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  1. Perhaps it is time for them to change their nickname. Is that the correct definition? "Bombers" has so many negative connotations in this age. I would think that name was adopted to celebrate the destruction of Germany in WW2 by Bomber Command, something that now seems rather less glorious with the benefit of hindsight. Dresden and all. They should adopt a name that celebrates a profound and unique achievement in the modern age. I propose The Chemists.
  2. Agree. May was a devastating forward as a junior and could be a very effective stop gap forward if disaster struck. Another reason to celebrate his arrival at the club.
  3. Would love to see off and on the list each year since 2013 if anyone has the energy. Quite a story I would reckon.
  4. Every time Wallace sees red and blue Rodney Grinter springs to mind I reckon. Not endorsing a particular incident but perhaps Terry ain't an impartial observer.
  5. Agreed and I think the other "natural winger" is Hunt.
  6. Having watched the VFL granny today I would be astounded if Garlett is at the club next year. And Buggy ain't coming back to the seniors. Tyson trade.
  7. May be true. Just reckon that many talented kids find themselves living out the expectations of others. There is this guilt thing of wasted talent. Not a good life if it doesn't suit and these are people with many different interests and abilities. Never a problem for me I must say. Mental health issues are being mentioned more often and perhaps persisting due to this now being seen as a lucrative career choice despite being incompatible with the associated life style is a significant factor. The feeling of being inadequate.
  8. As a young boy with footy talent it's all about how you're going to be an AFL star. The further you go the greater the expectation. It becomes all about SHOULD. What you really are and want becomes submerged beneath the expectation of others. Family pride in your achievements, the admiration of mates, representing the school. Who you really are becomes secondary to the expectation of living up to the responsibility of delivering to an ever increasing number of people who have no understanding or interest in who you really are. You are a vehicle for the self gratification that others gain from their association to you. You are a brave man Harley both for persisting despite it not being what you want and then having the courage to say enough. I hope ditching this burden leads to a happy and productive life. Best wishes.
  9. Peter Moore - Brownlow Brian Wilson - Brownlow Mentioned previously but worth pointing out.
  10. Never thought I would be saying this but I reckon Harmes has earned a place on that list.
  11. SEN Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Now listening to SEN. These guys are clowns. You get no indication of who is involved in the play until it is in either forward line. ABC radio listener and shall remain so. Little burst of commentary now as the Saints score. Poor.
  13. Many thanks. Friend is recording it for weekend viewing. Yay.
  14. No access. Progress score please.
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