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  1. Worried what impact last week's Darwin heat and humidity will have our ability to run this one out.
  2. And so we complete half a century without a premiership.
  3. If you were a forward why would you lead when it is kicked over your head to the trailing defender?
  4. Doing OK but delivery into forward 50 is just dreadful. Gives our forwards absolutely no chance.
  5. Well done Jake Spencer. Two good games in a row. Wish some of our so called top players had the same work ethic. Agree with others that half the third quarter aside, it was a better effort than last week.
  6. Nathan Jones trying to carry the whole team on his shoulders! Captain material?
  7. And on current form we won't beat either the Giants or the Suns! Removes any risk with Viney in the draft I guess but what a price!
  8. Did you see Geelong singing the team song? Completely passionless like a team that had done what it had to against uncompetitive opposition. Long way to go before we are a feared opponent! Still progress by Morton of late gives hope that others can learn to step up to the challenge. We live in hope (not much else to do.)
  9. Not sure the cats ever got out of second gear but still way too good.
  10. Great mark by Mitch Clark - pity about the shot at goal.
  11. And rushed up the other end for a Geelong goal!!!
  12. No possessions in third quarter to go with two possessions in first half. Should be fresh for the final quarter!!!
  13. Geelong loose man after loose man while every Dee possession is a struggle. Clearly we are not fit enough yet to run with the opposition?
  14. Sadly looks like the Crows were right to delist him.
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