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  1. Hallelujah. Finally common sense! There is a God
  2. Hawthorn having pick 11 doesnt help hawks with macguiness if other clubs rate him prior to pick 11. Could be the reason why hawks want to use a pick on him later on in the draft
  3. Im hearing pick 3 for 6 and 11 and swaps of later picks
  4. Heavily dilluted draft next year so not sure next years first rounder is enough
  5. I think serong will be the guy we are after
  6. Will signup with us! Watch this space
  7. Would be a massive loss. Regardless of his disposals he is key to our future. Love how he plays. Can play big or small
  8. He was close. Not sure if this report is accurate but thought I’d pass it on. Hasn’t signed as yet
  9. Don’t tell me!!! Admin Edit: The Age now reporting on it.
  10. Sad sad day for such a big character. All the thoughts are with his family and friends https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/afl-identity-killed-in-ballarat-car-crash-20190909-p52plb.html
  11. It’s more than what you have got mate. I’m betting he is also on a slightly higher pay scale than you are also. “Drops the 🎤 “
  12. You will see. I will bring this post up again and don’t want to be “the told you so” man but.......
  13. Happy to put a membership on it when it happens
  14. Jennings wasn’t let go because he couldn’t adapt. He has been doing his certificate 4 in coaching and wants to coach his own team in his own right and will eventually coach an AFL club.
  15. Always did say that Fitzpatrick body was abnormal. Small legs and a massive torso
  16. I think you will find that he hasn’t locked down a position purely because he is flexible. Can play forward, back on the wing etc. considering most people called GWS the Ferrari, he has only missed 3 games in 3 years which says to me he is pretty good.
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