad for a training run. It was probably more sustained than most reality chases,and it's better that he builds up the repetitions with shorter recovery periods as we get closer to game time. Nice work for a big unit.
  10. I hope the Dees take my suggestion of the last few years and invite umpires advisers to attend our club and advise what is wrong with our techniques. We seem to be called to play on often from mates and free kicks that then means we are off balance and structures are not formed. We give away free kicks for tackling and do not get frees when tackled high or in the back. Tripping also seems to be ignored. Maybe we are clumsy. Anyway invite the umpires and treat them as wise gods even. Show them over emphasised respect and build a cooperative and friendly relationship. Treat them as and make them our friends. Maintain that relationship not by criticising them but asking them for support all season to overcome our problems.
  11. I'm certainly not flying any white flag. Totally the reverse. Pick a side that will win, based on form and match up. We did see how we coped with injury and some players did step up when exposed to the higher standards but could not sustain it, others were not able to step up as not exposed to faster pace or bigger bodied opponents and higher intensity. Intensity is a real key and I think we should have the depth of the Tigers and develop that through training the whole squad with an understanding of the competition for positions.
  12. Couldn't agree more DJ A feature I would like to see this year is use of the complete list. Pick teams on form, match up and peak and taper needs. Nurse players if needed to maintain a consistent performance individually and for team. Each position should have a set of players allocated as replacement and should be rewarded with selection if form warrants.
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