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  1. Why the silence on KK? Never gets discussed, whenever any of the posters mention it it's completely ignored, and the track watchers who regularly speak to people at the club don't ask about a player who has mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth?
  2. Speed- Langdon, Pickett, Tomlinson, possibly bennel Kicking- a whole team doing pre season helps, may elite, Forward- AVB, Tmac, Jackson, Pickett, possibly bennel, and a handful of others who either missed most of the year or didn't have a pre season.
  3. Anyone see the injury on Friday? Just wondering how it happened. He was doing full training with the no contact had from what I've red?
  4. Someone please ask anyone at the club what the hell the plan is with KK. Astonishingly silent!
  5. Has there been any actual update on KK from the club anywhere or even whispers to any if you track watchers? Is it definitely still concussion? Does he still have symptoms or just being cautious? Planned reintroduction to full contact etc? Seems like it is all a big secret
  6. Can anyone answer my questions about Harmes? Solely training defence or do we think he will play 50/50 def mid? I felt like last year he was our 2nd best mid
  7. On Frisky- played backline first half of the year, went forward and was a different player. Must play forward all year. Natural in the air and great finisher AnB- all well and good, but what position? Very little impact up forward, and can't utilise his running in that role. Doesn't accumulate the ball in the mid and generally a poor user. I like the bloke, but with his skillset I can't see a role other than back up Has Harmes been going through the mid training or solely backline?
  8. You can bet on Mason Cox for the Coleman at $251 but you can't get on Frisky! Outrageous. With our stinky fwd line, and him permanent forward he's our leading goal kicked by a country mile.
  9. Did they remove part of his calf, or the whole dam thing? Hard to strain it if you don't have one I guess. Seriously though, pull a miracle and get that bloke right and we gain an A grader filling a huge hole (small forward) for free. Haven't been this keen on a recruit for long time.
  10. Well that doesn't answer the question at all. Thanks
  11. Interesting to read Preuss was the heaviest player in the league last year. I know he looks slimmer, but does he appear to be moving better? Does anyone think his new rig will allow him to be more mobile and find a role?
  12. I really hope we accidently get Green instead
  13. It sounds likely this is a done deal at 3 now. Hate the thought of a ruck at 3, and haven't seen anything yet to justify this pick. Simple request- can someone show me a vid or stat that will get me excited about the dees spending pick 3 on this guy instead of young or green?
  14. Thanks for the reports What is causing Vanders and Hannan to be in rehab?
  15. If we played Gawn as a key forward, he wouldn't be in the top 30 forwards in the league. If that's our grand plan may as well begin the rebuild.
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