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  1. Hogan paying $8 to win the most votes for Melbourne. Surely that's good value - he will poll in the Richmond game, kicked 3 vs the Dogs , 4 vs the Lions, 3 vs the Pies, 3 vs the Giants.
  2. Just passing on a message - although when I asked who wasn't there - his answer was Jack Spencer so...maybe best to disregard!
  3. You dont know my old man - fairly dopey
  4. My old man was on the same flight as the team to Darwin, said JKH, Hogan and Garland were all there. Didnt see Spencer (but could easily have missed him(
  5. Frustrating to lose - but we played footy that was at least watchable (compare to last year!) Oxley hurt us and we lacked class, but the effort was solid If we turned up like that each week we should all be happy, challenge is without the build up etc how do we go against the saints
  6. I saw JKH walking down swan st in his civvies around 8am - very odd!
  7. Mate of mine is on the footy staff and I asked him
  8. Not going to Hawthorn - a short angry man in charge hates him
  9. I think the next two games are very winnable, 7 day turn around to the doggies helps. Richmond are down in confidence , so if we are in the game late we are a chance! They will wilt. The most enjoyable thing about these wins is against who, sides we never beat! I'd love to claim one more scalp, someone finals bound! North? Realistically we could win 6-8 this year which would be awesome!
  10. So Rohan Bail had 7 i50s for the game (game high I believe) for no goal assists. I tried to track down involvement in scoring chains as i realise i50s to GA is not a perfect science. I can't remember him creating a goal shot. He is simply not skilled enough to be a HFF and create/convert enough oppurtunities. Its like we need two Watts, one in the midfield and one at HFF to hit up our forwards
  11. Spot on re our trading, There would be no better indication of the improved development of our club, if our late picks such a s hunt take 2-3 years to debut, because it means we are for once giving them time to develop! Check out hawthorns list, guys from 2009 and 2011 draft who have play 0-20 games, still on the lis, so rated highly, but just given the required time to become AFl standard footballers. Be awesome if our man works out and kills it, plays 100+ games, but even if he doesn't we at least (fingers crossed) know it's not through a lack of development.
  12. Hawthorn are also looking for someone to replace Mark Evans, so this could also be linked. Evidently Fantasia is not doing a great job That leaves 4 Clubs looking for this type of person (Pies, Hawks, Dogs, Dees) and maybe Essendon depending on the wash up of ASADA, makes it tough for us to get a top one
  13. FWIW I don't think Fitzpatrick will get up for this week. The fact he didn't ruck in the 2nd half might be a sign his knee hampered him a bit
  14. Although it was very frustrating at the game, it was actually kinda nice for the umps to be a factor in the game. We were in the match for long enough for those decision to hurt us, instead of being being 60 pts down at half time.
  15. You would assume a well drafted employment/ coaching contract would include a thorough 'conduct unbecoming' clause that is applicable to any termination/payout.However this is the MFC so who knows
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